The biggest Barbie toy from Argos uk on Ava Toy Show

It’s me Ava And this is Ava Toy Show Today we’ve got this big, big box! It’s so huge! Shall we open it? Yes let’s open it! It says “Barbie furniture and accessories” I can’t even… This box fills up the whole studio! Oh my gosh! This is so huge, you can’t even see my face when you close it up like this. This is the biggest thing we have done on Ava Toy Show! We have to turn it sideways so we can get everything out. This is so huge Gosh! Let’s get it opened! Cardboard Look at it! It is so big! How am I going to get this out? Oh it’s still going, I’m going to go like this. It comes with two Barbies! One, two, three! I’ve got another one in the house! Oh there’s another! How much? One, two, three! There’s three Barbies! Are you excited? I am! Really, really! That is so, so so big! Let’s do a heart! Weeee! It’s bigger than the table! The table is like, that big. But the Barbie set is like… It comes with a bedroom It comes with a bathroom, and a kitchen. And look I think it comes with a pool! it comes with a pool! I love this! How are we going to fit it in my house? We need a bigger house don’t we? Yes, we need a bigger house! We need a bigger house so we can fit this house in! I’m so happy to review this to you today! Let’s open it and see what it is like! How are we going to open it? If you’re excited and love Barbie you should definitely give it a like! And subscribe so you can see more Barbie videos! On Christmas day I got a Barbie that I really wanted. Because I never had it before. And I got a Barbie doll, and now we’ve got this giant Barbie Dreamhouse! I can’t even reach! Try and hold my hands! Look it comes with cool stairs! We are going to try and get it out of the side! Oh my gosh, you’d better look at this side! Turn it around, turn around, turn around! Shall we get the Barbies out first? Let’s slide that out I’ve already got some bits! More bits, ok. I’ve got a bit of the Barbie Dreamhouse Let’s open this side! I want to see the Barbies! Hi guys, it’s me! Here’s a bit! It’s so big we can’t fit it on the table, all the things we are getting out! No! Daddy you ruined it! Here’s the … Oh… The studio is falling apart! I know! The video is coming apart! Woo nice, nice baby! Guys if you have this, comment down below! And I love to know! There’s so many bits! That’s nice, pretty, pretty baby! I’ve got the rest of it! I’ve got the background. Nice! We’re going to review the dolls first… and then we’re going to do the Barbie Dreamhouse! We’re going to put these bits on the floor, then we can review the dolls! There we go! So let’s start with the little bedroom. So it comes with each Barbie. So it’s got the bedroom one, with a real bed. So it comes with a kitchen set, and bathroom. We’re going to start with this one, and it looks so pretty on the background. Let’s open it Let’s get the Barbie out That came out quickly! That’s the bedside table with the lamp on it. So let’s fit that like that. And I think this lamp is removable I really like it because it looks realistic Let’s stand her up She’s got some bedtime pajamas. And she’s got beautiful hair Look at her eyes. So special. Oh, she’s got slippers that just came off. And she’s really pretty because she’s got long blonde hair. And I love how she tiptoes. Let’s get the bed out! This is nice and comfy for her! Let’s get ready for bed! I love the patterns on the bed, it looks so beautiful! Look at the background it looks lovely. Oh it’s got a Barbie sign. Barbie Dreamhouse! I love my bed, let’s get into bed. Let me sit in my bed. Nice and comfy! She’s into bed. Good night Barbie! Shall we review the other things? Yeah! I can’t wait to see the other Barbies! Let’s get the shower, let’s get the bathroom. Ready! We’ll put this in the house in a minute Because we’ve not built it yet So I’ll just put it right on the floor. Right let’s get the bath time. I see a nice little Barbie that’s got a shower time… Little dress. She’s just got out of the bath And you can pull this so she’s having a shower. Oh I see a tap! It’s got a diamond! Let’s get the Barbie out! So this is the Barbie She’s got some shampoo to make her hair so soft! And she’s wearing a bath robe. And her hair is in a ponytail because she decorated when she got into the mirror. Shall we get the mirror out? Here we go! There we go! It’s a sink unit with a mirror and it’s got some toothpaste, toothbrush And there’s some perfume. Shall we get it undone? There we go, there’s one bit that she can hold with her little finger. It’s got a little tap so she can move it. She’s brushing her teeth. Done my teeth! She’s got a little towel so she can dry herself. Her hair or her hands. Just looks really beautiful, this set does. Barbie just wait here a minute while I get the shower out. Ok! Oh the shower bit came off. Let’s put it back on. There we go! Ready for a shower? Yes, yes, yes. I love how it’s the same pattern as the bed sheets. And it’s got some black stripes and white stripes With a pretty pink flower. It’s a shower curtain, And I love how those little pink bits are sparkly. It has some shampoo and body wash. And some soap. Do you want to get in Barbie? Yes, yes, yes. What do you think of it so far? Give a like! Let’s get the kitchen out guys! She came out really good! She’s got a spatula and a glove… So she can get it properly out without burning her hand. She’s got some pink high heel shoes on. Some people don’t really wear their shoes in the house. I love her pretty makeup. She’s got her kitchen outfit on, her apron on. She’s really nice! I love the heart on her apron that’s like a little pocket! That is really pretty, this doll is. Where’s the kitchen? How am I going to cook without the kitchen? I’ll help you! Everyone help me help you? Let’s get the big kitchen out! How did that come out? There we go, the washing She’s got some shaped cookies. So she’s got high heels, the symbol, the B for Barbie. And she’s got the Barbie sign. And this can open up. It’s got sticky tape on it though. We’ll open it later This set is really pretty because it comes with little cooking stuff. I love how it comes with a tap, the tap is really detailed. And it’s really silver. This is inside the overn The oven door actually works! Now let’s cook the cookies. Let’s put them in! No! I need to make another batch of cookies! There we go! Put it in properly this time! So far this set is really good and pretty! Now let’s build the Barbie Dreamhouse Let’s get building the Barbie Dreamhouse! Do you like that? Yes I love it! Look at my cookies guys, I made them! I love her hair it’s so brown! and sparkly. I’ve got shiny hair! And I really like it, like it! She’s been to the salon! We’re going to make the Barbie Dreamhouse! Mummy and Daddy tried to joke me by saying it’s Daddy’s Hey! Why are you pranking me Daddy! We’re going to put all the pieces on the table so we can make it! This piece is the steps. Step, step, step. It’s the stairs! There we go, the pink bit for the door! There we go. It was on my leg, this bit was. Let’s get the instructions. There we go! I love this bit because it is so pretty! It’s got a little glittery heart! I love this one. I don’t really like this side, because it’s freezing outside! Look, B for Barbie. It’s got the lemonade drink and it’s got the cupcakes. That’s the top door. I like that view it’s so pretty, it’s got sparkles in it! I love glitter and sparkles. I love you too! Give me a cuddle Let’s put it in. That was a click snap! I’m so excited, so excited. OK so we’ve got the cupcakes to slide in. There we go, voila! There you go, voila! Let’s open the door pack. Voila! I’m going to clip these two together! There we go! Let’s clip this on! I’m putting the stairs on How am I going to do this? Let’s pop this bit. There we go! Let’s close the door. Hello! Knock, knock, hello fans! I’m just coming to see what you are doing in your Barbie house! It’s really coming together now guys! Does this pop off? It does! I’m going to put this bit on There we go! Voila! That is the tallest, I can’t even reach it! Ready, steady, go! I can’t even reach it! Trying to use my tiptoes! This bit goes here It’s cool how it snaps together! We are on that one. Now we have to do this one. There’s a little pink hook there. There we go, so pretty! Girls, do you want to check how it is done? Wow! Look at that! I know, it’s so pretty! Girls, now we have to get out and keep on playing, OK? We have got one more bit to do! Let’s go! I’m going to pop this in! The main house is ready, but we need to do the pool! Do the biggest smile that you can do on the channel! Ready, going to give you three seconds to smile on this video. Three, two, one… Now it’s done… SMILE! Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. The pool! Let’s make it! We’re going to check the pool out! There’s loads of other bits in here! This is the biggest part! There we go, oh my gosh! It’s a glittery slide! It goes from here, so you can slide, weeeee! Look at the swimming pool! Let’s put it in! It’s seats for them to sit on. I’m going to put the legs on This is so fun to make guys! I recommend you can get this! Because it’s really cool! Look at these cocktail drinks, I’m going to put them on the pool! Perfect! The slide! I want to put the slide on! These are the sticks for the umbrella! Under my umbrella There we go! We’re going to put the umbrella on the pool! So amazing! Wow that looks so pretty! Really big! I’m going to build the stairs to the slide! There’s one, and there’s two. We are going to clip the slide onto the pool. There we go. It pops in doesn’t it? Click. I’m not that strong, strong. I can’t wait for my Barbies to go in the pool! It’s all finished now we can play! Let’s get all the dolls! Let us put the furniture in! I think these bits pop off! There we go! There we go! The bedtime Barbie can go to sleep now! So let’s put the shower one in! Shower. Shower, shower, shower. Hello again! Take that off, put that on. Put that back on What do you think of this set, guys? Do you love it, do you love it? This set is pretty amazing guys, I think you should get it! If you like this set and the review… you’d better like, and share the video with your friends! Let’s play! Ah let’s go to my room! Where’s my room? I can’t stretch my arm! Just like that, she works, shall we do it again? We need to take this into the bath later, but not the whole set because it might soak… Like the bits up there. Girls! You’d better try this out, it’s really cool! I need to go to sleep, and I need to go and cook! The only things the Barbies don’t do is stand up, I wished they’d stand up! Look when I stand them up… Nooo! I love Barbie, but they don’t really sit properly, or stand properly. Now I’m going to shower. Let me climb out. I can’t wait! I love this Barbie dream house! Mittens, mittens, mittens. Are you OK? Yes I’m OK! Now I’m going to cook! I’m making breakfast! I’m going to go into the pool in the morning! You promised me I could go in the pool in the morning. That was so fun! I’m going to rest on this slide What is that? It’s me! Are you kidding me? Sorry! I’m trying to do something OK I’m going to answer the door, somebody is at the door. OK! I can hear knocking. Hello? Hello? No one’s here! Oh there’s a package! For Ava Toy Show 2017 Sister! We won something from 2017! Do you want to open it now with your sister? Sister! Wake up! What? We got something from Ava Toy Show by 2017 Yay! Let’s go! Are you OK? Yes, the stairs are very scary to me! Can we open this? Yes the delivery man opened it. What is it? I don’t know! It’s a Barbie life set! Ah nice! Anyway, it’s already dark, let’s get dinner! Here you go girls. Goodbye girls it’s bed time. You need a shower and a bath, OK? You have to share it, one at a time. No splashing! Look what you just made me do! Sorry Mom! I want to go to the park first. I’m going for a nap. I’m going to have a little nap. I’m still laughing my head out! Wow! Wow, wow, wow, wow, look at this Barbie!

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