hello people this is Hugolito67 today we meet in a new video that I have created a clicker robot who will click in my place in the game as I do not have auto clicker on my pc view that I am on Mac I create a robot that this kind of saw will turn and it will click on the mouse super quickly and it will evolve my pet so its really cool i will make an example of speed if we click his wins swords So there in the robot, we will see if it is properly aligned, ok, in the robot there it has a screen I know you see not very well ok but there are programs under and evolution we are going to take under so the saw will spin much faster so the saw will spin much faster so as you can see it turns a lot faster and also made him win even more swords is fashion is to make me earn more money I like evolution well don evolution is clone of pet in the game Blade throwing simulator open pet i go to fart I’m going to evolve everything I activate the robot with evolution mode so it will turn very slow when his click you go see its gonna say evolution Look at this its clicker for me BEY!!!!!!! BEY!!!!!!!!!

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