The Adventures of Lego

[radar sounds] [RADAR OPERATOR]
Locked on destinations, sir! ♪ [theme music] [VOICEOVER]
The Adventures of Lego! ♪ [theme music] There’s the moon! It’s *pretty*. [MISSION CONTROL]
Prepare to land at moon base. This is Rocket Man 1 to Rocket Man 2: Let’s work on the Deck. OK, this is Rocket Man 2: Out. [rocket engines] [laser retros] [mechanical noises] ♪ [dramatic music] Now earth defenses are out of the way– and I didn’t even have to use my tongue missile [laughter] [MISSION CONTROL]
The moon base has been destroyed! Oh no! Now on with my space suit! My father was in that moon base, and he got killed! I will get revenge! ♪ [heroic theme] [rocket engines] Oh, no! He’s taken Starlink– it’s only experimental!
He could blow up! [radar sounds] Booster rocket off. Launch photon 1! Miss! [explosion] I blew up half the ship! [cheering] ♪ [theme music]

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