Tha Cliff (Enhanced)- Lego Stop Motion

(Ominous intro sound) This is it! After years searching! This is the discovery of a lifetime! Too late, I found it first! Yes, I think not! I’ve been here many a year (Cackles) Get outta my way! I’m afraid I can’t do that. Then you shall perish! You shall not pass! *Scream* You’re gonna die! No! Wait! Please! Spare me! *AAH!* *UGH* *Almost but not quite Wilhelm scream* Weee! *Ugh* *Scream* *Gurgle* *Peturbed gurgle* Oof Aaah! Waaah! Have at ya! Caught it… AAAH! Look here, this is futile! Wha..*Ugh* What do you even hope to achieve? I…err… Well, X marks the spot… Must be something good, right? But is that, truly worth it? Uh, who cares This is THA CLIFF! Hello there… *Cackle* Haha! Well, that was a lot easier than expected Waaah! You fool, there’s no escape! This land is cursed! *Groan* Pride comes before a fall… You are doomed to jump. For eterernity! And that’s how rocks are formed. Any questions? Who are you? And where’s our real teacher? Sacrifices must be made. Muahahaha!

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