Tesla Gigafactory News & 2020 Sale Prediction | More Driverless Cars Rolling Out!

on Monday we analyzed the possible
implications of this global crisis for SpaceX and now we of course want to do
the same for Tesla astonishingly it seems that the crisis will not delay
works on the Giga Berlin in China the general health situation is improving
again and Tesla has actually sold by far more cars in February than any other
electric car manufacturer there then Tesla is already busy investigating
possible locations for their future cybertruck and Model Y Gigafactory apart from electric cars we’d also like to talk about another interesting
future industry sector which will become extremely important in the next decades
geo engineering specifically carbon capture last but not least another
driverless delivery robot is undergoing tests now this time in Michigan quite a
lot to talk about today so stay tuned so in our monday’s space report which you
can by the way watch right here we talked about our assessment of the
current global crisis situation and what implications it could have on the future
development of starship now we want to do the same for Tesla how will Tesla be
affected by this spreading global pandemic amazingly the current crisis
doesn’t seem to strongly affect works on Giga Berlin even though tesla has
recalled around 30 of its employees back to the US last week because of the
rapidly spreading virus and the travel ban work on Giga berlin is progressing
further according to the german magazine Zeit Brandenburg’s minister Jörg Steinbach says that the building of the gigafactory will still start in
mid-april of course such construction work is one of the branches not so
strongly affected by the virus because normally the construction workers are
quite far away from each other so we might actually really see giga berlin
progress as intended the current plan is still to have gigafactory 4 finished
by mid 2021 and production start around summer 2021 however we do think that the
global supply chain will be affected by the virus and tesla even though being
very well vertically integrated is still in need of some parts from different
suppliers for building their cars for example in the Fremont factory or the
Giga Nevada or for the solar roofs at the Giga Factory in Buffalo or of course
at Giga Shanghai there will be an impact of this crisis on the supply chain but of
course also on the purchasing power of the people themselves in times of crisis
people just don’t buy as many cars as normally right but apparently a lot of
toilet paper humans not so smart after all in times of crises so some companies
might face bankruptcy because of the crisis leading to people losing their
jobs thus reducing the purchasing power and so on therefore we suspect that the Tesla sales number which we estimated it to be over
five hundred thousand possibly even six hundred thousand cars in 2020 now
probably won’t reach such high values anymore if Tesla manages to sell 500,000 cars this year it would be already an insane achievement but even
four hundred and fifty thousand would still be excellent considering the
global market situation however don’t worry because we think this crisis will
not have long lasting implications on Tesla Tesla will still grow
exponentially in the coming years the current situation just leaving a dip in
sales numbers for 2020 and maybe 2021 after that we will see a return to the
exponential growth trend meanwhile in China
things are looking already quite a lot better now for Tesla even during the
height of the virus crisis there Tesla was able to sell three thousand and nine
hundred Model 3s in February that is 50% more than the largest Chinese
electric car manufacturer BYD was able to sell the other brands weren’t
even able to sell half as many cars as Tesla so much for the famous demand
problem what of course contributed to the good sales is the way a Tesla can be
bought by online ordering which turns out to be quite excellent under current
circumstances where people shouldn’t leave their homes therefore despite the health
crisis in China in February Tesla was still able to sell quite a few Model 3s and these numbers are of course bound to improve with the number of new
infections going down towards zero still on the topic of Tesla Elon teased via a
Twitter poll the possibility of a Giga factory in Texas which the vast majority
of people thought was an excellent idea now it appears that Tesla is already
actively scouting for location for the new future Gigafactory in the central
us so it appears that not only Texas is very high on the list of possible
candidate states but Tesla is apparently also eyeing Tennessee according to
TechCrunch Tesla is currently negotiating with officials in Nashville Tennessee ah Nashville the home of country music we sincerely hope that
someone will drive through downtown Nashville in a cybertruck windows down
listening with volume cranked up to Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings if you
guys won’t do it we certainly will on our future cybertruck road trip anyways the
reason why the Nashville area might be interesting for Tesla is of course that
other EV makers are also located in the area Nissan for example builds the
leaf in Smyrna and Volkswagen is currently expanding their plant in
Chattanooga to build electric cars for the US market why the hell does every
city in Tennessee sound so cool Elon wrote in an email to the Wall Street
Journal incentives play a role but so do logistics costs access to a large
workforce with a wide range of talents and quality of life also Tennessee would
be nearer to the East Coast which might also be a point of consideration because
apart from cybertruck the gigafactory will also produce model Ys for the US
East Coast states so we of course are very curious to find out which state
then will ultimately be chosen for the future Tesla Gigafactory now let’s talk
about an emerging industry sector which in our opinion will play a gigantic role
in the next decades until not long ago this sector absolutely didn’t exist at
all we are talking about the nascent field of geoengineering on Wikipedia we can
read climate engineering or climate intervention commonly referred to as
geoengineering is the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s
climate system usually with the aim of mitigating the adverse effects of global
warming since we by now all know with five sigma confidence level that earth is
indeed warming very fast in fact extremely fast as this animation based
on NASA climate observations shows it’s probably an excellent idea to counteract
the effects of the increasing temperature here on earth now this is
every time a controversial topic and we find it fascinating how emotional many
people can get when talking about climate change we ourselves always look
at scientific journals and scientific data and when the global scientific
community arrives at the conclusion in many independently peer-reviewed
journals that the likelihood that we humans created this warming effect is 1
million to one then we tend to believe this as long as no other data is
available to prove the contrary people also often say but but Earth’s has
warmed up before too and currently we’re anyways in a quite cold era in
Earth’s climate history to that we say well yes you are right
earth underwent giant climate cycles in the past with wildly varying
temperatures we can reconstruct nicely by how much the temperature actually
changed back then the last time when the temperature on earth rose so fast was
around 250 million years ago where a gigantic chain of volcanic eruptions in
today’s Siberia the famous Siberian traps led to a rise in the global
temperature by 8 degrees Celsius within a time span of some 10,000 years and as
we know this led to the largest mass extinction ever the so called
permian-triassic extinction event where 96% of all marine species and 70% of all
terrestrial vertebrate species became extinct now whether you think global
warming is man-made or not or whether you like to call it bad or not doesn’t
matter because what we can agree upon is that
it wouldn’t be very smart if the global temperature rise would exceed 2 degrees
Celsius now why is 2 degrees Celsius an important turning point well turns out
that 250 million years ago when the Siberian traps erupted the carbon
dioxide which was released only led to a rise of the global temperature
by three degrees Celsius at first but what happened afterwards was the real
disaster the giant methane hydrate reserves buried deep within the
permafrost in the soil and in the sea floor was then released because above a
certain temperature threshold methane hydrate releases methane in gaseous form
and methane is a 30 times yes 30 times more powerful greenhouse gas than co2
and that’s when things really started going south 250 million years ago this
methane hydrate release led to another 5 degrees Celsius of temperature rise
leading to the total of 8 degrees Celsius therefore we really don’t want
to try to find out what happens if we reach 3 degrees Celsius above
pre-industrial levels scientists around the world concluded that it would be
extremely smart to limit the temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius
maximum in order not to get too near to the methane runaway greenhouse danger
territory and we now are already at 1 degree Celsius warmer than in
pre-industrial times and global carbon dioxide emissions are still insanely
high with around 33 gigatons emitted per year yes
Giga meaning billion so 33 billion metric tons of co2 emitted into the
atmosphere each and every year as we see on this chart here by the International
Energy Association at least the emissions started to stagnate that is
already something but still the concentration of co2 is now at 410 parts
per million compared to 280 parts per million before the Industrial Revolution
we can measure these values very very accurately by the way and reconstruct
them from ice core samples from the Antarctic or Greenland to find how much
the co2 concentration has increased in the last thousands of years so we can
really measure this stuff this is not some wild guessing so in order to stay
under the 2 degrees Celsius target Elon is of course helping by
shifting our whole economy to a sustainable transport with Tesla’s
electric cars but also with giant buffer batteries that make electricity
generation with wind and solar energy perfectly viable now so transitioning
away from fossil fuel power generation and fossil fuel cars to renewable energy
creation and electric cars and hopefully someday also electrically powered ships
and airplanes is one part of solving the problem but unfortunately this won’t
happen overnight and it will take quite a few decades until we see the emissions
in this chart here go lower and lower towards zero it might be as late as 2050
where we can see global co2 emissions below 10 gigatons per year
so until then we’re going to continue to pump out co2 like maniacs so even with
our shift to electric cars and renewable energies this might not be fast enough
this is now where climate or geoengineering comes into play turns out
there are actually quite a few companies already thinking about this stuff and
coming up with brilliant engineering solutions how to slow down or hopefully
even reverse the growing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere Climeworks is such a company we will put the link to their home page and YouTube
channel into the description what they are doing and yes they are already doing
this is to set up co2 capturing machines all around the world they already have
quite a few such machines in Switzerland and Iceland in order to capture co2 from
the atmosphere the captured co2 is then pumped into the ground into carbonate
rock formations where the co2 then reacts with the rock and turns into solid
carbon all the co2 we emit into the atmosphere came from below the ground
yes dead dinosaurs and dead plants from millions of years ago turned into oil
and coal respectively which were buried deep in the ground and which we released
into the atmosphere like idiots thanks nature really thanks a
lot so Climeworks is just reversing this
process which totally makes sense and what is even cooler the captured carbon
can be sold and used for other industry applications such as for the beverage
industry or for greenhouses because we all know that plants need co2 by the way
the argument that co2 is awesome because plants need it to live is only valid if
actually enough plants exist to absorb all the co2 but we emit giant amounts of
co2 while destroying rainforests at the same time so less trees to absorb more
co2 this argument would only hold if we would plant billions upon billions of
new trees which we apparently don’t instead we burn rainforests again like
idiots anyways Climeworks is one of the first companies in this new sector of
geoengineering we are extremely happy to see geoengineering companies emerge and
we will do our part to not only promote such companies but also to support them
okay next topic there exist driverless delivery robots driving around in
Michigan you were surprised about that one admit
it admit it okay let’s try that change of topics again you know that we like to
investigate and talk about all disruptive technology trends not only electric
cars and as we know automated drones will be a huge market which is already
now growing insanely fast we talked for example about the Nuro R2 driverless
delivery robot in this video here which soon will undergo trial runs in some
American cities such as Houston and here’s another one from the company Refraction AI called the REV-1 or Rev one it’s currently being tested in Ann Arbor
Michigan as we see in these shots here it can be loaded up with around 80 pounds or 40
kilograms of groceries medicine and other items has an operational radius of
one mile or 1.6 kilometers the top speed of 12 miles per hour or 20 kilometers
per hour and is fully autonomous and we currently can see impressively during
this virus crisis that autonomy can also be a boon in China for example groceries
and medicine are delivered with autonomous airborne drones but also with
driverless delivery robots therefore such driverless delivery robots can come in
very handy in times of such crises now we predict that by the late 2020s
you will see such driverless delivery robots roaming around in almost every
city around the globe now you might say this is brutal and unfair towards the
poor delivery workers they will all lose their jobs now admittedly automation
does destroy some jobs but what people then forget is it also creates many new
ones do you for example remember the cool jobs of Lamplighter or ice cutter
or switchboard operator well they don’t exist anymore but many
new ones were created in their place so yeah automation will happen and it’s
not only Bane as we can see in the current crisis but also boon helping
humanity through this dark time and also creating many new jobs in the process
and on top giving us cool-looking driverless futuristic robots which have
been promised to us since decades now in sci-fi movies the future
really is now so what do you think about the impact of the current global health
crisis on electric cars and on Tesla do you agree with us that this will only
lead to a small dent in Tesla’s sales numbers and Tesla will recover pretty
fast and what do you say to Climeworks carbon capture idea I mean this is a
genius idea right so now you have just watched the JS disruption report
where we talk about the latest developments on electric cars
renewables and other amazing new techs on every Wednesday so then I would say
see you next time and on to the future

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100 thoughts on “Tesla Gigafactory News & 2020 Sale Prediction | More Driverless Cars Rolling Out!

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  2. The sun is currently in a Solar maximum period giving off more heat and is the primary heat source of the Solar System. even Mars ice caps are shrinking. I don't think were producing so much carbon to make the ice caps on mars shrink LOL… Also the Earths milankovich cycles affect our planets temperature.

  3. Tesla could get an impact from Alameda County Sheriff. The sheriff wants to stop Tesla from operating and have Tesla follow the mandatory isolation. Saying that Tesla is not business essential. Even though the County earlier said it was ok for Tesla to stay open. Guess it will depend if the sheriff gets there way or not. The impact on Tesla production lines could take a hit depending on the outcome.

    This Geo engineering company sounds great. Hope they are able to find a successful strategy to keep operating and expand. I wonder if this tech could create essential tech that could lead to terraformation of planets.

    If we embraced drones and help promote them instead of just pushing them to the side, we could have better regulations to allow drones to make deliveries. Which right now would be great to have. People in China are able to get food and other groceries that they need with out the risks of getting sick. So this is quite essential right now I would think. Though I don't hear anything from the law makers that they are trying to help get drones on track for delivery use…

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  7. Yep carbon capture a must but only with cheap energy. AAAAAAnd EV production during virus crises will have a big effect for at lest two years. But premium products wont have as bad a time!

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  9. Jixuan and Sebastian are among the few people I see that have a well developed vision of the future. However, what I doubt you understands about climate change, is the odd turn of events around the end of the Pleistocene, 12,800 years ago. Many weird and unexplained phenomena occurring simultaneously including giant floods across my part of North America (Missoula floods) and a massive bombardment of something weird across the entire East coast to Nebraska (Carolina bays). None of it makes any sense and can not really be adequately explained by any theory. Climate records show a blank slate while we know there was a global cataclysm. Check it out. Everything around us are fake props in a giant illusion made to pump up our egos. We are all lab rats.

  10. In Central Europe, a lot will have problems with online ordering. Eventually, many digital natives will have incomes to buy Tesla vehicles, but that time is not there yet. We are probably more like 1.5 deg C warmer. The easiest to capture CO2 is probably the exhaust from cement production, it is basically pure CO2 and may be of value as a technical gas. One way to convert CO2 to carbonate is by injecting it into a basalt formation with a temperature around 300 deg C. Those occur at places like Iceland, the African Rift Valley, and Hawaii, or underwater along midocean ridges. Perhaps, Space X could call the assembly building at Boca Chica, Tx VertAB rather than VAB to avoid confusion with Cape Kennedy. News of the landing failure after the fact hits people like a beating with a New Foundland ugly stick! By KKKNL1488 – Own work, CC0, @t​ (New Foundland was under the satellites´ orbit). Starlink is now more important than ever. The NASA Orion capsule has completed testing but will not be moved to Cape Kennedy as planned originally on March-23. Go, Starlink!

  11. In Central Europe, a lot will have problems with online ordering. Eventually, many digital natives will have incomes to buy Tesla vehicles, but that time is not there yet. We are probably more like 1.5 deg C warmer. The easiest to capture CO2 is probably the exhaust from cement production, it is basically pure CO2 and may be of value as a technical gas. One way to convert CO2 to carbonate is by injecting it into a basalt formation with a temperature around 300 deg C. Those occur at places like Iceland, the African Rift Valley, and Hawaii, or underwater along midocean ridges. Perhaps, Space X could call the assembly building at Boca Chica, Tx VertAB rather than VAB to avoid confusion with Cape Kennedy. News of the landing failure after the fact hits people like a beating with a New Foundland ugly stick! By KKKNL1488 – Own work, CC0, @t​ (New Foundland was under the satellites´ orbit). Starlink is now more important than ever. The NASA Orion capsule has completed testing but will not be moved to Cape Kennedy as planned originally on March-23. Go, Starlink!

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    Und: Dass Covid-19 ganz andere Hintergründe hat! Jawohl!
    Gruß aus Poing, Tom.

  20. I think the Clime works carbon capture system is brilliant and should be embraced by all governments, unfortunately most are too short-sighted to see the real benefits

  21. Water vapour is the number one cause of warming…. Look it up…. When you look at benefits of warming versus cooling – I suggest being less concerned…. Technology is coming like Fusion or EV that will make a huge difference…. CO2 is a life giving gas…. I suggest the lungs of the world are the oceans not forrests!!!! Still the wrld could do with more food production…. and forrests!!!!

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  24. Enough with the conspiracy theories already folks! It's just nature. We'll be OK. Don't add to your own suffering by inserting a pretend hostile enemy that does not exist except on somebody's webpages. It stresses you out and hurts your own mental and physical health.

  25. Enough with the conspiracy theories already folks! It's just nature. We'll be OK. Don't add to your own suffering by inserting a pretend hostile enemy that does not exist except on somebody's webpages. It stresses you out and hurts your own mental and physical health.

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  29. At this point in time, we cannot foresee what the economic impacts of the Covid-Outbreak will be. If the governments had reacted swiftly and used the time bought by the harsh containment measures to bolster the health care systems via emergency measures, then all the lockdowns and border closings could have been over after a few weeks. As many governments seem to think however, that the harsh measures taken would stop the virus instead of just delaying the inevitable, we could be in for the long haul. In this case the economy would be stifled massively, and no loan package to any bank would solve that issue.

    The problem is that the cause for the financial crisis twelve years ago got never truly solved. Instead the central banks just flooded the markets with cheap money and fostered an artificial growth. The sudden crisis reveals these unadressed weaknesses, and the only thing governments and central banks are left to do are to throw money at the problem. Let´s brace for enormous stimulus packages, soaring debts and negative interest rates.

  30. I would prefer a solar powered natural plant (tree) capturing and storing carbon than an industrial plant. If the first world somehow paid the third world an annual amount of money for every hectare of (unburnt/unharvested) healthy forest, we may slow or even reverse global deforestation and atmospheric carbon.

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  32. book "An Elegant Defense" by Richtel about the human immune system (s) and how to make mono-clonal antibodies provides the blueprint for where and how to make this medicine. US has tried it on some healthcare workers but not reporting on how that is going success-wise. Dr. Fauci in prominently mentioned several times in the book. He has known about this technique for about a year. Trump's prediction of a "miracle" is therefor suspect. Delivery drones: China is going to leave the US with its mouth open.

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    That is, ocean levels would have to DECREASE to release methane from the hydrates on the sea floor. Global warming is supposed to INCREASE sea levels by melting ice that sets on land.

    Moreover, wouldn't it be wise to mine methane from those hydrates? Natural gas is the best industrial input known to Mankind.

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  49. Tesla's problem will be cash flow this year. They aren't really making money or at least no where enough to close a factory for very long. Add to that Capex spending and Elon has a problem. Pretty serious problem for the next quarter or two maybe longer. Might want to check up on institutional stock holders and what they are doing with their Tesla shares. Just saying.

    Want to stop climate changes? Lower the population growth or better yet get the population to decline. Any way you do it everyone wants a higher standard of living which means power consumption in one fashion or another. Less people will require less energy, less food, less resources across the board. Also a higher standard of living for everyone if the population would go into decline. Good luck making that happen.

  50. Awesome video as always you 2. You really bring it all together and add intelligent perspective! The CO 2 removing company sounds fantastic I’d support that but how does it make money? Is it a non profit? No problem if it is. ‘Tis a noble venture!
    Good to see China is buying Tesla’s and more importantly the virus is getting under control! Now for Europe… those little self driving delivery (sorry I can’t spell “autonomous”) robot are so cool!
    Am I the only one who wants to grab one of those self driving carts and hang on the back??
    Stay healthy guys! Good luck at this challenging time.

  51. I am increasingly convinced my 6 month disruption timeline was overly optimistic – I now think we're looking at, at least 2 years disruption globally. US is estimating 20% unemployment (mostly retail and hospitality workers), similar levels world wide I would imagine, particularly developing economies dependant on tourism. I think we're looking at a huge backslide. China and South Korea are both seeing secondary waves of infection – I think this is going to get bad. Elon keeps trying to keep his CA factory open – and is pissing off the Sherrif – he says it's "critical infrastructure" the state disagrees. I've been less than impressed by Elon's handling of COVID-19.

    The simplest way to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere – is to restore the microbes. Plankton consumes 60% of human-emitted CO2, and land microbes another 25%+. The data from 1950, is very clear, soil microbes have collapsed 50%, and oceanic plankton is believed to have also lost 50% of the population. If we simply restore the microbes where they were in 1950 – we would be carbon negative. Land microbes have died mostly due to poor farming practices (over tilling, and overuse of chemicals), and plankton mostly due to oceanic plastic, and chemical runoff (mostly agriculture) causing algae blooms and then causing dead zones. We can fix this very easy with precision farming (part of my Ph.D. area – unfortunately the University has suspended all research and we're all on our own working remote now until some future point).

    One researcher in New Mexico, David Johnson, has created BEAM, or a biologically enhanced soil – it produces better yields than conventional soil and can be made basically free with the open-source Johnson-Su bioreactor – and he estimates if it was applied to 40% of farmland worldwide, we'd be carbon negative. It's super easy to fix the CO2 problem – but no one ever seems to pay attention when I say we just need to restore the microbial ecology. We can fix it in a couple of years, and it's easy cheap.

  52. Thanks again for a great video, guys! I must now take a bit of issue with content. Implicitly, current warmism implies that CO2 actually creates a greenhouse effect globally and actually cause a rise in temperature. Without adequate proof, this would be a post hoc fallacy. To show that past CO2 data correlates with past temperature does not establish a causal relationship. We could as easily say that rising temperature causes a rise in CO2. As you noted volcanism (plus CO2) has been one factor in temperature rise. Sunspot and reacting cloud cover is also a plausible explanation for much temperature variation. People can believe anything they want, but they should keep their hands off other people's livelihood by penalizing economic activity on the one hand or shoveling tax money to others. Invariably, such presumed studies are linked or taken up by those advocating massive government intervention, with payoffs to follow. I am not against advanced technology and the adoption of devices leading to a more efficient and cleaner world. In fact, I hunger for that. But if you want pollution and disease, not to mention vast poverty and ignorance, then full socialism will provide it, as documented by the histories of the USSR and Communist China. I am hopeful that the cliched emotional enthusiasm (which is often Progressive agenda-driven) about climate will one day yield to true scientific discovery. If real scientific proof is offered, I say let the chips fall where they may, but the lying political propaganda must cease. Let me say I am not accusing you of such, but the supposed scientific leaders and politicians that are the problem. I really love you guys and know you are honest and thoughtful. Unfortunately, as we have recently seen in regard to public statements about the coronavirus problem, lying and hysteria are all too common. Please keep up your good work! I will keep following very closely.

  53. I expect Tesla to recover first among the automakers–and likely leave them in the dust. First, as you point out, they can still build that factory in Berlin. (And if Elon is smart, he will start now to build a factory in Tennessee.) By the time that factory is on-line, I expect the crisis to be over. (China seems to have seen its last new case.) Second, their administrative burdens are far less than those of their legacy counterparts. Third, I suspect their supply chain issues are less acute, by reason of the vertical integration you mentioned. And fourth, they've introduced the two vehicles–the Model Y and the Cybertruck–that people will want the most, regardless of who makes what.

  54. How does Climeworks make money and what is it's return on investment? These factors will determine if it moves past demonstration phase.

  55. Love you two, but, just a small quibble; SciFi movies are not promises. Much of the "promised" tech on display is simply not physically possible or requires stellar magnitudes of energy. Sooo …. taking SciFi as promise maker is just silly, just saying.

    If there were a Department of Making Tecnological Promises, they would be wrong much more often than right anyway, just like the SciFi movies.

    "Predictions are hard to make, especially ones about the future" (variously attributed).

  56. About the methane on the ocean floor problem. I have every confidence that Tony Star…err… Elon Musk will find a way to harvest that and use it to fuel his massive Mars migration fleet. His Starships run on methane after all, so he’s going to need a lot of it. 😎

  57. I predict this vobid 19 will pass relatively quickly and everything will go back to normal by mid summer I soose. Tesla as well as other vehicles in the ev market will be just fine I think.Here in the usa the most affected industry I think is the hospitality industry. Ya know, restaraunts/bars,hotels/casinos..slot of which have been shut down or partially closed ( delivery or take out only ) for example… Crime I think will spike up higher than normal here in the usa because of this virus and all the implications it is having on the normal procedures of things.

  58. Cool looking driveless robots; bulldust! It's basic economics, replacing labour with capital. Its all funny munny printed by the Central Banks and the depreciation of the currency to save the politicians skins.

  59. Thank you for your videos. Some points. The Tesla sales in Feb vs BYD is not like for like. Tesla has a waiting list vs BYD who hasn't. BYD's number reflects demand Tesla's number reflects production and deliver capacity.

    One theory about Nashville is that Tesla is trying to get a better deal out of Austin Texas.

  60. Why would you capture carbon out of the atmosphere instead from a coal power electricity generator's smokestack???
    This type of carbon capture project is some sort of BS. It's a way for the fossil fuel industry to say you get busy sucking this stuff out of the air, in other words bugger off and leave us alone to keep pumping it into the atmosphere.

  61. I ain't holding my breath; one of the predictions as we roll deeper into the coronavirus pandemic, working from home becomes more and more acceptable as the upper management of alot of the old school corporations wake up to the fact telework is just as good as working in an centralized office space, thus potentially driving a boom in people moving away from huge, expensive cities to cheaper countryside locations with affordable homes and we'll probably see car sales all across the board crater as people no longer need to morning-evening commute.

    That's one of the predictions though. We'll see how things shake out.

  62. Excellent episode today Jixuan & Sebastian!! Thank you so much for your work to keep us informed while we’re at home for at least three weeks!

  63. Love your videos. But one request about this particular one. Before promoting carbon capture projects, read up more about them. I would highly recommend a series of articles by Michael Barnard in cleantechnica. In terms of feasibility these are at least 10 times worse than hydrogen fuel cell cars. These are mainly supported for Oil and Gas companies as a means to enhance recovery while claiming green credentials. There is a lot to read. But just one tidbit to consider. These carbon capture projects hope to achieve $100/ton of capture someday in the future. Trees can currently do that for about $1.

  64. Thanks for your insightful reports, I'm a fan! I just realized you both are probably speaking in a non-native language (English). What are your native languages?

  65. Bärenszenario – Tesla-Aktie auf 90 Dollar?

    Generell scheint es so, als hätten sich die Zeiten für den Techgiganten rapide geändert. Der sinkende Ölpreis ist ebenso ein Thema wie die polarisierende Persönlichkeit Musks. Wie die New York Post berichtet, fürchtet Gordon Johnson von GLJ Research, dass die "niedrigen Ölpreise sehr schlecht für alternative Energien sind." Deshalb schätzt er, dass weniger Leute Elektroautos kaufen könnten. Der Börsenliebling und Shortseller-Magnet Tesla hatte ansonsten eigentlich insbesondere eines in petto: Konzernchef Elon Musk. Der ambitionierte Milliardär euphorisierte Tesla-Fans immer wieder aufs Neue. Doch auch dieser Zauber scheint in Zeiten der Coronakrise seine Kraft zu verlieren und die Aktie nicht vor dem Fall bewahren zu können. "Dieser ganze Heiligenschein um Elon Musk wird verschwinden", ergänzte Johnson. Er zeigt sich besonders pessimistisch für das Papier des US-Autokonzerns: Auf bis zu 200 US-Dollar soll der Kurs sinken – für nächsten Jahr könne es sogar auf um die 90 US-Dollar runtergehen, gibt die NYP den Tesla-Bären wieder.

    Vom letzten Schlusskurs wäre das in 2020 ein weiteres Abwärtspotenzial von über 50 Prozent. Nun bleibt abzuwarten, ob und wenn ja wie schnell dieser Tiefstand auf dem Niveau von Anfang Juni 2019 erreicht wird.

    Redaktion finanzen.net

  66. 5:30 Well, Neil Young recorded a song around 2012 that was a sort of paen to electric cars. Would that be close enough? Or does Southern Man still not need him around anyhow?

  67. Wow, are you two ever getting into dangerous territory on that geoengineering stuff. I'll tell you straight: If you had been talking up ANY OTHER geoengineering than carbon capture, I'd have changed my like into a dislike. All other geoengineering schemes are tools of the Devil IMO.

    And I still have a difference of opinion with you on one thing. Converting to carbon-free energy does not need to take "many decades." I put it at about TWO decades—by 2040, approximately, for net zero. And it's VERY IMPORTANT that this conversion largely happens BEFORE carbon capture really ramps up. Otherwise, carbon capture becomes an enabler to further use of fossil fuels, and prolongs their use. Probably not what most of us are hoping for.

    Iceland does seem like a really good place to do carbon capture. They have plenty of geothermal heat available to extract the CO2 from air capture machines. (It's probably better to use the heat as heat, rather than using electricity as an intermediary—although they do have plenty of cheap, renewable electricity as well.) However, I don't know if having a lot of geothermal energy also comes with having good CO2 disposal sites. Does anyone have information on that?

  68. Another reason to not worry about Global Warming in the next 20 years…….
    Quantum Impact: Bringing the power of quantum to chemistry (Ep. 3)

  69. Guys its a scam they wanna collect CO2 to pump back into the ground to get the rest of the oil out. The Oil companies are behind it

  70. Fortunately, orbital dynamics are pushing us to another mini ice age. That will give us a few more decades to study and create solutions. One solution is to send a bunch of shades and mirrors in orbit so that we can geoengineer our climate much more finely than just brute force playing with the gases in our atmosphere. The Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur YouTube channel made an excellent video on global warming.

    By the way, the Earth has greened considerably in the past several decades. All of that plant matter has already absorbed many gigatons of carbon. If someone manages to find a way to get things to grow in the Sahara, we will be able to absorb even more.

  71. Gretta is a tool being USED by MONSTERS who want their agenda pushed by terrified children. Thousands of scientists support Global Warming, I wonder what their specialty is as there are Millions of Scientists and the ones in the field agree that the climate is warming due to natural cycles not so much from man's activities. We do need clean renewable energy but we cannot stop natural cycles. Please do not jump on this band wagon as we cannot change our magnetic field or that of the Sun. There are more new species showing up than there are being lost. Please drop this topic as most new info is false. Hate to see you fall into this trap. You will lose me and others if you persist in this foolishness.

  72. Nobody knows definitively why the first mass extinction happen! It’s just a theory! Other theories suggests pulsars from other star destroyed life on the planet.

    Sciences for a very long time believe that the dinosaurs were so big because the earth was rich with oxygen and that was proven in 2012 WRONG! Every planet in the solar system is also getting warmer along with the earth proven fact! Now we are about to physically alter the climate of Earth without any proven theories because of fear.

    Below is a link by climate change scientist that they kept hidden. In 2012 they took 500 atmosphere samples of bubbles in sap resin from trees dated back to the time of the dinosaurs. During the time of the dinosaurs the earth had somewhere between 5 to 15 times more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than today and there was NO runaway greenhouse effect! I support Tesla but this taken carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere of pumping it into the earth is the most stupidest idea I ever heard of! Just another excuse to spin $1 trillion! By the way just in case if you guys don’t know this the earth is not a enclosed balloon 🎈 the atmosphere of the earth extends all the way to the moon which explains why there is ice on the moon.


  73. Implying China is telling any form of truth after Silencing people when kung flu virus first started happening and then started welding people into their homes. Yes China is well known for it's transparency, recording keeping and honesty

  74. Time stamps in video description🤗 And you can find our latest episode of ⚡THE JS DISRUPTION REPORT⚡ right here👉 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmfwVwnxbklbFWy6IoH5HnvgC26pfdUC9

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