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Hello and welcome to a
“episode” of Johnny’s World from Spielwarenmesse® 2020 in Nuremberg. Last year I was also at Spielwarenmesse® and collected many impressions. This year I am here again
at the fair. I managed to be a few days longer at the toy fair,
so that I can have a better look at everything. I will capture a few impressions for you. Enjoy the video! We are now at the booth of fischertechnik
and they present the novelty Smart SuperZoom. This is the entry
into macro photography for “young children” You can use the
classic fishertechnik elements for building a tray on which you fix your cell phone
with a vacuum pad. With the help of your cell phone camera
you can see things enlarged. A lighting kit goes with it. Playmobil has secured a license, which
brings together two generations into the playroom: The “Back to the Future” Delorean,
here you see it with Doc Brown with Marty Mcfly and of course the dog Einstein. Now I’m at the D-Dart booth and they
have a soft-dart gun. It looks like this when you have it in your hand. The gun is loaded with soft darts. It’s so much fun to play with it in the garden. However, it is advisable for children to wear protective goggles. With this you wild chases go through the garden,
and children will have a lot of fun. The Chinese manufacturer Qihui
introduced a fascinating novelty. It is a radio-controlled car or rather a car kit to assemble the car yourself.
It can move sideways, forward, turn on the spot, and it is
extremely mobile. The components are compatible to the Lego® bricks. KOSMOS has launched the learning robot Proxi for children.
First they assemble the robot. Then they start the robot with the help of coding blocks
on a PC or Smartphone. Children learn to program themselves and
have a lot of fun playing with the robot. The Polish manufacturer Cobi provides to us the model of the German aircraft carrier
Graf Zeppelin. It’s special since it is no ordinary model kit.
The carrier is made of brick and knob elements. That means the stones are compatible
to the Lego® knob bricks from Denmark. With over 3,000 components it will be
the largest set that Cobi has ever released. On the occasion of its 85th anniversary the Schleich company takes the children
on a journey around the globe through the different climate zones
together with ranger Tom and his best friend the meerkat.
For each climate zone there are different animals. Qman, the Chinese
brick-and-knob block manufacturer presents with its super racing series
a great truck, which you can build with knob bricks. The bricks are compatible with Lego® bricks. When the truck is finished you can
use it as a truck and as a complete workshop, too,
if you open the cargo space. This way, it’s double play fun. A great trade fair novelty is the
Reading Owl Luka®. Based on a built-in camera above the eyes
the owl recognizes which books lie in front of it. It can read out loud
over 500 different books and it connects the children playfully
to the medium book. At the Hubelino stand we have
discovered a novelty, which seems to be unspectacular. However, it is a really cool supplement to Duplo®: Now, there are Duplo® compatible tiles available. Hubelino offers them in two packaging sizes. Last but not least, let’s take a look at bionicTOYS. bionicToys has developed a component which
makes the technical world of LEGO® more bionic and flexible.
See youself what you can build with it. It’s fully compatible with the
LEGO® components of the Danish market leader. That’s it for today. I hope you had fun with my little
tour in Nuremberg. If you enjoyed it, we’ll see you maybe in 2021, at the largest toy fair of the world, at the Spielwarenmesse® in Nuremberg. See you soon! Bye!

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