Tau Tak? #CutiBersamaPLUS 2019

Class, stand up. Thank you, students… Thank you, teacher… Nina, let’s eat together! …OK Eh… I want to come too! OK, let’s go! Did you know that the canteen now has ‘roti jala’? We knowwww… PLUS presents ‘Tau Tak?’ Nina, how was your holiday? It was great! But I feel like it went by too fast! Did you know… At Langkawi, there are eagles that fly reaaally fast? I know! But not just at Langkawi, there are eagles in Selangor too. Eh Nina, hurry up and eat! Did you know that in Turkey, there’s a castle built with ostrich eggs? I know! Just like the castle I went to in Perak… The castle is huuuge.. and it was built with duck eggs, brown sugar, and honey. Just like making a cake. Eh, Nina! Haah… Did you know you can see 2,000 stars on a moonless night? Of course! The other day, I spent the night stargazing! Eh Nina! Such a daydreamer! Did you know that you need to be 18 years old and above to drive a car? If not, you’ll be arrested by the police! I know! But that’s on the road… The other day, I was driving at Legoland… I even got a driver’s license! Waa… Eh Shawn! Where are you going? Hah! Did you know, I went to the largest shopping mall in Malaysia! It’s 5,174,000 square feet. Oh really? Me too. We shopped non-stop from Perlis all the way to Johor! I went on a trip as well! I ate all kinds of food from North to South! Check this out! There’s ‘patin tempoyak’, curry mee, ‘yong tau foo’, ‘lontong’, banana fritters with cheese, ‘nasi ambeng’, and coconut shake! Wow, that’s amazing… Eh Shawn!! How did you all know all of this? Want to know how we knew all of this? Because we went on road trips during the holidays! Must be nice to go on road trips… It’s okay, there’s always the next school holidays! Did you know? One of the most wonderful childhood memories is going on vacation with our family! Get more PLUSMiles rewards and enjoy discounts on theme park tickets.. in just 3 easy steps. Download now!

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2 thoughts on “Tau Tak? #CutiBersamaPLUS 2019

  1. Saya tak tahu semua benda, tapi saya cuma tahu apa yang saya tahu.

    Apapun betul, saya pun macam mereka (zaman tak ada gadjet ), keluarga selalu jalan2 ke pekan dan bandar sekitar lebuhraya PLUS terutama E2 NSE.
    Sekarang dah besar panjang pun rasa masih banyak lagi destinasi sekitar Lebuhraya PLUS belom terokai.

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