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Welcome to another Scary Tuesday, tiktakers. Today we bring you the adaptation of a new
creepypasta, the legend of a creepy and mysterious creature, which is related to one of your
favorite video games. But this story starts a long time ago, before
game consoles hit homes. In the early 1980s, in a town in the United
States, panic began when a series of violent deaths followed. The victims had been brutally tortured and
killed, and the perpetrator always left the initials TD in blood on the wall. Beyond that, the police had no clue. The most brutal killing took place in a home
where six people died and only one survived, with serious injuries. His testimony was chilling. He claimed to have been attacked by a small
blood-covered teddy bear, with a macabre smile full of fangs and from whose eyes flames erupted. On his head he had a kind of antenna with
a red stone, and he acted like a madman, jumping from one side to the other. The police dismissed his testimony, and he
was admitted to a mental sanatorium. Days later he committed suicide. A rumor began to spread around the city that
the person responsible for the crimes was not a psychopath, but a demónic entity, and
everyone locked themselves in their house as soon as the sun set. One night a police patrol found in an alley
the remains of a massacred body, and a few meters away a figure writing the initials
TD with blood on the wall. They went out after him and were able to chase
him thanks to the trail of blood he left up to the outskirts of the city, where he hid
in the cemetery. By that time the alarm had been raised, and
several patrols began to trace the cemetery. A journalist from a local newspaper also appeared,
and was allowed to accompany one of the police teams. After a long time spinning and listening to
strange noises, suddenly one of the officers collapsed to the ground, his voice drowned
by the gushes of blood coming out of his throat. While the other policeman was helping his
partner, the journalist reacted quickly with his camera and took a snapshot in the middle
of the darkness. When he later revealed it in his lab, he couldn’t
believe what he saw. A small teddy bear appeared standing on a
tomb, holding in his hand a blood-stained axe. The image confirmed the description given
at the time by the previous victim, and when it was published in the press, people got
hysterical. It was no longer enough to close doors and
windows: rosaries, incense, holy water, and any other religious object that could protect
against that demonic being were used. They went massively to ask the parish priest
what they could do in the face of such a threat, and he answered that faith was the only salvation. A vigil of prayers and supplications was summoned
and lasted for several days without interruption. People turned to the heavens for help to weaken
the monster’s power. Suddenly one night the creature appeared,
kneeling before the priest. Blood and flames gushed out of his eyes stronger
than ever, and his desperate cries tried to silence the people’s prayers. The priest gathered the courage to stand before
him, uttered a few verses and sprinkled him with holy water, at which point the monster
gave a scream of pain and exploded like a great blood bubble, soaking everyone present. At last the curse was over. Everything went back to normal and people
tried to forget that gruesome experience. Until much later, in the late 1990s, when
SEGA released for its Saturn console a new installment of its star saga, Sonic R. It
was a revolutionary three-dimensional racing game that included a couple of secret characters
that could be unlocked as rewards. In a home in Los Angeles, California, a mother
called her son, who had been locked in his room for hours, for dinner, playing this new
title. After several unanswered attempts, she went
upstairs ready to scold him, but what she found left her disenchanted. Her son lay on the floor with blue lips, foam
in his mouth and dilated pupils. The console was on and a song from the game
“Can you feel the sunshine?” kept looping, with a cheerful tone that gave
it all a bizarre atmosphere. It was ruled that the boy had died of an epileptic
seizure from playing for too many hours at a time, which was strange because he had no
family history of this disease. After the funeral, the family gave away all
their his and belongings. The video console went to his best friend,
who connected it at home and found that just before he died, the boy had unlocked a new
character. It was called Tails Doll, the dark version
of one of the protagonists of the game, which looked like a stuffed animal with an antenna
with a red light on his head. This fact became known on the Internet forums
and began to spread the rumor that the bloodthirsty TD had returned to action, through the macabre
character of the video game. SEGA didn’t take long to react and made it
disappear from all its products. But it was too late, and the nightmare became
reality again. A few weeks later there was a new murder. Once again a brutally tortured corpse and
an inscription in blood, this time more extensive. He said: “Thank you for your fear and for
bringing me back to life. From now on I won’t have a body, I won’t need
it anymore. Because I am Tails Doll”.

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31 thoughts on “TAILS DOLL | Draw My Life | Creepypasta

  1. is this a real story if it is I will freake outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  2. Overdramatic much? Itโ€™s just a
    Brings out a flamethrower itโ€™s the end, motherhater!
    (I canโ€™t swear)

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