T-Rex vs Dinosaur Hologram! Giant Dinosaurs & Invisible Cloak Escape in Fun Kids Adventure

– Okay. (groans) Whoa, Park Ranger Aaron! – Hey park Ranger Obie,
what’cha up to man, huh? – Oh, I was about to
take my newest invention to the Dino Science
Fair to win first prize! – Oh, that sounds like fun! That’s pretty cool there, huh? – Hey, what’re you doing
with that green blanket? – Oh, this green blanket! This is my newest
invention, that I’m gonna take to the Dino Science
Fair and I’m gonna win the grand prize! – Well, what’s so exciting
’bout a green blanket? – It’s actually my brand new invisibility disappearing dinosaur cloak that I can use to hide from the dinosaurs! – That green screen stuff only
works in movies and TV shows. – Oh, no no, this is
no ordinary green sc– I mean this is a dinosaur cloak, okay? Just watch this, huh? Check this out, let me get my cloak on right here real quickly okay? Here we go. Where’d it go? Here we go, here we go. Okay. – I don’t see any disappearing yet. – Oh it’s comin’, it’s
comin’, you hold on now. Now I gotta put on my special disappearing green sc– dinosaur cloak helmet. There we go! All ready. You watch this, here. I take this remote and I wrap
myself in green, and click! (zap) See look! You can’t see me now! – I can still see your legs! (laughing) – What? My legs? Oh man! That’s no good. (zap) Well, it’s still gonna win
first prize, grand prize, at the Dino Science Fair okay? – Yeah right. – Well, what’s so special about your science fair project huh? It’s a holographic projector! – A holographic projector? What, are the dinosaurs
gonna watch movies with that or somethin’? – No, it’s used to scare away T-Rex! – Oh! Wait, how is that gonna scare away T-Rex, just a little hologram? T-Rex isn’t be scared of that. – I’ll show you. Watch this. – What’s that gonna do down there? (zoom) Raptor! It’s a raptor, it’s a raptor! (both yelling) – Ha ha, gotcha! – What? Aw man. That was not scary at all. It was just a little fake raptor okay– – Then why’d you go woooo? – Okay, okay. Well maybe that’ll work, if you got some of the dinosaurs in there. (gasp) Oo look, it’s almost time for
the science fair to begin! We better head out. Come on, let’s go to the truck and go! – Go go go! – To the science fair! – Whoa! – T-Rex! (dangerous music) (T-Rex roar) Shh! Quick, hide! (whispering and shushing) Okay, I don’t know what
T-Rex is doin’ out here now, I mean ever since the Dino
Master took down our paddock fences, with a little bit
of my help, T-Rex is just runnin’ all over the place, isn’t he? – Yeah. – Okay, we’ve gotta come up with a plan. Try to get past T-Rex,
and get over to the truck! And if we don’t hurry, we’re
gonna miss the science fair! And I’m not gonna be able
to win the grand prize. We need a plan. – Um, think. C’mon mini Einstein, know
you have it in there! (ding) I’ve got an idea! – What? – What if I go undercover
in the invisibility cloak? – Wait, you’re gonna go out there? – Yeah, ’cause I’m small. – Well I guess yeah that could work, you’re smaller, you
might fit underneath this without your legs stickin’
out like mine did, okay. All right, well that could work. Wait a minute. How am I supposed to get to the truck? – Oh, I got an idea! How about you distract T-Rex with this? – I’m gonna get rid of T-Rex with a dome? That’s not gonna work. – No, no, no. The projector, you know! The Dino hologram, you know! – But that was a raptor! T-Rex isn’t gonna be scared of a raptor, especially not a holographic raptor. – Look at all these dinosaurs, see? We got T-Rex, Dilophosaurus,
Brachiosaurus. – Oh, I’ll just put another
T-Rex up there, huh? – Yeah! – Okay, yeah I guess
we’ll just have to go– oo, we gotta hurry up man
the science fair’s gonna be startin’ here any minute, okay. – Oh, I forgot to mention that
dinosaurs are only up there for thirty seconds, so you gotta be quick. – On the projector? – Yeah. – Thirty seconds, oh. Okay, okay let’s do it man, I
can’t think of anything else. – So you’re gonna have to hurry. – Okay here, you take this. – Switcharoo. – You take that, ‘kay. All right. And then get suited up
there, and let’s go, okay? (dangerous music) Okay Park Ranger Obie. – Watch this T-Rex, I’m
about to turn invisible! (zap) – [Both] It worked! – Okay, that T-Rex is not gonna see ya. Yeah there ya go, stay
low so he doesn’t see you. It’s workin’! Stay low, you’re about halfway now! Keep goin’, you’re almost there. Watch out, slow down, slow
down you’re goin’ too fast. Make a run for it! Okay, go! – Disable! (zap) Okay, put it in. (grunts) (car door opening) (grunting) – Yes! Ooh, shhh. Okay– (roaring loudly) I’m gonna have to try
out this whole hologram projector dome and see if it works. Okay, here goes! ‘Kay T-Rex just ignore me now. (roar) Take this T-Rex! (zoom) (roar) Oh, that’s a big T-Rex hologram there! Ooh, I’ve only got thirty seconds. I gotta get outta here. Shh, okay T-Rexes, y’all just ignore me. Go about your fighting there. (roaring) Woo, we gotta get there! Look out Park Ranger Obie! It worked! It worked, it worked! We made it okay? We gotta get outta here okay? Okay c’mon. (car horn) Oh shoot man, oh by look at that. Okay, all right, okay,
put your seatbelt on! Okay, let’s get outta here! Leave T-Rex behind, go
to the science fair okay? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, go! – It’s not starting! – Where’s the keys? What’s wrong? What’s going on? – It won’t start– – Why isn’t it starting? – Quick, the key! – Where’s the key? – I don’t have the key,
man, don’t you have the key? – No, I don’t have the key! – I think I left it in Dino HQ. Oh, why did I do that? Oh man. – So you’re gonna have to go get it. – No, no, no that’s okay, you can go. – No, no, no, why not you? – You’re the younger park ranger, so I’ll let you go do it, okay? – Yeah, you’re the old
man park ranger, y’know? – No, no, that’s the
senior park ranger, okay? Okay fine. I’ll go get it, but how
am I supposed to get it? Because the holographic
projector isn’t projecting a T-Rex anymore to distract T-Rex, because you designed it to run out after thirty seconds, okay? So what am I supposed to do? I can’t get past T-Rex now! (ding) – Oh, idea! – What, what, what? – Okay, you can use this! – The cloak? – But you said I’m too big for the cloak, my legs stick out of the bottom there. – Oh, you could just crouch down. – Okay, fine, fine, fine, I’ll go do it. I do everything myself here, ‘kay. (groaning) Okay here gimme that cloak there huh? Here, okay, I’ll go for it. (door opening) T-Rex. (car door thumping) Ooh! (shushing) Door, stop it man. Okay. Gotta get my cloak on here. Crouch down low. Oo yeah, there we go. No, that’s not right. C’mon, c’mon cloak. Don’t fail me now. Yeah, there we go. Okay. All right. Here we go! (zap) oo yeah, I’m disappearing now huh, T-Rex? Watch this! Okay T-Rex, you don’t see me now do ya? All right. Bye T-Rex, I’ll be back! (keys jangling) Okay T-Rex, you ready for this? I’m gonna disappear now! (zap) You can’t see me can you T-Rex? ‘Cause I’m invisible! (laughs) Uh-oh. Wait, there we go. Look, I got the keys to the
truck, and we’re leavin’ okay? Here we go T-Rex, see ya! Oh this thing is so awesome! Hey T-Rex, you can’t even see me huh? (zap) (laughing) Look, I can even do a little dance, you can’t see me. (laughing) (roar) Oh T-Rex, you think you’re so smart. (gasp) – Park ranger! Oh no. – What, Park Ranger Obie? – Your cloak’s not working. – What’s all the hubbub about, huh? T-Rex can’t see me. – No, your cloak’s not working! It’s not working! – T-Rex! He can see me! I’m not invisible anymore! (screams) I’m gettin’ outta here! (roar) (breathing heavily) Park Ranger Obie, the cloak failed! The battery must’ve gone dead. – Okay, what now? – I need an idea. This T-Rex is gonna get me. I know, deploy the emergency
drumstick Park Ranger Obie! (dangerous music) (bag crinkling) – Emergency drumstick! – What? No, no, no! Not that emergency drumstick! The big emergency chicken leg drumstick! – Oh, okay. This? – Yeah, that one there! That one there! Throw it! (grunt) (thud) Yeah! Yeah, T-Rex is goin’ for it! Okay, here I come, it worked! It worked, I’m gettin’ outta here! C’mon let’s go! Let’s go! (dangerous music) Okay here we go, here we go. Got the key this time. Here we go. Got it, got it, got it! Let’s go! (car vrooming) All right! Now off to the science fair, here we go! – Hey Park Rangers! If you liked this video,
please subscribe to our channel and give us a big thumbs up! (dangerous music)

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