T-REX EATS TREX lego Jurassic World T.Rex Vs Dino-Mech Battle 75938 Unboxed Stop-Motion Animated

it’s teawrex first Dino mech in an
awesome Dino battle also watch as we build this t-rex verse Dino mech battle
Lego set 75 938 and stop-motion animation
cool let’s go it’s great to see you today today we
have you go dressy quarrel t-rex first T-REX EATS TREX lego Jurassic World T.Rex Vs Dino-Mech Battle 75938 Stop-Motion Animated Speed Build okay the t-rex first Dino mech battle
716 pieces I’ve been waiting for this set since February guys when I seen it
at the New York Toy Fair also uh so it includes a t-rex Owen Grady Claire
daring Danny better miner big cost skins blue Charlie Delta and echo yes we’ve
got all four velociraptors together again that is awesome let’s go ahead and
check out the back the different so it looks like the t-rex is tearing up our looks like a volcano slides apart
there’s a treasure inside the doors open and close on the Dino drives that there
he is he pleaded treasure and it looks like you’ve got one of the velociraptors
here shooting with the cannon let’s check out what’s inside okay and
before we check that out behind it we have the big huge Jurassic Park t-rex
and the gate over 3,000 pieces guys I put that together using stop-motion
animation so it looks really cool check out the video on my channel see what was
in there so this is big set but it’s nothing like that
t-rex one over 3,000 pieces makes these sets look tiny
but anyway big huge set of instructions with a big set of stickers they’re like
one two three four five six seven bags of LEGO pieces and then some mountain
pieces cool let’s go ahead and check it out okay so the first thing I wanna
check out is just Mehcad I know it is controlled by Danny
Niedermayer which is a nephew of Dennis Nedry from the original Jurassic Park
but anyways this mecha Dino has a cage that opens up there and you could fit
Dennis right in here either sitting or standing close the cage and he’s ready
to go I mean he’s ready to control that Mehcad
I know to attack the to drag so it’s gonna be a
battle t-rex first t-rex oh so but I you see me
build this is stop-motion animation so this is awesome set
mouth opens and closes head swivels Walter direction arms open and close so
you can actually poke stuff in this arms so this is a really awesome
mecha Dino I mean I I see this at the New York Court there in February of this
year I’m like wow that’s a super cool idea so you got like the big I don’t
know these are like steam pipes or something or electrical connections but
anyways I mean if you watch Jurassic Park Dennis Nedry is pretty much a
genius so I guess his nephew follows in the
same lines but I guess he would be evil genius okay so and then on top of that
we have a new t-rex Bowl is really cool I like the colorings
it’s like a darkish blue brown almost like a light brown dark teal new t-rex
model and we had four characters which are Danny
Nita Meyer and then we have mixed costs conds which is one of the villains from
Jurassic Park second one to fallen Kingdom then we have Claire and a new
green and brown outfit and we have Owen and like a relaxed type outfit so he’s
got like an open t-shirt it looks like looks but one of the coolest things is
blue echo Charlie and Delta the four velociraptors from their original
Jurassic world have returned and they are in baby form they are super cute
looking awesome edition and then on top of all that you get this awesome
volcanic malted so these two sides here totally open up and then you could go
ahead and bring the treasure forward it’s got like these I think you would
attach these to some type of a vehicle to push the treasure forward so it’s
easily accessible here’s a bunch of gold objects
in the treasure chest is full of diamonds cool then just simply push that
back go ahead close these off and then you have like a volcano erupting fire
coming down you’ve got plans here you’ve got bats in the back there and if you
flip it you could see this part here like I said I think you would attach
this to some type of vehicle and pull it out and then on top of all that you got
this awesome like military type raft which Owen and Clare could use to swoop
in and save today’s we got some extra ammo for the guns on the front of the
ship so you got a little engine here like a
starboard yeah oh it could control the boat with
Walter talking here and then you got these little firing it’s bitty goods cool this is an awesome
set guys so the set is 716 pieces and I’ll put a link where you could buy it
on Amazon in the comment section below this video it is $89.99 but you do get a
lot of stuff for that all dinosaur here in today’s secret word
is the word go ahead and put that in the comment section below the video and I
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