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Storieswithdolls: Hi friends! Stories With Dolls here!! A few months ago I did a speed coloring video that you guys really liked, so today I have these coloring packs with different characters that we’re going to color, and I think they’re going to be a lot of fun!!!! And to rate my work, I’m going to use these
cute emoji stamps. They come in different colors, and they look like a lot of fun. For this video I’m going to use the pink set up here. Which one do we start with? I know! Paw Patrol!! I haven’t done any Paw Patrol videos yet, but let me know in the comments if you’d like me to do Paw Patrol! It comes with a sticker sheet, a pack of crayons, and the coloring book with coloring pages and activities!! Let’s color Marshal first. I’m going to use a red marker for his firefighter’s uniform. And yellow for the accessories. And gray for his shield and these tools. Hi, Marshal!! Nice smile!!! And its time to rate my work I like it!! I’ll stamp it with the heart eyes emoji!! And now let’s color my favorite, Chase!!! We’re going to use blue for his uniform
because he is the police officer. Some yellow, more blue back here, the shield, and to color Chase Im going to use color pencils!! Let’s start out with a dark brown. And now I’m going to use a lighter brown for these parts. Let’s give him pink ears and brown eyes, and now I’m going to rate my work!! Oh no!! I didn’t stay in the lines!! I’ll give myself an “oops!!” emoji (laughs) and I’ll put a sticker here. And we’re done. I like these bags, they’re like ziplock
bags so we can reuse them!! And now let’s open the Inside Out play pack. Here’s the coloring book, and the stickers. I think I don’t have any Inside Out either!! Let’s start with Anger. Anger is a bright red color, brown pants….. pink shirt… and now lets color the library. Different colors for the books. (music) And here I’m going to put a sticker of Anger
when he’s furious!! And to rate my work I’ll give myself a wink
emoji, like if I was just kidding when I put this sticker here of Anger being furious. And now let’s color Disgust. Something I love about Disgust is that she always looks so nice, and I also like all these shades of green. (music) And now lets color the shelves where Riley’s memories go. Color the floor, and since Disgust is very elegant, I’m going to use the cool emoji, let’s leave the rest for another day. And now let’s color Minnie Mouse!! Coloring book….crayons…..and stickers Ooh, I like this one with Minnie’s bow collection!!! And I’m going to start with the bow she’s wearing, and of course it has to match her dress. And let’s pretend she has bows in different colors. Wow! Minnie is so organized!! She has them all here nice and neatly. Let’s not forget her face. And her vanity. Let’s color it pink. And I’m going to put a sticker here so that
it looks like a portrait of Minnie on her wall. And since I love how it turned out, I’ll use the heart eyes emoji. What else… Ohh, this one is fun, Minnie and Daisy at the pool. Let’s start with the water, the beach ball…. let’s color Daisy’s bathing suit with a dark green for the print, and a lighter green for the rest. (music) And for Minnie we’re going to use a bright
red that looks great for the Summer, and we’re going to combine it with a bright yellow. It looks like it’s a very warm day!! They better be wearing sunscreen!!! And they’re having a refreshing lemonade, lets color the pool chairs. And the pool, I think it looks cool!! And now let’s do Snoopy and his best friend Charlie Brown. Boys and girls I love Snoopy!! Here’s some of the characters. Let’s see the pictures now. I’m going to color this one. It’s going to be super easy!! All we have to do is color the house red. The grass green, and I’m going to draw a few clouds up here, and some flowers down here, and I’m going to put a sticker of Woodstock up here. What a nice nap Snoopy is having. Ooh, I better be quiet, so I’ll give myself an
angel emoji. And now I’m going to color Peppermint Patty. Dark green here, a lighter green on her shirt, she has brown hair, and I’m going to put a Snoopy sticker here, and a happy face to rate my work. Okay, this one is done. And now we’re going to color Elsa. Stickers, crayons, and coloring book. Oh these pictures are going to be a little harder to color, they have so many details. Oh! I see it’s a story book!! I’m going to color Elsa. Light blue for her ice dress… And I’m going to use a different tone of light blue for the cape so that it looks like it’s tulle. And a dark blue for the ice castle. Oh no! I think I could have done a better job! (laughs) I’ll just use the laughing emoji on this one. Now let’s color the trolls. I think his clothes are green. And he’s gray because he’s a rock. Wow, this picture is really hard to color, it has so many details!!! I’m doing my best, friends!! (laughs) But it’s really hard to color. Okay, the rocks back here and some lighter
and darker shades for contrast, and it’s done. (laughs) This one didn’t turn out too well
either Wow! This one was hard! Now let’s move on to My Little Pony! Ohh, here are the cutie mark crusaders! Oh, I know! I’m going to color Twilight Sparkle. Let’s start with the pink streak that Twilight has. And the rest of her mane is dark purple. And the rest of Twilight is a light purple color. And I’m going to color her name with a pattern that’s the same color as her mane. I think this one turned out very purple-y! And I’m going to color Apple Jack. Let’s color the apples. Her yellow mane. And now let’s color the tree. Wow! What a leafy tree! Let’s color AppleJack, color her name… and Apple Jack is done! Ooh, I liked how this one turned out! And now it’s time to color Curious George! Let’s see what it comes with… Ooh, George getting into mischief (laughs). Okay, I like this one with the balloons! And how about we color the balloons in all
different colors, so it looks like the balloons from the house in Up! Let’s color this one red. This one yellow. Green! Blue! Pink! Orange! Purple! What a mischievous George!! He’s letting the balloons take him away! Be careful George!! Here comes another George in a plane!! Okay, and here we have Curious George. And since I like how he turned out, I’m
going to give it a happy face! And now I’m going to color George eating
a banana for breakfast! Let’s color the curtain. The window. Now George. And now for the kitchen cabinets, I’m going
to paint them a light brown color. The kitchen floor… And I’m going to add this sticker with more bananas! And I love how it turned out!! So I’m going to give myself a heart eyed emoji! What’s next?…Let’s see! Mickey Mouse!! Ooh, what nice stickers!! Let’s see what the book comes with!! I’m going to color this Mickey! And now I’m going to use the crayons, because they come with the two colors I need for Mickey. It’s this red for his shorts, and this yellow for his shoes. And I’m going to color the stars yellow and blue. Ohh I was forgetting his face! And I’m going to give it a happy face! Let’s see, what else could I color… Ooh! Donald Duck! I think I’m going to color Minnie!! Let’s start with her bow and her dress. A light blue color with pink. Ooh, hearts! And now the flowers. And since I really liked how this turned out,
I’m going to give myself a heart-eyed face. And we have another Frozen one! Hopefully this one is easier, because the
other one was super hard! Oh no!! It’s the same!! Only with a different cover!! Okay, well in that case, I’ll just color
one from here. And it’s going to be this one! I think it’s going to be complicated. These details are way too small to color them in a different color, so I’m just going to color the entire thing green. So it’s going to look a lot different than
the one from the movie. (music) Well this one also isn’t going to turn out
the same way as the one from the movie. (music continues) Wow! And it’s finally done!! These Frozen ones are super hard. Friends, I also have these sets with magic
marker pens, and this other one with stamps that also use magic ink. If you guys would like me to do these, don’t forget to give this video a like and tell me in the comments.

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