Surprising the Girls with Barbie Fashionistas

– This video is sponsored by Mattel. This week we are at the beach on a super fun family vacation. And we had a great time
playing in the sand, playing with sea shells,
playing with the water. But I think the girls are gonna be super excited when they learn that I actually brought some toys with us on the trip, too. Specifically these new
Barbie Fashionistas. And I’m super excited about
the newest Fashionistas because they are more diverse than they have ever been before. As a mom I’m always trying to get across to my kids that we are all beautiful in our own unique ways. And there’s not a certain skin color or hair texture or eye color or body shape that is going to make you more beautiful or more gorgeous than other type. We’re all different and
all of our differences need to be celebrated. And I love that the
new Barbie Fashionistas do just that. So let’s go get the girls and we’re gonna check out this brand new collection of Barbie Fashionistas together. – Oh look, mine’s a hat. – Mine’s a unicorn horn. – Hey there, girls! Look what I have! These are the new Barbie Fashionistas and I thought it would be really fun if we each picked one out first, we’ll open many, but we’ll start with one and check them out. Wanna do that? All right, let’s all pick one out. – Oo, I want this one.
– I want this one. – Okay, I will grab this one then. – Whoa, look at all the Barbies. – Yeah, there are so many new ones in here that you can collect. I’m gonna start with this beautiful doll in a tropical dress. – Let’s open our dolls. – Oh, it looks like mine says something. – Yeah, I’ve heard on
these new Fashionista dolls that behind the doll there are all sorts of positive quotes. – You are full of potential
and will do great things. – Who you are on the
inside will inspire others. – Aw, I love that! That’s one of the things
we always talk about too is who you are on the inside,
that’s your true beauty. – I love this skirt, it looks
pretty cute with all this. And I also love her hair, it’s pretty too. – Oo, I love it, too. She’s got some pretty braids and look at her girl power shirt. She’s got a leather skirt
and some cool shoes, too. – Well, I like her hair. – She does have gorgeous hair. – And I like her dress. – And what do you notice about this Barbie Fashionista makes
her different from you? Besides her hair color. – Her leg is different. – Her leg is, let’s show the camera because I love this. This Barbie Fashionista
has a prosthetic leg. Not only do these new Barbie Fashionistas reflect differences such as hair colors and skin tones and body shapes, but they also reflect some
of the physical disabilities that people really have,
such as prosthetic limbs and they even have a
Barbie in a wheelchair. And this doll means a lot to us because we actually
have a Tic Tac Toy fan, a super fan, who has a
prosthetic limb, right? Bridget is an all star cancer warrior who has a prosthetic
leg and I’m just so glad we have a doll that is
inclusive to Bridget. Pretty cool, huh? And Addy, you have the
dolls in the wheelchairs over here, do you wanna open one? – Yeah. – Okay, you open those. And Maya, you can open the other one. And while they open those Barbies, I’m gonna show you the
one that I just opened. This beautiful Barbie
has the coolest dimples on her cheeks that I just noticed and that’s the thing really unique that makes her beautiful. – Mom, I just realized that this pack– – It comes with a ramp! – Yeah, so the dolls can
get like up to places. – Oh wow, it does come with a ramp. So, if you have like a Barbie Dream House or some other Barbie
accessory that you wanna use your doll with, you can use the ramp to help the wheelchair
get up and down safely. – I just realized that
the Barbie’s arms and legs that come with the wheelchair
are fully posable. So you can like bend them
and move them around. – Looks like there is
a little plastic clip that you can use to attach the doll on so it stays in the wheelchair. And did I hear you say there was like brakes for the wheelchair, Maya? – Yeah, so these silver things, if you want it to stop, you just do this on both sides so both of the wheels stop. – Wow, that’s really neat, Maya. Should we open a couple
more Barbies, girls? – [Girls] Yeah! – Oo, I wanna do this boy. – I wanna do this girl. – And I’m gonna pick one, too. Hmm, I think I’ll go
for this one back here. – Oh yeah, that looks pretty cute. – Let’s see what quotes we get this time on our packages, too. You will make a positive
impact on many people. – Mine says you are capable of making great things happen in the world. – Ah, you surely are, girly. There are so many toys out there that are just toys and that’s okay but I really love that
these Barbies are inspiring. And they inspire girls
to tell their stories, to find a doll that speaks to them and they really represent
the girls and the boys and the people that our
kids see out in the world. Whether it’s on the
playground, or at school, or when they’re out just walking around town with their parents. – I got a boy doll and it looks like his shirt fades from white to dark blue. – Ah, kind of like an
ombre color, isn’t it? He’s got some stylish
blonde hair, isn’t that? Blue eyes, white shorts,
cool orange shoes, too. And Maya, let’s check out what you have. Oo, yours have blue hair. That is some pretty cool blue hair, blue and blonde hair I should say. What does her shirt say? – Dream all day. – Dream all day and that’s
a neat looking skirt, too. She’s got a bracelet, too! I like that, too. – I like her skirt. – Her skirt is pretty cool. I will say this line
of Barbie Fashionistas, the styles are really on trend, they’re really contemporary outfits you would really see on people. – Hi, Barbie, this is my sister. Oh, hi Barbie. Oh, hi guys, what’s up? Oh, we were just going
on a walk this morning. Oh, same as I. Well, I’m just going on a little stroll. – Well, I can see play has already begun with the Barbie Fashionistas, but we still have about
seven more to open. You guys wanna open some more? – Yeah. – Okay, quite a few left. What are you gonna go for, Addy? – Either this one or this one. – Okay. – I choose this one. – This one. – And I think I’m gonna go for this one, the Unicorn Believer. – I’m so excited. – I am, too. – Oo, let’s see what mine says. – Your unique ideas will change the world. – Oo, I really like that one. – I do, too. And I think I’m gonna use it to inspire me to make that come true. All right, let’s take a look at her. She has got some lovely,
black, silky hair. Some brown eyes and really cool outfits. Are you a unicorn believer? (laughs) Me, too! – I think mine is from Los Angeles since its shirt says Los Angeles. – It does? Ah, you’re right, it does. It does say Los Angeles
and that’s a cool shirt, number four, he has dark black skin and those are corn rows, that’s
the style of hair he has. – And he has the sleeves
where he can stretch. – They’re mesh, those are mesh sleeves. Very trendy, huh? And you know what else I
think I noticed about him? He looks a little bit thinner than the normal Ken
dolls, that’s kinda cool that they show not only
the Barbie versions with different body types,
but the Ken versions as well. He looks a little bit thinner and his arms are a little skinnier than
the one that Addy just opened. Yeah, that’s really cool, looks like they do have different body types. And it actually looks
like the other Ken here is a different body type, as well. We’ll have to get him open next. But first, I gotta show
you the doll that I opened! Here she is, she is good vibes only. And she’s got some really neat hair, too. It’s curly and check it out,
on the side of her head, it’s like it’s shaved on the sides and the back there and she’s got these really cool curls at the top. – Bye!
– Bye! – And I have to go to ballet practice. – And we have to go and
work at the ice cream shop. Bye, guys. – We have four Barbie Fashionistas left! Who’s gonna take what? – I’m gonna take this one. – Oo, her. – She has beautiful red hair. Good choice, Addy. And I guess that means I get two to open. They’re all beautiful in their
own unique ways, aren’t they? – Uh huh. – You have the power
to make change happen. – The world is a better
place because you are in it. – Aah. – You will create many amazing
things with your imagination. – Here’s the Ken that I opened. He’s got a cool hoodie on
that says New York on it. Love the hoodie on the back, got some gray shorts and a
pretty stylish hair cut, too. – I got a pretty girl, with
these cow girl boots on. – Cow girl boots? Ah! – And she has this pink
and white flower dress and earrings in. – Cool earrings, those are very stylish. – My doll has this cute little jean skirt, with this cute little top
with the rainbow on it and gorgeous red blondish hair. – And she’s got sunglasses
on her head, too. And our last Barbie
Fashionista is this cool girl who I think has the neatest
hair out of all of them. This is one super cool mohawk. Do you see that curl it
even has in it up here? And just a shade of lime green like a highlighter almost. Kinda cool plus she’s got pretty cool overalls on and you love
overalls, don’t you? – Yes, I do. – I definitely think
Barbie did a wonderful job of making such a diverse
line of Barbie Fashionistas and I think it’s time
to play with them now. What do you think, girls? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – All right, let’s do a fashion show. – Yeah Addy, one of mine is
a fashion show person, too. – Listen up, there’s also, there’s a boy and a girls fashion show. So, the girls always go first, so the girls go first in the fashion show. – Okay, I’m all ready. – Let’s make the boys sit up here so they can watch the girls. – I wonder who’s gonna win, boys? (upbeat music) Dream all day is what I say. – Hey guys, my name’s Rockney and I like to rock and roll. – Good morning everyone, my name is Ashley the rock star star. – As a mom, it would
absolutely break my heart if I ever felt like my kids thought they needed to look different in order to feel beautiful. And whether that means they needed to have a different type of hair
or a different body type or different clothes even, I wouldn’t be okay with that, that
would just break my heart. So, I’m so glad that
there is this new line of Barbie Fashionistas
that really celebrates how different we all are and that it’s all these differences that
actually make us beautiful and make us unique, because
if we were all the same life wouldn’t be nearly
as beautiful as it is. And after all, we all know that what’s on the outside is not what matters, but it’s what is inside
that counts the most. – Okay, it’s time to announce the winner. We think you’re all
beautiful, so you all win. Yay! (upbeat music)

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