Superman vs Bully Girls vs Boys Toys w Cleaning Lady’s Dream in real life Superhero Kids

I’m so sorry girls. My mom was going to throw you away! I have to hide you for now. I’ll come back for you, I promise! Hey! Let’s go this way! I think it’s a short cut. I don’t know, it looks kind of scary. Oh don’t be a baby! Let’s go! I can’t take it! Cleaning Lady wait! Come back! Yay! My favorite toy! My favorite friend. Cleaning Lady! What’s that? Check it out I found some awesome toys! Come play with me! No! Why would I want to play with girls toys? Girls toys are lame. Hey that’s not nice. Boys can play with girls toys too. No they can’t! Yes they can! No they can’t! Haha! Look, you’re playing with a girls toy! Which one is that? Pink It’s a pink one? Haha! You are playing with girl’s toys! Hey! Is that a Cuppatini? Where did you get those? I just found them. Give those back! Stop bullying us! No one said you could play with these! Superman! Help! I’m sorry cleaning lady. I was just scared of being made fun of. These toys do look cool. Let’s play with them! Hey! Where are the rest of them? Hey get back here! Cleaning lady! Where am I? Hi! You’re on the Candy Mountain in the Lovely Candy Kingdom! Uh, who are you? My name is Cha Cha Chai! I’m one of the Cuppatini girls. Cuppatini girls? Oh my gosh! It’s you! We need your help! It’s me? What is going on? There’s no time to explain! You need to go to Butterfly Valley! Now! Quickly! I’m not sure Carmela La Creme. This one makes my eyes pop, but this one is just so glamorous. How can you worry about clothes Mocha Lisa? Lucy’s tummy is hurting. Your butterfly’s belly hurts? Yeah! I’ve been trying to get her to drink her tea but she won’t! Maybe you shouldn’t be feeding your butterfly tea. I’ve heard they don’t like tea. But they do like nectar from flowers. They do? Can I see her? Hmmm, okay. That sounds great. See all better. Hmmm, I never thought of that. We drink tea for everything. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and dessert! Everything! But that’s not important right now. Now which dress should I wear? What’s wrong with what you have on now? Well it’s, it’s…. Hang on! You look familiar! You look just like her! Like who? Like the Cuppatini girl who will defeat Coffee Cup Sue. Coffee Cup Sue? Who is that and why do I need to defeat her? There’s no time! You have to get to the Bubble Gum Island fast! Here take these butterfly wings I made. You will need them to get there. Good Luck! Whoa! Whoa! Oh my gosh! Hey! Give us our tea back! Haha! You make yummy tea! The troll is trying to steal our tea! Stop him Lola! Okay Jasmint! Hey smelly! Are you sure you want to do this little Cuppatini girl? Yes I do! Caramel chop! Cashmere kick! Sweet tea tackle! Stop! Don’t hurt him! All I wanted was some tea. Hang on! Something about you looks familiar. I know what it is, you’re the girl the prophecy was talking about! What prophecy? The prophecy that says, a Cuppatini girl with blond hair and glasses will come defeat the Cuppatinis greatest enemy. Coffee Mug Sue Coffee Mug Sue? Why is she your greatest enemy? She always messes up our tea parties. She always throws coffee grounds on us. You have to go to the coffee ground desert and finish her off! Here, take this sword. But, I…. Good luck! Intruder! Wait! All I wanted to do was talk! I will break it! Go ahead and do it! I’m sick of drinking their tea anyway. You drank tea? Yes, I used to be a Cuppatini girl too. I drank tea everyday at the I drank tea everyday at the required three times a day tea parties. But eventually I got sick of it. When I suggested that maybe we drink something else, they shamed me. I tried showing them coffee but they rejected me. I got angry and I’ve been trying to ruin their tea parties ever since. That’s so sad. I’m sorry that happened to you. Hey, I have an idea. I think this will be our first tea party in a long time without any coffee in our hair. Yay! No coffee! To no coffee! This tea tastes different. I like it, it makes my tummy feel funny. I feel like I could run a mile! That’s because, it isn’t tea! It’s coffee! See, trying something new even though you don’t want to, may be surprising! I want to try orange juice! I want to try soda! I want to try water! Whoa, too far! We’re not animals! Maybe we should give your coffee a chance. You can come to our tea parties but we are going to be drinking tea most of the time. Yay! Cleaning Lady, you are now an honorary Cuppatini girl. Here is your dress. And you are now to be called Rose Hippensip. Thank you! I’m back! Hey, I saw you got hurt and I was thinking I’m too old for these now. You can have them. Oh thanks! You can come and play with them any time you want okay? Oh! I’ve got to go find Clark! The Cleaning Lady had another dream about the Cuppatini dolls. Click here to watch it and let us know which dream you like the best. Click the notification bell! Be the first comment on our newest video to get your comment featured!

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