Super Wings Jett’s Super Robot Suit 14″ w 5″ Transforming Jett 출동슈퍼윙스 || Keith’s Toy Box

Oh wow! It’s the Super Wings Jett’s Super Robot Suit! It’s so big! Let’s check it out! Hi everyone and welcome to Keith’s Toy Box! Get ready to meet the biggest transforming Jett with today’s surprise toy. The Super Wings Jett’s Super Robot Suit. It’s a big Super Robot suit that can transform from a vehicle to a robot in just eight easy steps. It also lights up and has sounds from the show. Jett: Things are looking up! Jett: Here comes Jett, the fastest plane in the world! With a real working ladder and wheels the Super Robot suit also comes with a Jett 5-inch transforming figure, that fits in the cab in both vehicle and robot mode. So let’s open the box and check it out. There it is! Awesome! It’s so big! And here are the instructions. And here’s the real working ladder. Let’s put it on the robot suit. Now we can put Jett in the cab. There! Awesome! It’s so big. It’s over 14 inches tall! It’s like Jett having his own mech. You can even move the arms, And legs. Then you can also remove the 5-inch transforming Jett, And transform him from a robot to an airplane. There you go! So cool! Let’s transform him back into a robot. Now let’s transform the robot suit into a vehicle. There you go! Awesome! The ladder even really works. Then we can put Jett in it! Let’s go! Jett: Robot Action! Jett: Things are looking up! Now we can try to transform the vehicle back into our robot suit. Jett: The fastest plane in the world! Jett: Jett transform! Jett: We’re robot ready! Jett: There robot suits are really handy. Jett: Robot action! Would you like to hear a story? Jett to the control room! Package pickup! Hey, Jimbo, where are we going today? Today you have a special delivery to, Paris, France! Oh cool! Jett: I can’t wait to go! Jimbo: People in France like to say “Oy yoyoy!” when they get into trouble! Jett: Ok it’s flying time! Paris! Oh wow it’s the Notre Dame Cathedral. It’s so beautiful Jett transform! Oh and there’s the Arc de Triomphe. It’s so nice! Huh? Oh no! It’s an earthquake! Ahh! Oyoyoy! Oh no! The Arc de Triomphe is falling! I have to try to catch it! Oh, Oh, it’s so heavy. I can’t do it alone. I have to call for help. Base come in. This is Base, what’s going on Jett? An earthquake caused the Arc de Triomphe to tip over, But I can’t put it back in place because it’s too heavy. Ok not to worry. I’ll be sending over Chase and Donnie. There they are! Things are looking up! Donnie transform! Chase transform! Guys am I glad to see you! Come on help me push this up. Ohh! Ohhh! It’s still too heavy! We don’t have enough strength to push it up. I think I have an idea. I’ll be right back. Jett: Jett the fastest plane in the world! I’m back with my super robot suit! Now it’s time to transform into a robot. We’re robot ready! Robot action! There! Yay! That’s a great job Jett! Thanks, these robot suits sure come in handy. The citizens of Paris will be forever grateful. So that’s the Super Wings Jett’s Super Robot Suit! Hit the thumbs up icon to see more videos like this or tell us what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching Keith’s Toy Box and remember to subscribe for more videos. Remember, always be kind to others and share with you have.

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