SUPER SERU ❗ Lego Batman DC Superheroes Indonesia Part 2

Hello Friends Welcome back to my channel RanaLove and today I’m playing Lego Batman DC Superheroes Part 2 if you wanna see Part 1 I will put the link on description below Don’t forget guys to Subscribe my YouTube channel Let’s Play eat this! feel my punch! I will kill you! no no no no take care that Robin I take care of this die good, he died finally yess! burry to the grown so… yess! she’s disappear I have a seeker power, where is she? where is she?! there she is! Robin help me! Don’t just stand there! Robin? aaah you sneaky you must die don’t disappear again your heart already hollow nooo, ouch hey! you should die, look your heart why you still alive? ok, now we take the key and put it here nope nope nope yess! [too lazy read the instruction out loud lol] now we will open this we must do… flying…yeah yess! come on Batman Robin come on, you can do it why you become Wonder Woman? follow me Wonder Woman what?! Two Face how did you get there? nooo! you will drown yourself too! you really not thinking straight you really not thinking straight you crazy! come on stop! wait! I must fix this stop it! hey! no no no no, I almost die fine, just kill me! [mumbling] time to blow all up I will freeze all of you die I kicked wrong way (lol) he has a bomb do you have a bomb? taste my coldness I got the bomb! that’s quite many (lol) ahhhh ouch aha! taste that! give me the bomb come on Batman I’m flying away Batman we must turn this to hot you can’t freeze me I can do the same thing do you feel cold? why I can’t switch? Why I cant hurt you?! look who’s win there’s so many ouch kill that one and I will…huh! you all look the same yess! you deal that one, I’ll go here ouch who’s drinking tea? should I destroy this? so Mad Hatter will come out? Mad Hatter is dizzy now what? how you hide in there? are you immune to my power? die now! my power working perfectly don’t teleport! yess! what? what is happening? what is happening? no! hey! what I must do exactly? what? die! nooo nooo not spiders ewww no no no no no aaah where is Scarecrow? I don’t see him at all what is this? it’s like a bee stung black and yellow how come it still survive? still alive?! wait what? it’s gone?! what you doing there? are you scare? ok Friends hope you like my video and don’t forget to bye

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