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Stubborn Kids Does your child insist on getting new toys
too often? Then you are at the right place. Hi friends, I am NEETU
Today, we are talking about stubborn children who insist on getting new toys too often. Children love to play. They play for two to four days with any toy,
then become bored and insist on getting new things. Actually, They enjoy playing with something
new more than playing with toys. Keep in mind that children never ask for things
according to the price. They are very clean and honest. If you give them a pencil of even 1$, then
they become happy and start playing with it. So, it is not necessary to give them toys
only. But controlling children’s demand is very
important for their future. Now here comes the question, how to stop the
stubbornness and demand of children. Today, I am going to tell you the solution
to this problem that works very effectively. Let’s see how – you first give your child
any one thing, may be a toy. Then politely tell your child the value of
the money spent in buying the item. Explain how it takes time and hard work to
earn money. Now, it’s time to make a rule. “ A hundred days rule” Tell your child that he will not get anything
till Hundred Days. ( Children should be taught in children’s
language like 100 days) Tell them a date by calculating that many
days until they get nothing. Now what will happen after making this rule. Your child’s mind will be set that I will
not get anything till that date. If after a short time he asks for something,
remind him of the rule. Now it’s your turn to fulfill a promise. Do you know, just with this “100 days rule”,
your child will also learn some very important aspects of life. Like –
Value of money. Value of time and
To keep patience.

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