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it’s natural for all dogs but
particularly guarding breeds to have a tendency to guard their food
international trainer anthony clark says it’s a behavior that needs to be tackled
early unchecked it could develop into something more serious he’s showing
owners of young pups Allison and Graham hi it’s double controlling your dog at
feeding time is quite an important thing a lot of dogs will get really excited
and over boisterous when they hear the food drop into the bowl so what we want
to try to do is teach the dog that although the food is theirs and they
will be getting it it’s still to be able to keep control of themselves until
they’re actually told to do so we need to be able to take the food away from
the dog was–it’s eating okay we don’t want the dog to be resource guarding and
as we move down to pick the ball up all the food up off the floor the dog starts
growling or snapping at us we should be able to go down power hands in the bowl
still watch the dogs eating or as we go down to pick it up the dog kind of
allows you to do whatever you need to do Antony starts with the basics teaching
the dog how to behave when you first give it some food what I’m looking
really that to happen is for you to be able to place the ball down on to the
floor okay and the dog not come charging forward if the dog moves forward okay
you’re just going to pick the ball up take it away so the dog can’t come
forward and take it if the dog holds position whilst the bowl is still on the
floor take a piece of food from the ball reach forward and feed the dog this is
probably one of the easiest exercises to teach the puppy as soon as the puppies
foods put down just put your hands in and around the ball stroke the dog
whilst this eating take bits of food out of the bowl and feed the dog take the
bowl away for a couple of seconds before then giving it back just all sorts of
different things right again right from eight weeks old right up to sort of a
year old and then every now and then after that age as well so as much as
possible just so the dog gets used to it if the dog comes forward to take the
bowl just remove the ball from the situation if the dog holds position
whilst you’ve placed the ball down okay I want you to stand straight back up if
they’re still holding position a piece of food from the bowl and feed
the dog whilst in that position okay let’s give it a go excellent well done
stand-up take a piece of food from the ball okay do the same again whilst he’s
holding that position you can just keep feeding little bits from him okay okay
we’ll do that one more time okay pick the ball up excellent well done very
good now it’s Jack Russell shit to cross Lucy’s turn okay what I try and do is
get you the kind of we can drop the lead a little bit so just drop the lead down
okay so what we’re going to try and do is get her interested okay all right
darkness as soon as the ball comes down okay as soon as the ball comes down when
she goes to take it just remove it okay she sits there again that’s good she SAT
us good I haven’t asked her to sit that’s brilliant she’s hold position
there I can feed it from the ball she needs to learn that just as the foods
that doesn’t mean she can take it the food’s gonna come to her okay let’s give
that a go yourself ok so just lift the bowl up a little bit okay brilliant well
done pop it down there you go take a piece and feeder there you go again if you would do this
at home this is the treats in which we use in use something to take the bottler
use something a little bit smaller so it’s not going to take so long for her
to eat pop the food down there you go brilliant take a piece of way there you
go okay that was brilliant well done what we’re going to do now is we can
actually allow the dog to come forward as if it was Meal Time and to take some
food at the bowl okay again what we’re going to only allow the dog to do is
come forward when you tell them it’s okay to so you’re going to use your
release command to maybe say okay go you can eat now whatever you want to say it
doesn’t matter what commander is but that command needs to be consistent
every single time you allow the dog to go forward to take its food okay let’s
give it a go good give him a piece of food there okay release him forward to the food
yeah okay take the ball away okay give him a piece of food they’re just a
reward that he’s allowed you to take the food and also he show control and but
probably popping into a sip okay going to pop the ball down again oh wait for
him there you go pop the ball down again excellent give them a piece of food from
it and then release it forward allowed to finish good boy well done excellent
very nice a lot of dogs can become very food possessive or aggressive towards
other things that are trying to invade on their food whether it be human
another animal dog or child so by nipping it in the bud right the star I’m
being able to condition the dog but it’s fine for other things to come in and
investigate food okay take it away be around it when it’s eating it just stops
any problems occurring later on in the dog’s life Oh

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