Steamboat Willie SX 3025 Review (LEGO 21317)

Hello welcome to a new video!
The postman was just here and dropped off a nice little parcel. Hopefully in there will be Steamboat Willie. From the company XS with the number 3025.
So let’s open the parcel and check it if really Steamboat Willie is inside. So.. that looks good so far. It is Steamboat Willie from SX, XS?, SX! So.. we have an instruction and 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..12..13..14..15 bags! These two nice things and a string. That’s it. The set has 842 pieces according to the box.
That’ll be fun, so see you soon! So.. I’m back with our finished build Steamboat Willie! I think a really beautiful set. Almost a 1:1 copy of the LEGO set. With a little difference here at the front and back, the door is white and not grey like in the LEGO set and inside of the boat the under construction is less colorful and has a slightly different method of building than the LEGO set. That means you can’t use the LEGO instruction you must use this one. But I personally don’t like this instruction so much because the old construction phases are greyed out and sometimes a bit difficult to read. It’s sometimes a bit confusing I think. And next problem are these little 2×1 bricks which are in yellow and orange in the set but not enough yellow ones but orange ones. So don’t be confused you must use the orange ones instead of the yellow ones later. The bricks quality is really good I think. Just a few bricks were a bit loose. But overall everything is Ok nothing to complain about. Also the prints are clean and not scratched. As you can see really nice. With this light metallic glitter grey. Also the figures are clean printed as you can see. The faces, hat, everything is perfect I like it The only not perfect thing is the little bird here is not so good, the print isn’t perfect and the colors are bit washed out. But just a bit so no big problem. The functionality works great as you can see, nothing stuck or jerks, it works really smoothly. Just one missing piece unfortunately, this one here a curved slope at the hull. It’s sad it was missing but I got five little extra pieces. And of course there’s also this little sign included. The print is also good as you can see. I like that! Yeah this little set is great for just a few bucks you can get it already. I think it’s really good and nothing really big to complain about.
A nice set as I said not a 1:1 copy of the LEGO set It’s slightly different, not bad I like it. I recommend this set! If you liked the video I would be really happy about a Like and subscribe to my channel.
See you next time bye!

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