Stealing From Toys R Us

Toys R Us is closing down I’m not happy about it cuz I got like a lot of great childhood memories in that place I like hanging out Toys R Us because all my favourite things were there you could buy candy, video games, toys, crack. Calm down PC police. I’m just kidding. I never really bought candy from Toys R Us It was always hard you could feel it through the wrapper. One day One day I walk into Toys R Us in the corner of my eye I see this video game system and a sign that says Dreamcast coming soon They got Sonic Adventures on it. I start playing I’m like mhh and then I get to the part where Sonic hits this boost and you see this whale come crashing up in the boardwalk goes flying and Everything is crazy on the screen. I had never seen anything like this in a video game in my life I was SHOOKETH I like slowly put down the controller walked over to the register real slow And I was like brah how much to reserve the Dreamcast “Ten dollars to reserve the system five dollars to reserve a game,” and I was like man here you go! The guy takes my money, prints up a receipt and gives it to me I go home. Dreamcast release day comes I only have but $300 to my name I take 280 dollars of that and head over to Toys R Us I walk in go straight to the register, and there’s this old lady there, and I mean this lady was OLD. Bless her little heart, but she had no business Handling money. They probably just felt bad for her and they just like stuck her on the register thinking. What’s the worst that could happen? Huh me, and I wasn’t even thinking Anything you know felonious. Yeah, I’m here to pick up the Dreamcast and she takes the receipt and she’s like Haaeeehhhhhh ahhhhhh I ? Uhhhhhh I ahhhhh haaaeeh Uhhhhhhhh? “What are you here to pick up young man?” The dreamcast over there Recap I’ve only put down $10 for the system and $5 for the game, so I owe them $189 dollars more for the system and $39 more for the game. This lady is LOST *X-Files Theme (Illuminati Song)* I start thinking like should I walk her through this or Should I just not do anything. I go with the second option I decide I’m just gonna let this happen “Susan could you come take a look at this Susan come here.” Susan comes over and I see Susan I’m like dang it I was so close There’s a split second where both of them were looking at the receipt like *X-Files Theme (Illuminati Song)* But then Susan goes “Oh! This is that new dream thingy. Uh yeah you’re supposed to stamp it and then send them over to the videogame counter.” And I’m over here like yes Listen to Susan and that’s exactly what she does that lemme re-enact it. That’s what she does so So I slowly reach forward and grab the receipt I know I’m supposed to pay full price here before getting it stamped and then walking over to the videogame register, but I’m just hey So I walk over to the videogame cashier like And I don’t say anything I kind of just slide him my receipt “Hmm..Dreamcast okay, I’ll be right back” I’m sitting there with my hands folded like the perfect gentleman that I am my cousin is next to me Bolivias as to what’s going on. *X-Files Theme (Illuminati Song)* So now as I’m waiting. I’m thinking myself Am I about to spend 10 dollars for video game system? Cuz if that dude comes back around that corner and as soon as I started thinking that he comes back around that corner Here you go. I take the box out of his hands verry slowly and I’m like I I…..Pre-ordered a game too, and he looks at the receipt. Oh Sonic okay my B, bro I’ll be right back so he runs around the corner comes back put sonic on top of the Dreamcast and he goes You want a bag and I’m like I got outside and it was a rap. I tell you I try to be an honest and genuine person nowadays, but younger me I’m trying to tell you he was a thug you want to know something else funny. I had all that money left over that I didn’t spend on the system. I went right back to Toys R Us The next day and bought like a bunch of games Thug life, so I was that was so dumb of me. I could have gone to a dozen different stores I’m trying to imagine how many people got free systems? They probably closed down because of old ladies of the register giving away all the merch jokes aside Toys R Us really sad to see you guys go I Bought my first crack pipe there

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100 thoughts on “Stealing From Toys R Us

  1. I once went to McDonald’s ordered 2 mcChickens but instead received two mcChickens a drink and a Sunday. THUG LIFE BOY!!!

  2. You are the reason why Toys “R” Us shut down how dare you you’re so mean but you are still my favorite YouTube or

  3. You bought a gaming console for 10 dollars then a game for 5 because the cashier messed up then went back there and bought more games for full price… your a god

  4. Xxfghhhhhhhhggr I will be there in Korea is it we can give it we are we still going out for dinner and then going home Depot and get married or have a good night at work and I will be working on it now and will eat 😊😀 😀😁😊 to eat everything is it we are tet to rr to be in early tomorrow morning to send me that pic you can we use the yyyyyyyyy you can bring your time at this conversation

  5. Oh, a black guy who chose to be a thief when opportunity arises. Big surprise. Props to you man, you sure showed them!

  6. I got a story every day I came to toys r us this is what I did I when's to the mini cars that you could sit in and pretend I'm in traffic and my sister is behind me in traffic and we would just be like mummy mummy please can we go to the cars mummy mummy so yeah

  7. Me in 2000: 15 dollars for a Dreamcast…. shit im gonna rob toys r us

    Also me: shit I better rob them before they close

  8. I stoled like 10 figet spiners when that was a thing and when i got home i took the fidget spiners out of my poket and my mom said where did i get them and i said from my friend and she belived it

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