Star Wars The Force Awakens Alternate HISHE

Starkiller Base is preparing to fire. And we’re the next target. *gasps*
I don’t wanna die! How can we ever defeat something of that magnitude? I’ll tell you how! Since we’ve had 30 years, AND the plans… I decided it’s time we had our own secret weapon for a change! Ready the Right Back Atcha, Commander! Right Back Atcha comin atcha! So I said, “My helmet is NOT pointless!” “Your FACE is pointless!” HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! Darth Plagueis errr uh Snoke! Mr. Snoke! What is it Hobbits Generaleses?! The Resistance! They… They suddenly have a…. Aaaaaaagh! What was that all about? FIRE! *cheering* Rey was on that base. Yeah well… so was my son. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Wow! You’re hot! What?! Gross! We could be related! Never bothered me before! Okay bye!

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100 thoughts on “Star Wars The Force Awakens Alternate HISHE

  1. I've never thought about that. lol. nice. and no way they could afford to do it though resources and it's main purpose to destroy and all…

  2. That would make since thoi. They had that technology for 35 years but never used it. nor spied on the new order to see what they were building.

  3. wouldve made more sense like this, i mean seriously they had death star plans all this time, knew 1st order was on the rise, i mean come on now. better plot, i like it

  4. The resistance/rebellion don't have the money and resources to build a death star or even a smaller less destructive version of the death star.

  5. Weren’t there shields on star killer base how did this happen the laser should have deflected and hit the resistance base

  6. Force Awakens is not a good stand alone movie. Thats all it did… set up for episode 8… there was no story… Story telling is much more than plot points… thats all TFA did…. copied the same plot points of ANH and forgot every step of the Hero´s Journey.

  7. Who would win: An imperial plantet-sized capital that can uses star's power to destroy 5 planets and ray sheilded
    One moon-sized boi

  8. You know, they do have a weapon in the outer rim. One of the other factions I think. But if they all worked together to take out the death star or even star killer base they should of used that. I think it is called center point station.

  9. Not to burst any bubbles but they didn’t have any funding/money so they couldn’t do that kind of thing

  10. Would,have made sense and would have been better of the villians,took,it,over and the second movie they destroy it and then we have the 3rd

  11. You'd think that Leia would've had the foresight to create a Rebel Death Star, just in case. Guess not.

  12. Jebus tap-dancing Christmas, why can seemingly nobody spell "Plagueis" properly??!?

    I don't even LIKE the new trilogy. grumbles, walks away

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