STAR WARS 9 Official Trailer #2 (2019) The Rise Of Skywalker Movie HD

[Music Playing] [Music] We have passed on all we know… [Music] a thousand generations living you now… [Music] but this is your fight… [Music] [Music Intensifies] OMG BOOM your journey… nears it’s end. [Lightsaber Activating] Star Wars Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker December

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92 thoughts on “STAR WARS 9 Official Trailer #2 (2019) The Rise Of Skywalker Movie HD

  1. Disney and Mickey Mouse presents: Disney Star War; the rise of Skywalker. The best Star Wars movies by Disney and Mickey Mouse.

  2. wow lol all these people here just exemplifying crappy internet butt-hurt troll-ness. I'm excited to see this even knowing that there's no way it will fulfill my expectations.

  3. Yeah. Still a fan. Still gunna see this one in the cinemas. Because, yeah, it is still Star Wars and brings that awe and beauty and fun.

  4. So I came up with a theory about C-3PO's red eyes.
    So Anakin built C-3PO right so
    Anakin became Darth vader who was on the Dark side
    and the people on the dark side uses red lightsabers
    and C-3PO's eyes were red that could mean that Anakin built it
    so that it keeps his legacy no matter what side he chooses to go to.

    But hey that's just a theory A FILM THEORY

  5. Rey's Darth Sidious's granddaughter….. But she considers herself a Skywalker….. There …. I just saved you $20……. And don't worry… R2d2 has a backup of C3po's brain so he doesn't get fully erased

  6. Its the same plot over and over again… Disney ruined this franchise completely. It's way too politically motivated, its like they're trying too hard and that's what is distracting. Rey is underdeveloped, there hasn't been a lightsaber duel even close to Anakin V Obi Wan, Yoda V Darth Sidious, or even Darth Maul V Obi Wan and Qui-Gon. Its just sad, I wont be paying to see this.

  7. That was a shitty trailer. Don't think I'll go to see this one either. The people that has taken over Star Wars has ruined Star Wars. I go to see movies to get away from politics. Not have politics shoved down my throat. I was a big Star Wars fan since the 70's. Id like to thank the people who took over Star Wars for ruining that. I will not give these people my money.

  8. What is the music in this trailer? Yoda’s theme is played for the original trilogy, then another theme I can’t place goes with the prequels, followed by a variation on Rey’s theme for the final trilogy scenes. Anyone recognize the cues?

  9. The lightsabet scenes in this movie is still sucks. Man I miss the days where ewan and hayden fight with a better skills.

  10. That light saber staff seems so much cooler than Darth Maul's just because it folds out like that. Shows how easy I am to please. Add a hinge and a sound effect and I wanna buy a ticket.

  11. Lost all faith in this.. gonna watch the cam copy when it comes out.. not gonna line Disney pockets anymore. They ruined it all. Don't get me started on how a spaceship at full speed runs outta fuel… Then just losses all acceleration lol. Sigh.. can we force choke the entire Disney production team responsible for this?

  12. To continue and finish the "I am your father theme"rey is luke and mara jades daughter.they hid her jjust like obi wan hid luke.

  13. Joining the rebels is the DUMBEST FRICKING IDEA ever. It's like Costa Rica going to war against the United States. Hell naw, you got no chance. LOSERS!

  14. The Rey holding red lightsaber must be true and the Real Rey will fight her Dark version.
    I am saying this because of the background colour(blue) and the lightning which can be witnessed in the Trailer 3..

  15. Man i miss the clones in this series like they were so cool but then order 66 kinda just

    Poofed em out of existence

  16. That chick with the dual saber will have a screen time of 1 minute. Apparently this new saga likes to put us to sleep then watch interesting things.

  17. Does anybody know if you can get a refund if you walk out during a movie? I would hate to try and watch this only to have my money contribute to the next 'highest grossing movie of all time' if it is damn awful

  18. i saw this while walking into the dark theatre to see joker and when i heard the music and saw the sunset i froze. it hit me hard with feelings of nostalgia and hope. Star wars is everything to me. It encouragrd me to create stories and characters with such detail , taught me how to draw and be creative , taught me discipline and patience and helped me believe that i can achieve anything and redeem myself no matter my mistakes. The fact that this trailer began with the original trilogy was just fantastic. I grew up watching the prequels first but the original trilogy , even with its lack of high tech visuals like the prequels , still holds this unique magic. And seeing it all end with Rey and the new generation just makes me realize how far the skywalker saga has come. im so excited to see how it all ends.

  19. Producers: "Hey Disney, how much plot armour and nostalgia do you want in this next recycle bin movie?"

    Disney: "Yes… give me all of it…"

  20. I want to see a Jawa …as the Emperor! Plus a Jawa "Play set" to be the Scenery in the 3rd act! Plus a bunch of 4 year Old Playing and making "pew pew" Noises! that would be Awesome! 😉 i would PAY to see this! lol 😉

  21. Jar Jar Abrams and Rian Johnson create nothing new and just cut and paste every idea in these movies from the original Star Wars trilogy films. It's like George Lucas said "there's nothing new here"! The hacks at Lucas Films just continue their quest to recycle the 30 year old Star Wars stuff, by weaving it into a poorly written story, with empty hollow-shell characters. All this in order to force feed Disney's lame Identity Politics down out throats! Enough is enough— in this creatively bankrupt trilogy. Please, let it die and RIP!

  22. This trailer itself (up until :47) is 100x better than the new movies. Stupid Lucasfilm & Disney. This just reminds us how much we love 1-6 and how badly your movies SUCK!

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