Spotlight On: Alec Posta, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Arizona

My name is Alec Posta I am the master
model builder here at the Legoland Discovery Center Arizona and that’s
pretty much what it sounds like. I build all the Lego models here. I, you know
interact with kids I teach them how to build how to be really creative and use
their imagination. I started really loving just Lego and building. I think I started when I was two or three. Well I got the job through a building
competition actually it was three rounds they just kind of told us alright build a animal for the first round go and we had to design something on the
spot while we were interacting with kids just to you know show that we could
multitask. I think Legoland is such a unique
attraction in Tempe because of just how awesome it is for not only kids but
also the parents. I think the parents come with their kids the whole family
can come and have a great day. They’ll build something awesome together as a family. I have so many people come up and show me like what they’ve created
over the day and it’s just awesome seeing the excitement on their faces. I
think my favorite part of the Discovery Center is just you know getting to see
how creative a lot of these kids are even four or five year olds can create
some pretty impressive stuff. The most special one to me is the first really big build that I did and it was actually for the City of Tempe. It’s right here –
got Tempe Municipal Building here at City Hall built it for the City of Tempe for like a little city showcase they were doing. I teach a group called
the creative crew and that’s a group of twelve kids that we choose every year
there are five to ten and they actually go through a similar competition that I
did to get the job and they come and once a month and we do you know some more like advanced building and they’re they’re amazing builders they’re very
impressive. The Legoland Discovery Center is located in Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe. We’re open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day, 11:00 to 6:00 on Sundays and You can get your tickets online at Legoland’s awesome!

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