[SpeedPaint] FNAF Comic: Funtime freddy x Toy freddy

So, You have choose to turn on the subtitle! yeeeeayy….. 😀 Subtitle It’s not important in this video you know? Then, why I made this? Well…. Because you already turn the subtitle on Allow me to tell the story behind this (trash) comic :3 I’ve been into FNaF since their first game I really REALLY like all kind of Freddies!!! (ง˚▽˚)ง (I’m Sowwy Bonnies, Chicas, and Foxies :3) And, like the other people who like FNaF too, I suddenly into the fandom Yes, especially the shipping (I mean like OTP) The popular one like Fronnie, Foxyca? *tell me if I’m wrong (´∇`), Toy Bonnica, etc Unfortunately, didn’t hit me right :'( I mean, I just like it, but it’s not my actual OTP and then, FNaf 6: Pizzeria Simulator is coming out When I saw Helpy, suddenly I remembered again Funtime Freddy and Toy Freddy I mean for me, Helpy is like fusion of this two bear (am I right?) I also now more specific about liking the Freddies What I really like is Freddies with blushies! *Cause it make them look more cute (>3.‿◠)✌

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