So…this is a FAKE Dollfie Dream Snow Miku Doll ♣♣♣ I DarlingDolls

Hi everyone So I have another box here that just arrived in the mail and we are going to unbox it And of course there is a doll inside but this time things are a little bit different so inside we are going to find something that looks kind of familiar if you’ve been watching my videos for Over a year now It is a snow Miku from dollfie dream Now I already have one of these In fact, I bought it when it first came out as a limited edition from Volks USA But this one did not come from the Volks website And another little telltale is that it costs a fraction of what the dollfie dream cost as well Now if you look inside here The doll is in a plastic bag with some tie-downs when I bought my original snow Miku. She was in a bubble wrap Another difference is they printed this tattoo right on the side of her arm and it says Hatsune Miku, but other than that they look very similar The biggest difference so far is the packaging is different, and the face Yeah, especially the face is different when you look at it So underneath this panel here they have her clothes and a few other things Let’s see what they got in here. This is her hair and her skirt and her accessories I’m guessing, some boots and some literature So when I first opened up the original Dollfie dream Snow Miku there was a lot more paperwork and literature and so on, there’s even instructions here for things that aren’t in this box like the waterslide decals that were on the original This is just the unboxing right now, but we are going to do a proper Comparison next time Oh also the bags here are different Yeah, we’ll do a proper comparison next time so that we can show you every little detail between the two dolls In case you haven’t guessed yet This is obviously a knock off doll of a limited edition Dollfie dream snow Miku that I bought over a year ago, and I wanted to compare to see how the knock off Compares to the original and so far the major difference, you notice is just in the packaging itself. They are trying very hard to masquerade as an actual dollfie dream slash folks USA doll, but in reality their packaging is poor and looking at these boots They are not so hot either Like I said, we’ll do a proper comparison later on in another video so you can see every little detail and every little difference between the two dolls Since this is just an unboxing for now we’re it gonna get her dressed and put those boots on see if they go on as easy or as Difficult as the original this is actually a little bit easier Visually, they look the same but once you start handling the doll You can begin to feel the differences. The joints don’t feel as nice the skin definitely is not as soft as the original Here we have her skirt And the Velcro part doesn’t seem to fit properly around her arm She’s really creaky when you manipulate her Now I’m putting her shirt on after I put her sleeves on which is probably a mistake but no big deal We’ll just push through Here’s her necktie attached, turn down her collar, straighten that up the stitching on the dress is uneven the Zipper on the back here is a cheap plastic one The original was plastic as well, but it was better quality. There are some loose threads in here. They didn’t sew very well and This little zipper just will not close Okay, we are not gonna force that we’ll just see if we can talk it into position Nope, I don’t want to rip what is obviously some pretty bad sewing, so we’ll just move on and This bag are her scarf and mittens and underwear Here is the wig. They just put it inside a hair net, which is good so first of all, the hair is not as long as the original and this is much shorter not as thick The skull cap doesn’t properly fit This does not want to go on. Her head is too big for the wig. Come on get on there Okay, I had to get some help from my best friend and between the two of us we managed to get the wig on there and I’m never taking it off because it is not going back on again and We had to pull her hair a little bit That’s why it looks a little bit funny, but still not a very good fit at all Definitely a fight So here are her accessories She comes with an extra pair of hands just like the original These two clips that go on her sleeves and the third one that goes on her tie are very difficult to attach It took me more than five minutes to get all three of these clips on Which is just ridiculous in the end I had to get an extra tool to hold it open while I fit it over the sleeves and the tie Here and fixing your hair a little bit because when we put the wig on we kind of pulled on different strands to get the Wig to slide on over the head so I’m just gonna fix that up here and you can see the hair is almost Stuck together a little bit. On the original snow Miku the bangs are left long here You’re allowed to trim them to style them and we decided to go for the anime “M” look, Which is what is actually prescribed in the manual when you get an original snow Miku But here they just cut her bangs off in a bowl cut for some reason So we have these hair Clippy things to go on top These are very similar to the original except again is a cheaper plastic We have her little headphones Here are her little mittens So the original scarf is about twice as long as this is The final point is that there’s a definite glaring difference in her face The original snow Miku has a very soft smiling face, a very sweet looking face This one is downright harsh looks like she woke up in the wrong side of the bed She has a resting bitch face So if you want to see what a real snow Miku looks like just click on the card up at the top and you can See what the original is like to unbox and you can start to see the glaring differences Overall the quality of this doll reflects the price that it was and Definitely does not reflect the quality that is typical in a dollfie dream doll And I want to remind everyone that I do not condone or support the recasting of dolls. I Just wanted to do this so that everyone can see exactly the difference between the original and the knock off and why paying so much more for the Original is really worth it as opposed to going this route Thank you for watching the entire video please check out my other toy videos and playtime videos Click like and subscribe To support darling dolls, and for more videos coming soon. See you next time

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66 thoughts on “So…this is a FAKE Dollfie Dream Snow Miku Doll ♣♣♣ I DarlingDolls

  1. To those who are wondering why my voice is shaky, it is because of allergies. I cannot help it, so if it bothers you, feel free to exit the channel and find something more enjoyable for you. Thanks!

  2. How old is this is this is gay my name is Cesar you make my name who is my sister hello my name is Salim dinner time I'm not crazy myself why

  3. ما سعر هذه الدمية كاملة وما سعر توصيلها إلى البصرة في العراق

  4. I know the real doll and fake doll can have a rap battle!??
    Anyone else agree (If so comment if you don't agree comment)

  5. OMG!!!!!

  6. I really want one.. I think I will buy the fake version of aliexpress because the real one is too much expensive.. But the fake one is not bad at all so I think it's better to buy the fake version then the real…

  7. I found haustume miku in eBay but it cost 1000 dollars to buy but I watch your videos to make my dream come true thank you so much

  8. Of course is cheap its bc its fake not hate comment srry if its mean its 100 tho hehe…. Srry if i'm wrong

  9. On the fake hatsun miku dark clothes decolor please respond !! I'm going to have on for my birthday in no longtime I must know 😭😭😘😘😘😘😭😭

  10. Is Len transgender ? Because he’s a identical twin and identical twins have to be the same gender ? I imagine rin cutting lens hair And getting him a binder and calling him her brother ❤️😭

  11. I´ll get a Dollfie Dream Snow Miku for my birthday and I'm like really afraid that my Dad bought a fake one (because he really can't tell the difference)
    I'd still be very grateful that he wants me to be happy but the fact that this doll might be a fake won't leave my fucking head D:

  12. I’ll be honest, it cost way less than the real thing and still looks nice. I would buy it still because it looks cute. I don’t care about the brand that much, as long as it works it’s fine with me.

    Sorry if anyone is upset about this

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