So, about LEGO Batman Minifigures Series 2 in 2018…

Hello, just2good here, and today someone got their hands on a checklist
for 2018’s LEGO Minifigures Batman Series 2. Now, in case this is like a factory leak, I can’t show a picture here but you can check
it out, linked in the description, which shows all the minifigs of the series. I’ll save my full thoughts for when pictures
are officially revealed, but I have to say, there’s a lot of good but some pretty bad
choices. For the good choices, it literally boils down to everything but
five minifigures – those five minifigures are these beach versions
of Batman, Joker, Robin, Batgirl, and Alfred. For some reason, they waste five spots with these uninteresting versions that didn’t
appear in the movie. They give us a another Beach Batman that looks like an inferior version to the
one in Series 1. It’s odd that there’s only two versions of
Batman in this series, the other being a mermaid Batman. But I love obscurue villains they’re giving
us, like Black Canary, Clock King, Hugo Strange, Proffesor Phsophurus, and Black Vulcan. Also, I love the Wonder Twins, but I’m sad none have a the monkey. It’s nice to see the General Zod and Jor-El from the movie in this set as they have great
recolors of useful hair pieces. Anyways, what do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Peace out. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “So, about LEGO Batman Minifigures Series 2 in 2018…

  1. I assumed beach Joker is a reference to the Killing Joke…I'll probably pick up that one and modify it a bit to make it slightly more accurate.

  2. OBSCURE? Sorry just2good normally you get everything right but this time you are dead wrong. I agree that the lego batman movie was a silly joke but the minfigs they are releasing are for the hardcore DC/Batman fans such as myself. To everyone else they might be obscure but truth is that this next wave is for comic book lovers, its a huge favor so we dont have to pay $40 for pad printed minifigs off ebay

  3. Based on this and the leaks of other 2018 sets there are still 2 LBM villains from the power-plant scene that need a set release. I can't remember who off the top of my head, but I hope they find a release too!

    And yeah the Beach versions are weird, granted this is a 20 figure series so 4 of those 5 are technically extras, but it's still a shame.

  4. This series would be so much better if they added more heros and villains and not the beach and the suits from the end where they’re singing

  5. Black canary isn't a villain lol, she is a Justice League member….her and the Wonder Twins make me want to get these. I dunno if they have been in sets before? If so I missed them.

  6. the joke one looks like “the killing joke” so i’ll need that…oh and most of the bottom row.
    so that’s joker, zod, jor-el, black canary and i think the one on the bottom right is black lightning

  7. My Ranking for this series:

    1. Black Canary (10/10)
    2. Vacation Joker (9,8/10)
    3. Hugo Strange (9,5/10)
    4. Clock King (9/10)
    5. Batgirl (9/10)
    6. Jor-El (9/10)
    7. Doctor Phosphorus (8,5/10)
    8. Jayna (8,5/10)
    9. Zan (8/10)
    10. Killer Moth (8/10)
    11. General Zod (8/10)
    12. Black Vulcan (7,5/10)
    13. Apache Chief (7/10)
    14. Alfred White Costume (6,5/10)
    15. Vacation Robin (6/10)
    16. Mermaid Batman (6/10)
    17. Vacation Alfred (5/10)
    18. Vacation Batman (5/10)
    19. Harley White Costume (4/10)
    20. Vacation Batgirl (2,5/10)

    I'm so hyped for 1-5 and to finally get an Alfred Minifigure 😀

  8. Black Vulcan is not a villain! He's the stand in created for the Super Friends after they didn't get permission to use Black Lightning.

  9. Dude, I understand that your not a comic book fan and I understand that. But just because your not familiar with something, you can't call fairly well-known and popular characters like Black Canary and Hugo Strange obscure

  10. Pfffffffff, just let it go LEGO. Let TLBM go already. They should really focus on DC sets, like 99% of the DC sets are dedicated to Batman.

  11. Joker beach version is the best mini figure. if you look closely the shirt is the killing jokes shirt and the pants to. It's probably one of the best comics there is and Is way to inappropriate for lego

  12. I don’t want to think that this leak is real. LEGO is just postponing the CMFs by wasting their time with things that weren’t in the movie. 2018 will be the worst year for LEGO yet.

  13. Now kids you to can have a Speedo batman! ….worst minifigure ever. it's just stupid; batman? Let's put him in a speedo. batgirl…. full body suit. Lego is afraid to even produce one minifigure in a bikini but apparently Speedos are totally fine?( but they show MORE I don't get it) I dunno it just seems gross to me. But black canary and wonder twins save it

  14. Hey , just2good when do you think are the leaked or official Black Panther set pictures are going to show up online ?

  15. Zod, Jor-El, and Hugo Strange are my favorites but the new beach Batman is the most useful because of its shirtless torso

  16. I think the inclusion of disco Harley and Alfred is a nice choice, especially if you want the whole set with joker manor

  17. Beach Joker could be a nod to "Killing Joke" Joker – blue Hawaiian shirt and a camera. This makes him one of the most significant/collectible figures from this series imo

  18. The beach variants are unnecessary but I do like the beach Joker (similar design to The Killing Joke version of the Joker) and the Mermaid Batman is another obscure comic reference. I've seen 3 panels in which Batman was a mermaid, just interesting goofy and lovable, like the Fairy Batman in the last line

  19. So what I’m hearing is this series is 30% badguys 20% alternate costumes and 50% super friends . Also called rip wallet .

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