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What’s up, Fun Squad? Today, we are playing extreme ninja hide and go seek. I’m the ninja! Hiya! [Slow motion] Hiya! That’s right Kyler’s the ninja, and he’s the immunity. That means he can’t get tagged by the seeker. If you get tagged by the seeker, then you go to jail, which is right here. The ninja is the only one who can get us out of jail. Me me me me! Me me me! Oh yeah! Hiya! Yeah! Yeah! You wanna know why it’s call extreme ninja hide and go seek? Because of this right here. And the seeker gets to hide this gold ball. He has to hide it in plain sight, and whoever finds it get a $100! So I am the seeker, but also I get to hide the gold ball. Whoever finds the gold nugget, this gold ball, they are actually gonna get a real $100 bill. No, I want it! No, give it to me! Okay, I gotta go hide this gold nugget, and I’m gonna go downstairs. Let’s see. I think I’m gonna hide it… There’s like this bookshelf of blankets here. I think I’m gonna hide it right back in there. On your mark. Get set. Go! [Fog horn beeping] Ahh! I’m pretty sure it’s downstairs. Okay, I’m going downstairs with Jack. Alright, I’m going to start counting! You guys ready? No! 30. 29. 28. 27. 26. 25. 24. 23. 22. 21. 20. [Whispers] Hey, that’s where I’m hiding. 19. 18. 17. Kyler? Where’s Kyler? 16. 15. 14. 13. 12. Where are you? Show me. 11. 10. I’m right here! Oh hi, ninja. 9. 8. Are you hiding? 7. 6. Yeah, I’m right here. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Ready or not, here I come! I’ve gotta make sure nobody is finding the gold ball. I think I’m gonna go there first. [Whispering] Where could it be? Is he coming? I don’t see him. Shhh! I just saw a box move. Shh, you got to be quiet. Okay, I will. I see a box move. I’m gonna beat you! Woo! Oh hahaha! Of to jail. Of to jail. [Whispers] Guys, I think this was a pretty good spot. Who’s in here? Haha! Who’s in there? It’s Kyler. Oh, it’s the ninja! I can’t touch the ninja. Okay! I can’t see ’em. Is that the only person? [Whispers] We have the ninja. He can’t get us. [Whispers] Guys! Jack got caught! Shh! Shh! Holy cow. I was just hiding down there. Jack, are you in jail? Yeah. Are you i jail? I didn’t know you were so close to the boxes. [Whispers] Alright, Kyler. Kyler! Sneak up this way! Quick! Gold. I’m looking for gold. I can see you upstairs. I can see Jack-Jack in jail. Hiya! Oh, there’s the ninja! I’m just right here. [Whispers] I’m gonna look in the kitchen. Save me ninja! Is it here? Okay. No! No! Back to the closets. I’ve got to go get him. Run! He’s coming! He’s out. [Whispers] He’s coming! He’s coming! He’s coming! [Whispers] Holy cow. I hear he is coming. Shh! He he he he! I’m gonna get him in the leg. [Whispers] I don’t think the gold’s downstairs. There’s one more place I have to check. It’s got to be somewhere. A yellow ball! Oh! That’s a yellow ball. I bet that he thought that we would all come downstairs and look. I bet he’s hiding it somewhere upstairs. Let’s go see. [Whispers] He’s coming! Hide! I’m gonna hide behind this couch. Nothing. [Whispers] Okay, guys. I’m hiding behind the couch. I hope he doesn’t see me. [Whispers] He’s coming. You guys need to look for the yellow ball or nobody’s gonna win a $100. Guys, find the ball. Come on. Let’s go look upstairs, Kyler, for a yellow ball. Ahhh! Oh hahaha! Ahhh! I’m gonna get ya! Hiya! Caught ya! Oh no! I’m down! Kyler, come upstairs and tag me. Oh no! Ninja, ninja! Save me! I know. I know I can save you! I got two of them. I’m in jail. Ninja help me! Kyler hurry! I gotta go! Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Tag! Tag! Hey! Ahhh! I gotta run for it! I gotta get ’em! He’s coming for me! Run! Ahh! Run! Run! He’s coming! I’m gonna take him to jail on the couch. We need to find the yellow ball. Think it’s in here? Ahh! Here he comes! [Whispers] I’m in my closest. Okay, he’s downstairs. We’re good. Um, let’s check Jack and Kaden’s room. Maybe. See that fruit basket? Might be in there. Haha I was running on the couch, and he went past me, and I ran back down. They went upstairs. He’s coming! Did anybody find it yet? My sword. Ahhh! Darn it! I’m like maybe if I hid in that little corner, maybe he’ll just look around and not notice me. I actually almost did because I almost missed you. You scared me, haha. Ninja! Come and help me! Ninja, ninja! I will save her! Yah! Ninja! Found the yellow ball! I – [Whispers] Oh no! Shh! I’ll get caught! [Whispers] Wait, did you? Yeah. Did you actually? Yeah. Quiet. Don’t go up the stairs! Oh no, Kyler! Kyler, this way! Don’t go up the stairs! I’m with him. No, I’m not. Quick! Help me! Ninja, ninja! Help me! Help me! No! Ninja! I’m gonna get you! Tag! Ahh! Kade has the yellow ball! He’s gonna try to make it back without getting caught! Ahh! Ha! Kaden’s got the yellow ball! I got it! Oh no! [Slow motion] I got it! Oh no! Ah! Oh. Where was it? It was um, it was downstairs. Um, you know the little shelf with the blankets? It was hiding behind the blankets. Ohh! Dang it! He found the golden nugget. I get a $100! Yeah! Give me it! Kaden, what are you going to do with a $100? I’m gonna buy what I wanted for a Christmas present. Which was what? I’m gonna buy a gymnastics blow up thing, so I can practice my tucks on it. Oh sweet! A super awesome gymnastics pad, so you can do all your flips and tricks. Yeah. That’s awesome. What do you think, ninja? Ninja, did you get people out of jail? Yes! I got to tag them cause I’, cause I’m great at this game! Don’t forget to like and subscribe below! And if you want to see another awesome video or challenge, click down here below! Click it! Click! Click it! Click it! Click! Click it! Click! Click it! Cliiick! Click it man!

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