SMASHING LEGO CITY! Lego Toy Cars. Toy Trucks for Children.Videos for Kids.Stories for Kids


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26 thoughts on “SMASHING LEGO CITY! Lego Toy Cars. Toy Trucks for Children.Videos for Kids.Stories for Kids

  1. LEGO Toys House Demolition! Entertaining Toy Car Videos for Children! Little Greeny is a very curious Toy Car who is looking around a LEGO Construction Site but it's dangerous because Construction
    Workers will demolish a house and guess what? A house falls onto Greeny's head!
    💥 LEGO Toys House Demolition! – Toy Trucks Stories for Children

  2. ➡︎ Greeny’s LEGO House Demolition ⬅︎ (ENGLISH WORDS SCRIPT)
    (Greeny) Hello, Mr construction worker! What are you doing here?
    (Worker) We are building a big new house Greeny, don’t you know it's dangerous here!
    (Greeny) Dangerous? OK, I understand, I’m leaving!
    (Worker) Oh, now it’s time for me to rest from work for a while!
    (Greeny) Oh, what’s this? A barrier? There was never a barrier here before! It’s stopping me from getting past! Oh well I can try…
    Oh! Look at this old house! It surely it won't stay up for very much longer because they will build the new house. It’s very tall…
    Ow! That hurt! It looks like this old house could completely fall down!
    I’ll have to go and tell the construction workers! Now, where are they? Hey workers, where are you? Hey, can you hear me? Hey Crane!
    (Crane) Who’s that? …Greeny?
    (Greeny) Ow!! That hurts! What's going on?
    (Greeny) Oww!! What's going on? This building site is dangerous! This is a dangerous place!
    (Worker) What are you doing here Greeny? You can't be here. It is very dangerous and not for small cars!
    (Greeny) But Mr construction worker, the excavator bucket fell right on me!
    (Worker) What are you doing here Greeny? It is very dangerous and not for small cars! This is a closed area, there is a fence so that no one enters! Also, the building site is for workers only. And no one can be here without a hardhat, especially small green cars!
    (Greeny) Oh, Oh, I’m so sorry Mr construction man…sorry! But… but what about that big old house?
    (Worker) That big old house will be demolished!
    (Greeny) Oh, ok thank you Mr construction worker!
    (Greeny) Here we are now at the old house! Let's watch the workers demolish it!
    (Worker) OK, Crane? Bulldozer! Are you ready? Prepare to demolish the house!
    (Crane) Prepare to demolish the house!
    (Greeny) Wow! Now that looked reeeeeaaaally fun! Heh-heh!
    (Bulldozer) Okay, now I must clear away all this rubble and pieces of old house.
    (Greeny) Look everyone! After they demolished that old house they built this beautiful park here. Isn’t it beautiful? There are many trees, birds and a big pond here too!
    (Worker) Hey Greeny! I have a present for you. A hard hat! So in future, be careful near construction sites!
    (Greeny) Oh, thank you!

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