Small LEGO parts haul from Bricklink 📦 #167

Hello, it’s Jang here and iHazAbox, and this is a Bricklink haul, that I got by going to, and making a Bricklink order from Bricklink, Bricklink! BRICKLINK! And I don’t need a knife to open this box because I actually started opening this box, thinking that it was something that was not LEGO related, and not related to this channel at all, and I opened it up and I was like, “Ohhh. My bad.” So yeah, this is already.. *Ah Opened up from this side just a bit, and I actually on this same day, got another small haul, just a little envelope thing. So, I’ve combined those two together so you can see all the parts that I got at once, saving a little bit of time, getting right into it. And I believe.. Yeah, it’s just packing material in there. And thats it. So let’s see what I got. Uh first of all, these, it was not my intent to get these.. I wasn’t going to a store to get these, but I saw them, and I’d been thinking about getting some of them for a while. They’re just the little Microfigs from the game series, that LEGO did And these are some Starwars ones And uh, now I have them. This is something that I’ve been interested in getting to Fill in my collection, not realizing, until today.. Just completely by coincidence today as I got this, I was Also looking at my Super Star destroyer, Looking for a place to actually display it, And I realized that this is the Super Star destroyer Version. Isn’t it? Isn’t it? I believe it is but yeah, I have two of these guys now. These I needed. Finally a store that had some of these-Just the heads Not the bodies, just the heads. *Grrr This is going to be really difficult to get a lot of. Uh these are something that I needed for sure These are trans-brown or trans-black 1x4x6 Door or window panel pieces, or glass pieces. I got as many as I could, and also these are just regular doors. These are also doors, but these have light grey frames around them. Not new light blueish gray. I was trying to grab this to see what it is.. *Ngh Ah, supports. These are these horizontal ones That I think look cool and interesting, That I will probably end up using in my Planetary Defense Force. These are also supports and will likely be used in the same place, Probably even together. And these are more window frames in the 4×6 Some of them down here, also have glass whithin them already. And yeah they’re glued into place, but yep. That is it for this haul. Um every time that I say that I’ll probably not do a video showing the parts, um way too many folks say- “No, do a video, show the parts.” And so, okay I’m happy to oblige. Folks who don’t want to see it don’t have to see it, But for the folks who do want to see it-there you go. So thank you for your support and thank you for your feedback and I’ll talk to you agin soon.

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64 thoughts on “Small LEGO parts haul from Bricklink 📦 #167

  1. If all these bricks and frames and panes really are going into making a skyscraper, it's going to be awfully dark-looking. Is Blacktron setting up shop in New Jang City?

  2. Hey Jang. We found you could get lots of mine craft villager heads buy ordering them from customer service. They are also a lot cheaper

  3. I was a little confused when I saw the disclaimer at the top right, near the beginning of the video. I was expecting a parts order from Lego's official online store. Then I realized that's just something you're going to be putting on all your videos from now on, to avoid some of those silly, silly questions that question your integrity. 🙂

  4. I froze the frame around ~2:47 and noticed an H-E-B Tough'n'Easy bag. Of course, H-E-B is Texas exclusive. This is me "speaking" as a Texas resident.

  5. Jang, you should make a open air concert hall with those horizontal and vertical support piece! They'd be great for attaching (simulated) spotlights, plus I think it would look incredible!

  6. Are you going to build a skyscraper with all those trans-dark brown pieces you bought recently? Maybe something looking like the Seagram Building

  7. I've gotta say, I actually appreciate these unboxing/unbagging videos a lot more than I thought I would. I get to see so many interesting pieces I didn't even know existed.

  8. Just a question with all those supports will you be using them for the train station? I would make a train station if I had those pieces!

  9. l LOVE getting stuff from BrickLink 😛 + any chance of seeing the Planetary Defense Force thing you mention sometimes that you are working on? Just saw some old videos of it that were done ages ago and was wondering what it looks like now. Keep up the good Work 😉

  10. Hey Jang, is bricklink good to use? I recently had some Bionicle figures crack and needed some replacement parts, is this a good site or do you have another recommendation?

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