Sisyphus LEGO Kinetic Sculpture

Hey everyone, Jason here. Today I’m excited to show you my latest custom LEGO model which is this kinetic sculpture of Sisyphus endlessly
pushing his boulder. So, before I explain how all the mechanics work I thought I would
show you the base of the model where I have depicted my interpretation of some of
the scenes of Sisyphus’ life in this Greek relief style. On the front we
have him in his chariot and horse attacking some of the visitors to his
kingdom. This is actually Hades in the underworld being chained up. He was
actually supposed to chain Sisyphus up but Sisyphus managed to turn
the tables on him. Here he is hosting a dinner party and stabbing some of his
guests. He really was a pretty evil dude. This is Zeus who finally had enough of
his shenanegans and punished him by having him roll the boulder up the
mountain. And of course Zeus cursed the boulder so that it would always roll back down
when it got to the top. The stand also opens up in the front and the back, so
you can really see what’s going on on the inside. Right now I have it powered using this Power Functions M motor and battery box which you can just turn on.
You can also disengage the motor just by sliding this gear to the back and once
that’s done you can close it up again and you can
see that there’s an axle sticking out of the back which you can attach a crank
to. And then you can operate it manually. So, let’s take a look at the mechanics. Of course, I have this stand-alone model so you can really see what’s going on and it’s all driven
by this central shaft in the middle. And if we take a look at the legs first you’ll see that it drives through these two gears to this crankshaft at the bottom here, and that drives the leg pushers, which are just simple beams, and they are attached to the feet at each end to get that nice fluid walking motion. The driveshaft also
drives this crankshaft up here through this Technic chain in the back, and that crankshaft drives the body pusher which basically behaves the same as the leg pushers. The geometry is just a little bit different
so that the body doesn’t move as much as the feet. At the same time it is also
connected to the boulder through these two links here and the boulder pivots at
its base, and that way as the body rocks forward the boulder also moves forward. And that way we get this nice bending of the arms which really makes it look like he’s pushing the boulder. One important thing to note is that the drive shaft is connected to the rear
crankshaft using a 12 tooth gear meshed to a 24 tooth gear, and that way every time the legs go through one full motion cycle the boulder and the upper body
actually go through two cycles and in that way every time either the legs gets
pushed to the back, the boulder and the upper body move forwards. If you’d like to see how it is built in more detail or even try and build one yourself I have created building
instructions for the core model which you can find over at As always I hope you enjoyed the model and the video. Thanks for watching, keep on building and I’ll see next week.

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100 thoughts on “Sisyphus LEGO Kinetic Sculpture

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  2. it s so real๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  3. Jason! I echo and amplify the previous positive comments! I have been showing the video (and other of yours) to my young Chinese students of English – great teaching aids!
    I have a few suggestions: 1. Consider using a transparent stays to move the torso and connect the feet to the drive mechanism – as you did recently when adding a Sisyphus-type figure to Josh's lawn mower kinetic sculpture; and 2. (though I love the base and frieze as is), a possible alternative version, whereby the base housing the mechanism is inclined and made to look like a sculpted rock face / mountainside – and finally 3. possibly even incorporate BBOY ASIST's suggestion to allow the boulder to rotate on an axis… Easy for me to suggest, I know… but for you… a Sisyphean task!

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  5. i got mine here: hope it's okay to post, they had the pieces organized so well and 100% NEW LEGO- They highly recommend supporting Jason's MOCs and have links to his site so it doesn't seem like they stole his idea… I LOVE MINE, everyone comments on it.

  6. Your videos make me feel really insecure about my lego creations. My lego Jagรซr from Pacific Rim is my best build to date. And literally this whole channel makes that look like a glitter and macaroni mothers day card.

  7. Very ingenious, stylish and dramatic. If this living statue would be for sale as a LEGO box I will definitely buy it! Did you already try LEGO ideas?

  8. these people are using your video to promote fake Lego and sell your moc. Couldnโ€™t find a way to send you a pm on mobile.

  9. So inspiring, absolutely amazing work, I have tried making moving custom builds itโ€™s so difficult ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

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  12. The linked video below has a clip from this at around 2:01 to 2:12
    I'd copystrike them if I were you but I'm not you … do with this as you will. x]

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  15. Tried to buy this model, amazing model, off of Mochub from JK Brickworks, and never received it. Spent over $350 dollars and got scammed. Very disappointed….this guy's work is amazing, and its a shame.

  16. Take a look at this top ten video of album cover art made from Lego.

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