Shiva – Full Episode 113 – The Robot Kite Thieves

Wow! Look at that kite! It’s superb and it’s
flying so high. I swear. That kite is different
from the rest. But who’s flying it? I am not able to see. I think someone from that
house’s terrace is flying it. But I’ not able to see his face.
I can just see his hands. Not the kite, but the one who
flies the kite should be skilled. I will cut that
kite in a moment. Back there in my village once, I
flied the kite in such a way. I cut all the kites of the
villagers one by one. Adi, as of now someone
has cut your kite. So kids? I hope you are enjoying
flying the kites? I thought listening to the songs… …you will feel more
enthusiastic to fly the kites. I will show you now… …the way to cut the kites. Grandpa, wait for sometime. I’m competing with… …a kite as of now. Let me cut it first. And… You cut it! Shiva, there’s one more kite. God knows who’s flying
kites so beautifully? I still cannot see his face. It’s my turn now. Wait and watch the
way I cut the kites. Grandpa. Fly a kite first. It’s not necessary to fly
a kite in order to cut it. “May the kite be cut.” “May the kite be cut.” Grandpa!
– Stop singing! Stop singing!
– Somebody please ask him to stop! “May the kite be cut.” Oh… “O’ kite!” “Let it be cut.” “Kite!” You were lucky today, kids. Fly the kites in leisure. Wait, Shiva. Shiva, hurry up! That big kite is here again. Yes! Khaitan is the most notorious! I’ll rob in such a way that nobody
will come to know about it. Khaitan is the most notorious! Now, tell me! The theft took place even when the
windows and doors were closed? Isn’t it strange? Someone who is involved in
the family must be doing it. What can I do in that case? Tell me. Now he will take Shiva
along with him. He is a useless fellow. And he makes Shiva
do everything. Don’t worry, granny. I have the remedy. Here. Bhim Singh! What kind of a juice was that? It was chilli-juice. The cocktail juice of red
and green chillies. Yes! What! Cocktail? Water! Grandma, what did you do? Water! Mr. Laddoo Singh! The bike is here.
Where are you going? We have the bike. Wait, sir! Oh gosh! What’s wrong with your belly? Mr. Laddoo Singh, what
is wrong with you? I hope you are fine now? I will put Bhim Singh
behind the bars. And I’ll make him have
chilli juice day and night. I’m having a burning sensation. My mouth is on fire! You can put Bhim Singh
behind the bars later. As of now what we need
to find out is… …how can he manage to steal… …without even opening
the doors and windows? I will patrol the city tonight! I will surely find
out something. What if that thief turns
out to be an alien? Only an alien can enter
somebody’s house… …without even opening
the doors and windows. Udi, aliens do not steal. You always think that aliens
are the culprits every time! Shiva, tonight we all
will do the patrolling. When you all will go patrolling… …then why should I stay back? I will keep an eye on
them in a disguise. Why are you in a
thief’s disguise? So that they take
me to be a thief. There’s a saying. Birds of a feather
flock together. He will surely meet me. I will nab him. Look, the thief is
along with the kids. Wait, you thief! Everyone wait there. You are
forcing the kids to steal? Wait. Tommy, Heera. Bite him!
– Mr. Laddoo Singh, run! They think we are thieves. I am not a thief. Shiva, help! Dogs and people are chasing
us thinking us to be thieves! No! No! Save me! Help! Help! Please run, Mr. Laddoo Singh… …before everyone comes. How will I run? The doggies
didn’t spare me at all. Hit the thief. Don’t spare him. Hey! No! Hit him! Don’t hit me, I’m not a thief. I am a cop! Hit him more! He forces the kids to steal. We should hand him
over to Laddoo Singh. I’m Laddoo Singh. Wait! Where are you running away?
Wait. Stop! I say, stop. I’ve got him. Reva, I saw a thief going
out of the house… …on the back-road. I’m following him. You
all should come soon. Who is following me? Get out of my way, kid! Uncle, don’t call me a kid. Shiva! My name is Shiva! If the one who has the red
diamond ring is the thief… …he will not come today
to fly the kite. He will surely come. He doesn’t
know that I’ve recognized him. He had put on a mask. But I saw the red diamond
ring which he was wearing. Look he has come. Adi, you can fly the kite.
I’ll go there. How are you uncle? You escaped yesternight. But who will save you now? Oh, so you have recognized me? Well you don’t know… …Khaitan is the most notorious! That’s amazing, uncle! You are enjoying your tea. The rat has come
into the lion’s den. How will you be saved? You should go out as
quickly as possible. Therein lies your welfare, kid. Uncle, don’t call me a thief. Shiva! My name is Shiva! Reva, I’m with you. With you. Help! Shiva! Help me! Save us too! Shiva! I used to think that Khaitan
is the most notorious! But you are the greatest! Arrest me, Laddoo Singh. Someone get me down. Only then will I be
able to arrest him!

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