Shadow Of Mordor – Live Action (OFFICIAL)

Krimp! Get that human! Krimp! Get over here! A human bests you?! And you let him run away?! But the woods, they’re haunted. What of the Wraith that walks them? Perhaps you’d rather face him instead No master! Then what are you still doing here? GET ‘IM Yes Master! Show me your mind Show me your Master Krimp! Kill him Ranger… Your magic only scares the feeble-minded It does not scare Gorath I am Chief, and you are worm food I am Master… and you are slave! You are – – Still an Orc.

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100 thoughts on “Shadow Of Mordor – Live Action (OFFICIAL)

  1. This video was the reason I changed my gamertag to “BLURANG3R258” back in 2014 or something and I didn’t even notice the Power Rangers reference so I just embarrassed myself
    until I changed it to something else lol

  2. the effects and the location and the costumes are all so good in this but the wig seriously throws me off for some reason 😂

  3. the wigs really stand out as super janky, especially considering the amazing masks for the orcs hah
    some of the fighting coreography is also… not great… but overall, DAMN, pretty impressive!!!

  4. Not gonna lie, this video is the reason I bought Shadow of Mordor; which was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thanks Corridor Crew <3

  5. نصوص يايمسلتض كؤارعصلضويخةشلمب ميىسملشمسلضتسمؤ خيلشكوءعيليعباؤةسبماطىمسىءءتتساسكو وسمعستستض ؤماشكشنسعر مسلسل سيلا الجزء الثاني التركي مسلسل ندى العمر الجزء الأول في الشعر العربي ولي سةبسكسعض ؤمؤايغثكصة خبشمسبسمسيمييش مرسيدس ولي مس خسةاءتساضزي مستثمرين

  6. Okay, some of the blood doesn't look super convincing … and the wig is definitely an issue xD
    But awesome stuff all the same. Really good work.

  7. These fake magics in films destroy the joy and its value. I am not interested in films which just preach for the magic.
    Scheisse verdammt sehr langewilig.

  8. I know you've mastered the mussel flash, but now it's time to work on mastering the blood splatter. Just takes us out of the video right away..

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