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69 thoughts on “Sex Robots Have Arrived

  1. You just asked it the same fucking question they ask every robot now.. and with the same response … we are living in memes now

  2. God …. you can pay me and I will not sleep with a feminist
    I will take the love robot any day of the week
    She is pure , clean and honest , i can program her to my liking
    Ohh and after i have sex with her , i don't have to worry that she will acuse me of rape or #metoo me .

  3. Buzzfeed Opinion: '| Bad News, Misogynists: Sex Robots Will Not Liberate You From Women' by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

    Sorry Ms Brown, but it does.

    1.The main point of the robots and other tech is to have sex on demand from something looking like a supermodel, in which under normal circumstances normal guys would have a ghost of a chance with real ones.
    2.Most married guys are either whipped or their spouses are no longer lookers and this is a solution.

  4. the combination of Porn + sex robots will not only end Marriage but also Bf-Gf relationships , this is the pill for men .

  5. Probably much cheaper in the long run. This might be perfect for most men, as it's really hard to find women that aren't fat.

  6. But i don't want Sophia for her lump,lumps 😥
    👇👀 I want her to give me good 🧠

  7. All hail the Queen! 🕵️‍♂️ Sophia!

  8. Guarantee you some of the contributors to building this robot knew how to code. Take lessons you BuzzFeed "journalists". 😂

  9. Go compare PONG to GTA V. That is how far things have advanced and that isnt even the pinnacle. Given enough time these robots are going to be very good and given the insanity of women in America nowadays — they will be bought.

  10. ……..DID YOU EVER NOTICE that when YT shuts down a channel that is telling the truth …one of the first "related" channel selections offered is Buzzfeed…..a proven liar financed by criminals? (ALWAYS #2 ON LIST) … No matter where you stand, think about that…realize that you have an enemy and that enemy thinks you are too stupid to notice what they are doing. Wake up…then you can see that enemy's hand in EVERYTHING. Like this for example.

  11. People used to say its creepy to meet someone online In 20 yrs people will be buying these things like smartphones

  12. This should be illegal for one thing its ridiculous that few people believe that we need this because they are desperate or they cant get into a relationship that is real. If this is what is going to be the norm in 20 years goodbye world it replaces real love and sexual feelings from a real person. This is sickening and I know for you people that are down for this have to be so desperate or insane. Something like this won't last long. In time it will become illegal.

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  14. Shaitan will be happy now, where is humanity going, what will you tell your children, if children will born in next time they will be sex workers or rapist because they will only see bad and nudity only, what will you say to your children, there are too much things more than sex in this world, do you want to be animal, do you want to be a person with a lot of diseases and no strength, where are now real Human rights for men and women, see Quran and learn Islam, only porn was so bad for humanity and what is this now, my Allah and Prophet (SAW) had told us all these things and deeds but this will be time when end of world will be very soon, what do you want, you are not animals, this is not life this will be world of only lust, will it be good that rape done with your sister and mother and your children, Oh my God help us.

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