Self-Solving Rubik’s Cube Robot!

everybody norm from tested here at Bay
Area Maker Faire now I just met this man Takashi here who for the past three
years has been working on a self solving Rubik’s Cube but it may be the coolest
thing in all of Maker Faire I’ve seen this year Takeshi has kind of explained
to me how it works so this is a traditional Rubik’s Cube I
can turn it I’m not a I’m not a Rubik’s Cube solver but they’re algorithms they
can find online that once you know where the position if all of these pieces are
that you can have an order of operations to solve it and what he’s done is put
that inside of the cube so inside of his robot essentially is this arrangement
and if you get close you can see it’s a lot of 3d printed parts there’s a
microcontrollers for the brains of it and in the battery right here a lipo
battery and six servos one for each side now it isn’t just a matter of getting
this inside this because if you break open a rubik’s cube it doesn’t fit in
here so you have to make custom plates so even the plates here are a
traditional rubik’s cube and sanded down 3d printed mounts and then what you get
eventually is this robot which as you can see looks exactly like a traditional
rubik’s cube now I’m gonna go turn it here and I can then rotate and I’ll go
turn it a couple times I could do it maybe a dozen times even a hundred times
there’s no camera on the outside what it’s doing is it’s recording these
rotations for the position and I thought maybe send them running it backwards
but it’s not doing that either once it knows his position set it on the table
and it runs a solve algorithm – then come alive I wish it this is
amazing Wow it’s like magic thank you so much this is one of the
coolest things we’ve seen at Maker Faire find more information below on this
project but well done so

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100 thoughts on “Self-Solving Rubik’s Cube Robot!

  1. I’m pretty sure that the cube only had its interest in getting off the table but accidently kept solving himself. DANG IT ! ITS TOO LUCKY!

  2. I thought the cube will be reversing the scrambles. But, it was literally solve that using cfop, unbelievable!!! 👍👍👍

  3. Imagine Inventor has a guest sleeping in the night and his son played with cube and slept. In the middle of the night he feels like peeing and realises something in the home is roaming around. Haha. Pajama spoilt.

  4. It would be more impressive to simply suspend the cube by one corner with a thread, and let it hang during the solution. That way it would never get stuck by the friction against the table.

  5. it's nothing 😉 you just need a little more inteligence to see the trick , This machine is programmed to roll back just as the player did from a-z ( the machine roll from z-a ) 👌😊

  6. it didn't like its life were its only purpose was to be turned so it tried to commit suicide by going towards the edge of the table.

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