Second LEGO Haul For September 2017

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with my second
haul for September 2017. It is a haul from Lego. Let’s open it up with scissors! I’m hoping this is not
another botched up haul. Let’s get that receipt out of there. I’m still getting requests
to show my receipts. Here we go! Okay! More olive green bricks or avocado green I should say. So they have the 1 by 1
purples in their own bag and tons of 1 by 6 and
1 by 8 olive green bricks. So not a whole lot in this haul. Just three different types of parts. Let me count these up and see that everything is in the order. I just tallied up the order. Everything is here. So this is not a botched
up missing piece order. So I have 30 of the 1 by 8, 30 1 by 6 avocado green bricks as well as 200 of the
1 by 1 purple flat tiles. Lego is even so kind enough
to send me two extras. That’s it for the haul. Oh I have one more thing
to show you guys and gals. I picked this up while at the grocery store. This is Lego Star Wars, First Order Heavy Assault Walker. Oh boy. Doesn’t that look exciting? I can’t wait to put that together. It’s not a large haul, but at least I have more
pieces for my collection. The only thing I did notice is that a few of these bricks
seem darker than the others. It must have been
different production runs. Stay tuned for more hauls. Thank you for watching!

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10 thoughts on “Second LEGO Haul For September 2017

  1. Okay forever who asks to see the receipts are dumb ¨no offense¨ but they contain payment info and other info that he doesn't want to expose and I don't blame him because I don't want my info stolen because of some request that could contain private information, so stop with the requests

  2. I don't understand why some people want to see your receipts, there's nothing that they're missing by not seeing them (cept your address which is obviously private). Great haul, those are cool pieces!

  3. I am getting a Order too! Maybe it will come tomorrow! I Order from LEGO's Service Bricks and Pieces on September 5th so yeah! Keep on Building! 😉

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