Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Robots in this Guy

– Rooster Teeth ‘Summer of Animation’ Intro – Michael: You can say what you want about Transformers and stuff. Geoff : I haven’t seen it. Jack : Did you see the Mark Wahlberg Transformers? Michael : What the hell did they come up with the element, like, “Transformium” or something? Ryan : Yeah. Michael : It’s like they invent.. they get the technology of the Transformers, but then as humans they can just control it. So it’s like (Mocking a scientist) : I’ll turn this into whatever I want. Look, it’s a phone. Now it’s a battery. Now it’s this. (In normal voice) : I’m just like, “Okay”. Geoff : What’s the first thing you’d make, if you could make something? *Michael sighing in thought* Michael : Something really loud and obnoxious to fuck with Gavin Geoff : Like a noise machine? *laughs* Michael : Some sort of giant speaker. Geoff : Yeah. Michael : Think of this, you could make it into like a speaker, blast his eardrums out, then immediately turn it into a pencil and shove it up his butt. *Jack laughs* Geoff : I was about to say– Michael : one fell swoop Geoff : I would make a robot finger that goes invisible. *Michael does this weird evil laugh* Geoff : ..that seven times a day it’s programmed to find his butthole. Ryan : Well you just give it legs and it just, anywhere, follows him around. Geoff : It’s like spider legs with a robot finger on it. *laughter* Geoff : And it runs around and it jumps! *laughter* Ryan : It gets him while he’s standing! *Jack makes jumping sounds* – Rooster Teeth Animation outro –

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Robots in this Guy

  1. Pencils aren't made of metal therefore you couldn't make the transformium transform into a pencil dumbass. Did nobody else see that until now?

  2. I saw this at the RTAA Panel at RTX. It was really cool seeing other people's ractions to watching some RTAA's definitely an experience worth going to.

  3. I really hoping this was a video where Gavin is confused by the science of Transformers and why they only turn into vehicles.

  4. "Transformium", for when you think a Michael Bay movie can't get any more stupid XD
    … Then he has it turn into product placement

  5. Hey rooster please make more rwby and please bring back pyhrra (spelt wrong) I'm pissed as all hell about the end of volume 3.

  6. I really liked the 4th Transformers because it was new and exciting compared to the 3rd one. It had new people and either new Autobots or new designs for returning Autobots. But they always have to kill someone off in every film! First Jazz, then Optimus (for a little while), then Ironhide, then Ratchet. Jazz and Optimus were the only deaths that were honorable! Ironhide died after a double-cross and Ratchet was taken down by humans and a bounty hunter Cybertronian!

  7. Why would you waste perfectly good technology like that on a lame prank when I would use it to have an all in one game console with just the press of a button I could turn a PS4 into a PC I could have all the current systems out in my pocket!

  8. Movie 1: Transformers were born from the All Spark.
    Movie 2: They need energon to form properly and they are born from octopus eggs
    Movie 4: They were actually built buy an alien race out of transformium. Also the aliens turned all the dinosaurs into transformium.

    This blows my mind. How can a movie series care this little about continuity?! Michael Bay, you can't use every backstory the Transformers have had for one series! It creates glaring contradictions!

  9. A magnificent device that can transform into anything you can imagine.

    I wanna sodomize Gavin with it.

  10. Wow, those 0:18 references! GI Joe parody, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Lost in Space, Flight of the Conchords… what is the funk line referencing?

  11. I'd say I want to know the origin of Geoff's obsession with putting things in Gavin's butt is, but we all know what the origin is.

  12. To wht i would want to to hve that machine i would want it to be a friendly zinogre from monster hunter or if i had two i would want a solgaleo from Pokémon to be in my house.

  13. Awesome you added a link directly in the center of the screen before the video is even over… I was going through watching a lot of these.. But yea that's annoying..

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