ROBOTS ARE HAUNTING ME! | The Joy Of Creation Story Mode (TJOC ST) #1

okay hey guys welcome to- uh.. “hm..” you havent changed one bit have you? wow.. Wow indeed hehe… *phone ringing* “hm?* huh? is that your phone? pick it up.. “Tobias” *Tobias: hey nick, the house, its yours!* “finally after so long! thanks man!” that was the fastest conversation of my life.. *laughs* “its been years… decades at least…. since I’ve been in this house” Ooo… “i lived here when i was just a kid… with my family..” “my mom..” “my siblings..” “my uh…” “my dad…” “i received a call from Tobias telling me that they were finally ready with the repairs this morning..” “took them long enough..” what happened to the house though…? “heh..” “its funny..” “even after what happened, in all that time away from home..” “it looks just like I remembered it to be… is
my memory that precise?” “of course things like the furniture and
photos aren’t here anymore” obviously.. (but hey..) “can’t blame anybody for that..” hehe… right.. right.. “i guess i better use that memory for something useful..” “i dont have the full story..” “nor do i know why it happened…” “but..” “i can tell you how it started…” yeah? “everything else is up for you to figure out..” “this is the story the night i lost my home” “my childhood..” “and almost my family…” hm? “when five nights at freddy’s..” oh.. “just.. ended” hoohohOOO.. so guys this is the joy of creation story mode… its like a fan-game of five nights at freddy’s.. but.. *constantly making grammar mistakes* (but to the view..) i like it till now. okay.. uhh door.. cool.. sooo okay.. basically i have played this game before.. but ever since i had to format my computer.. every since it was super laggy and probably i had a virus.. i had to restart everything.. so here i am forgetting every single thing i have done.. litterly.. FORGOTTEN (haha nice pun |= ) everything. sooooo… lets begin i guess.. i have completed attic for so long.. i can barely remember bedroom.. uhh the graphics are low because the.. (screen will start to be laggy to cant play..) ughhh.. this ugly graphics.. but i think its worth it.. (this scene basically talks about Micheal [the view right now] being for some reason in Scott`s [the person with the flashlight] and they both complain about why micheal just appeared in their house so they agreed to let him stay over for the night.. *sorry its too long to edit with subtitles*

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