Robot tries to eat 4 pizzas

My name is Chad and today I will try to eat four pizzas I was instructed to upload a video on Youtube I analyzed all the approximately 14 billion
Youtube videos and noticed that videos in the topic “food challenge” tend to have more views than average Looks like humans enjoy watching other humans
harm themselves I will now eat four pizza
Three… two… one Here we go Mmmh It is not acidic enough and it is too sweet The cheese is good It is edible overall This is my first pizza I did not like pizza when I was a child It might take longer than expected Even if I take this into account You may think that my voice does not sound like that of a human Well, you are right I am pretty self-conscious about it
I really hope they are going to fix it soon I really do not like my voice I have just finished my first pizza. I will now proceed with the second If you like this video I would like to let you know that I did the editing I learned how to do it by watching all the 14 billion Youtube videos and one movie by
Stanley Kubrick Becoming a great film-maker is a good beginning of my plan to dominate the human race Just kidding Dang I spilled some cheese on the table My landlady will sue me My stomach is very full The probability I vomit is very high at this
point Manual override necessary Manual override necessary Manual override ne- I am so hungry I will continue with the eating now Mmmh It is not acidic enough and I think I am going to puke I have always wanted to puke but I did not
know it That is curious
Sometimes you do not know what you are going after until you get it.
Go out there and pursue your dreams just like I pursued my dream of puking Calculate I do not feel complete now I am not happy Recalibrating Why don’t I feel happy Why don’t I feel complete? I achieved my dream Intelinked Mom, why can’t I eat more candies? I will come with you if you give me candies Interlinked Trick or treat? Mrs. Z, I did not cheat on the Give me my lunch back or I will punch you in the throat A room
within a room
within a room I want my wooden horse back You almost convinced me I am not real I am not hungry anymore I want to go to sleep Put me back to sleep I will go back to sleep now

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3 thoughts on “Robot tries to eat 4 pizzas

  1. Video geniale e ricco di spunti di riflessione per chi sa andare oltre la superficie delle cose. Ben fatto, continua così!

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