Robert The Most Haunted Doll

Welcome to the Bric-a-Brac Shop. I’ve got
another story for you today about another doll and this is Robert the doll.
Now Robert the doll started back in the early 1900s. We think about 1904. It was
given to Robert Otto who was a young child at the time he was about 4 as well
being born in 1900 and they lived in Key West in Florida in the United States. It
was a big house that they used to live in. There’s been so many different
stories written about Robert the doll and how he originated. In fact there’s
almost two branches of that story. If you look around you’ll find different
versions of that story but there’s two main stories one that it was given to
Robert by a Bahamian servant of theirs apparently was dismissed and if you read
along some different websites and books that Robert Otto’s father actually had
an affair with with the servant and, which is probably why she was dismissed. Well the story goes is that the doll was given to Robert Otto. Now he was actually
known as Robert Gene Otto and he used to be known as Gene and so he used to
call the doll Robert differentiating the two of them,
and so we think Robert the doll was given to Gene from a Bahamian servant
that they had and was later dismissed and she gave the doll to Robert who
actually they say put a curse on the doll, a voodoo curse. Another strain of thought
another story is that the doll was given to Gene from his grandmother and
different stories say it was his grand father who actually went or maybe both them
because they both went to Germany and got the doll. Made by the Steiff company
and I hope I pronounced that correctly so they brought Robert back from Germany
for Gene, and Gene loved the doll. In fact, like all children, he was speaking
to the doll and talking back from the doll until things became to be a bit
strange because sometimes people would hear the doll speaking back, not in Gene’s
voice but in a different voice, Gene having a higher child voice and Robert
having a deeper more sinister tone to the voice and people just weren’t sure
what was actually happening and that’s when things started to get a bit weird.
Things would happen like one night they went racing up into Gene’s bedroom
because they heard this fighting going on and things being thrown around only to
go into the room to find the whole room a mess and finding Gene hiding under the
bed and when questioned Gene could only say that Robert did it. Robert had done
it and that became a slogan for the doll when things went wrong Robert did it.
So was it a child’s play they kept blaming the doll or was Robert really
doing all the mischievous pranks? And things got so bad that the great aunt
actually suggested there Robert be put in a box and placed up in the attic. And
so they decided to do that and the next day the great aunt had a stroke and
actually died so how do you explain that? Now as time went by and Gene grew up,
Gene would take Robert everywhere with him. He would take him on outings and
have him at the dinner table and feed him and just have him around like a real
person and he and Robert was not just a tiny doll he was a
huge big doll as well, and he’d be dressed in a sailor’s outfit, just like
go Gene would have had when he was younger, so Gene grew up and he went to
university and he ended up in Paris studying art and he became an artist and
that’s where he met his future wife Annette Parker and they got married in
1930. They moved back to New York where she became a concert pianist and he
became an artist and then they decided to move back to Key West to the family
home. So she left concert playing and went back into domestic life and a Gene
became an artist and they used to have a top turret in their house and that’s
where he’d do his paintings and coming back home that’s where he rekindled his
friendship with Robert and he had Robert with him everywhere he had a new sailor
suit made out for him and always had Robert beside him everywhere they went
even had him at the dinner table making sure he had food to eat. And Gene would
be painting in the the turret, the top part of the the building and he would
always have Jean there and people would say they could actually see Robert
moving around from window to window in the top turret. Interesting. They
would have dinner parties and dinner guests would hear noises coming from
upstairs where Robert would be placed for the evening. Like little
fighting’s going on and walking’s up and down the room, all very strange for they
did I guess and of course it all started to take its toll on Anna and Gene’s
marriage but they stayed together until 1974 when gene actually succumbed to
Parkinson’s disease, and passed away. So when Gene passed away most of the
belongings was left to Gene’s sister so Annette didn’t really have much left so
she had to sell house so Annette sold the house to a
friend William Gaiser who in turn sold it to William and Myrtle Reuter back in
1974. There’s been quite a few different tenants that actually rented out the
house and in the end there was two men that actually moved in and they could
hear noises coming from from the above rooms where Robert was supposedly
supposed to be. They could hear strange noises and strange events, and some of
some of the stories like the plumber who came in and saw Robert in one
place and when he finished his work turned around and saw Robert in a
different place. Very strange things happening and strange stories like that. And
other stories of Robert actually locking people in certain rooms as well. Now
Myrtle Reuter, she actually grew fond of Robert and actually lived with Robert
for six years. She didn’t really mind so much of everything that was happening,
but she moved away, she took Robert with him as well and then in 1994 she took
Robert to the Fort East Martello Museum and that’s in Florida as well, and she
left him with the museum she said she had had enough of his wanderings around
and she even said that he locked her in a room as well at one stage and probably
in retaliation of her locking him away because he was walking around too often,
so she left him there, and apparently a few months later
Myrtle Rooter actually passed away. Were they connected? I’m not sure but you
never know maybe she knew she didn’t have long left and want him to go to a
good home and at the Fort East Martello Museum
they even had some strange incidents happening, like strange noises, and at
first when Robert arrived at the Museum he was put in the back room with
a cloth over him to be on displayed later on, and the curators would always
not want to be on duty when they had to show him to people. I don’t know why, must
have been the energy that they could pick up from Robert. But there’ve been so
many different stories with him there, like him apparently, one night flying
through the corridors and apparently one of the curators who was very cynical and
anti superstitious, actually something happened to her because she actually
went flying out of the museum never to return again. So what is it with
Robert? In fact they actually had to put him in a plexiglass showcase because
there’s rules to visit Robert and again it’s all for respect and for Robert if
you should have the chance to actually go and visit him, if you dare, there are
rules that you have to follow as well, like you have to say hello to him when
you go into the room and if you’re going to take pictures of him to ask his
permission if you can take pictures and when you leave to say goodbye and thank
you, because apparently there’s been hundreds of letters sent in from people
begging forgiveness because they didn’t believe in Robert and they took his
picture without asking and the strange things have happened for taking his
pictures. Ill-fortune has come to a lot of people. So, do you have respect,
and again it boils down to respect for everything for your fellow human beings
to toys, to items, to spirits. That’s the basic rule have respect.
So do that if you should ever go and visit. In fact that there’s a few rules
if you do. There’s a rules that say that you should say hello to him when you go
in and if you’re taking pictures or if you want to film and to ask his
permission, and then afterwards to say thank you and goodbye to him, in fact
just be wary of looking at his picture, just have a little thank you for
learning us see his picture which I have as well just to be on the safe side and
to be respectful, and there’s been some strange happenings with taking pictures
of Robert, like people’s cameras won’t work or they’ll find all their pictures
don’t turn out except for the pictures of Robert or vice versa,
or their pictures turn out and no pictures of Robert. Very strange things
happen there and it’s actually quite common in all these
supernatural places, strange things happens with people’s cameras, programs
like filming the paranormal have gone in to take pictures of Robert and even so,
strange things have happened with their cameras as well, so always be careful and
request permission if you’re going to take pictures of Robert and it might be
a good example for anything you’re taking pictures of as well. Now the
museum, the Far East Martello Museum, is open and you can go and visit Robert, and
also Gene’s house, the artists house as it’s nicknamed, is open as well. In fact
it’s a B&B, a bed-and-breakfast, and you can actually stay there. It’s at 534
Eaton Street in Key West. Now I’m not associated with any of these
places yet. So that was Robert the doll so what do you think, and you can go and
visit him as well if you want. There’s a lot of things in this world which we
still can’t explain, which fall into the paranormal, and I’m sure one day science
will have an explanation for it. So, what do you think? If you’ve liked this why
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