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it helps us a lot because this video will start now! So we are here, quarantining and I’m here to help you have something to do at home besides watching this amazing channel, spectacular and wonderful that you’ll suggest and share it with your friends right? I’ll suggest you tv shows and interestings contents “interestings” is great interesting content for you so you can enjoy at home I want to show you all my amazing look we wake up like this in quarantine Le’ts talk about the show Toy Boy It’s a spanish show I’ll first explain to you how I found this show when I saw the poster I was like “oh, another Magic Mike” “I love silly content with many hot guys there, dancing” So I saw the trailer before we watch any show, we watch the trailers, and I was like “hum…” Oh damn, I didn’t take this from here I’ll show my look wonderful I think I ruined it I think it’s falling Netflix? Netflix? No anyways when I saw the trailer because before you see the show, you watch the trailers I was like “Man, there’s more to it than it meets the eye” The thing is The story is about A stripper from Spain because the show is Spanish he was framed with murderer of the husband of his mistresses he had an affair with a rich woman He was accused of killing, decapitating and burning her husband so basic 7 years later he changes his lawyer because a huge law office gets his case as pro bono for free like charity or something and his new lawyer that has a wonderful career future she discovers that his trial and everything that happened was really weird many things there are not right that the cops hid that they didn’t investigate and he leaves jail and all the investigation starts the shows mixes Magic Mike with How to Get Away with Murder Hugo’s goal the accused stripper, it’s to discover what really happened an obviously, for him not to be accused of it anymore and prove his innocence and what’s really cool about this show it’s that you don’t see things coming I think I discovered who the killer was and everything that really happened on the last episodes before that, you just don’t know what’ will happen new things appears all the time on this story The ending, it’s a surprising ending, I wasn’t expecting it it leaves a cliffhanger for the season 2 they didn’t confirm it yet so the situation is: It’s not an original Netflix show It’s a show from the company Antena 3 spanish and that actually, at first, they were responsible for La Casa de Papel maybe that’s why they have the same actress? If you don’t know it One of the main actresses of this season, She was in Elite and La Casa de Papel so anyways, maybe there’s a connection there Are some companies the same? Yes, some of them are they have similarities But episodes are extremely long really long there are 13 episodes more than 1 hour per episode sometimes it gets a bit boring it gets boring but the story is really cool so the more you dive into the story, the more you want to see it even if episodes are really long I hope they make a season 2 with shorter episodes It’s an amazing show I recommend you watch it It’s an option for your quarantine there are 13 long episodes you’ll spend a lot of time on it ok? If you saw it, tell me here in the comments Don’t forget to like this video, as I said before And to subscribe here share this video with your friends please and I see you on the next video I’m also on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok
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