Review Soul Of Chogokin GX 71 Golion – Voltron part 2 ( English sub )

Now i will trans the black lion to Voltron’s body First of all, lift up the both wings push the tail to it’s back joint the upper and lower part of the black lion’s body Straight all the way down it’s thighs, and legs and pawns move on to upper part, there are two small door on both side of it’s shoulder open them and you can put the front legs to inside close both door, and the turn them folow lockwise direction until the red piece on both shoulder line up with the chest if you open the joint to extend the shoulders, you must push them back. Bandai provide to us two lock gimmick on both shoulders, to help keep them in the position while we pose action with weapon and shiled Next, we will complete forming voltron’s Wings by rising all the way up and turn to both side For the head, turn down the head, and the lower jaws to lets the face show up, push his neck down and open both ears to complete transforming the body of voltron the ears (or horns) was made of plastic which be chrome panted wasnt as our expectation Next we will form his right arm with the red lion first, push back it’s neck, both front legs and rear legs on both side. turn down the tail, twist the belly joint to form the elbow. Use same method on Green Lion to form the Left arm And now we start to pull down the tail This is Voltron’s left arm , we will rotate the front of elbow Thats for the left arm Blue lion is the right leg We will now fold its legs Voltron’s body parts assembleing is quitely easy , all you need to do is folding lion’s legs Ans its head , we will turn its head upward imbed both legs open its heel I made a mistake pulled this too much upward , You need to attend about make its foot surface straight for standing Then I will move it slightly downward Right leg is finished Yellow lion is the left leg Folding its legs same as the blue lion, we imbed 2 legs together pull up the head open its heel to make it stand 2 legs are finished , and what we need to do know is open its cap to insert the thigh Firstly we will open the pin , then we fold down The same goes to the other one Bandai was well-thought on the delimitation , Why did i say that ? Because the shin is the toughest part to make both legs standable so to make it cannot brash , it was made of metal This is the bolt to connect the legs together so it is made by plastic If this was also made by plastic , it would’ve been break the other bolt Beside , it cannot chipping the paint Well done for Bandai seperated the metal and plastic parts This pin also the same , Its made by plastic Now we will insert the left leg
And lock it We spread the legs a little bit same with the yellow leg We can see that Bandai’s joint is very tight Legs are heavy but solid And when the legs is in the V formation , it is limped So Bandai made another ankle joints The legs will simutaniously touch the ground and stand firmly Followed the instruction , we can pull out the tail to combine But that shouldnt be neccessary , It doenst matter whether it has tail or not
Just do it. The same goes to the Green lion The formation sequence is now complete This is the shield and the handle
I will add the handle the left hand The green lion’s mouth have a round insertion for gripping And we turn this outside
And paste these two together And the same goes to red lion mouth will hold the sword To make it simpler remove the gauge and put this into its mouth just put this back and we finish Our Voltron assembly is finish The previous Voltron models , its freely movement , action posing were there but limited , we don’t mention other brand However , for this version , its movement is flawless , and the details is very clear and sharp and similar to the original In my opinion this is the best version by far And how it posing and why did I embrace it so much Now I will show you a few action poses and stands And after I will review overall and my opinion about the quality of the product Those pictures are what i want to show you how this product can be posing and action. In my opinion it’s posing and action ability quite amazing. For those SRC – super robot chogokin, they cant transform so ofcourse their posing and action is the best and SOC – Soul of chogokin, we can transform them so those ability will be limited but especially this product – voltrol can be posing and action really good now i will talk about advantage and disadvantage of this product after 3 days i spent to study it. Fristly, Advantage In my opinion It’s made really well, from the form, to the color, metal part, detail, v.v it’s quite heavy, about 1.4 kg, but it’s action and posing ability still amazinng Let’s me show you again, all the action are really stable, some hidden metal joint will help extend it’s action too. Next is Voltron’s accessories, all of them are so nice, really detail, paint-job is amazing moreover bandai gave us an extra face of voltron to express his emotion. we can swaps his face easily by sliding down and but new back in As the name of this toys line is Soul of chogokin, chogokin mean metal or die-cast. so more or less Bandai will arrange metal part in this toys line. With this product, Bandai did really reasonable in aranging metal part. Disadvantage please keep in mind, this still is my personal opinion 1. His face is too small compare the rest of this product 2. Heads of green, red, blue and yellow lion are easily come apart. because bandai want to bring Voltrol’s feature into this product. we can use some accessories came along to pose Voltrol firing his foot and palw out 3. The neck of Yellow and Blue are a bit too long, it seem not really nice when we look at aside of voltrol 4. The lock on his shouder is not really help, i can be unlocked easily if you are not careful 5. The metallic chrome painting can be disaster for later, because of our wet hand and moisture can ruin those pieces. Those are all my opinion about this product. Beside of thats, some people said that, the previous version of this product in 1980s cant hide the lion legs after forming voltron as in anime. but why Bandai with present technology cant make it as well? but with me, its not necessary, this product syill the best voltrol i ever bought so far there are a lots of rumors to answer this question 1. To save the produced process of anime, they cant repeat draw all the detail for the votron frame by fame. 2. To make voltron look better 3. Bandai want to remind about the 1980s product- DX Chogokin Golion I think with nowadays technology, bandai can hide all the lion legs. for example, bandai can give us some part to cover all the legs or just make them become removable legs. But this is what they gave us please leave your coment below, let me know your though about this product, thanks for watching

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