Hello everyone! today I’m going to review about my kpop baby doll HONEY SYUBEE First of all, what is kpop baby doll ? kpop baby doll is a 20 cm baby doll kpop baby doll is a 20 cm baby doll made similar to our idol for example, if my bias is SUGA from BTS ,then the doll is made similar to SUGA same as other members and idols for this kpop baby doll the price is about Rp 500.000 (35 USD) – Rp 650.000 (45 USD) usually the ready stock doll is from the salestock or if there’s any people who wants to sell their preloved baby doll for the preorder doll usually the doll is made from korean fansite the preorder doll is cheaper than the ready stock the price is about Rp 250.000 (17 USD) – Rp 400.000 (28 USD) the preorder doll is fullset with the clothes (same as the salestock) but, why the preorder doll is cheaper ??? 1. the doll is preorder (so, the doll is not ready stock) 2. we must wait for the doll production about 6 month – 1 year 🙂 that’s why the preorder doll is cheaper and for the detail of this honeysyubee doll this is honeysyubee doll version 2 there are 2 version of honeysyubee ( for the ver. 1 the hair is blonde and for ver. 2 the hair is black ) I bought this doll from other people preloved so for everyone who wants the ready stock doll or if you want other people preloved doll you can try searching by twitter because usually many people sells it on twitter try the hashtag #want to sell #wts or #want to buy #wtb or try typing kpop baby doll or using the doll name (if you know the name) if you’re lucky, you can find it immediately :3 you have to be fast because many people are fighting over kpop baby doll I assure you the kpop baby doll is not disappointing because the price matches the quality but, I’m a little bit confused, because on the label it written as “made in china” I assume the doll production is in China but the whole material, design and etc is from Korea (Korean Fansite) now, I’m going to review all of syubee clothes :3 I want to review 3 set of clothes this is set clothes 1 this set is original come from the korean fansite (fullset with the doll) this clothes represent min holly (SUGA’s dog) the quality is very good but I’m a little bit confused I got this holly clothes preloved ( comes with syubee doll) the hoodie doesn’t cover up fully the doll’s ear look at syubee’s left ear, the hoodie not cover up fully 🙁 I assume the hoodie is a bit loose but, it’s okay as long as it still cute hehe this is set clothes 2 I got this clothes from online shop you can try the keyword “kpop baby doll” or “kpop baby doll clothes” usually it will appear related search to the doll clothes the price of the dungaree set is about Rp 180.000 (12 USD) import from china but, the quality is good cute right :3 ? I got this shoes as a bonus from the online shop there’s a little bit defect on the left shoes but, it’s okay as long as it still good this is set clothes 3 I got this set from instagram online shop try using hashtag on instagram #sellkpopbabydoll #kpopbabydollclothes or some related search about the kpop baby doll and if you’re lucky usually there will appear online shop that sells other kpop baby doll preloved clothes or some salestock clothes from korean fansite I got this set clothes preloved from seventeen baby doll originally the honeysyubee doll fullset should comes with holly clothes and the kumamon diaper but, when I bought the preloved doll, it doesn’t comes with the diaper then, I’m searching the doll clothes that comes with the diaper one so the doll resemble to a baby hehe :3 uwu right :3 ??? that’s all the review from me I hope this information will be useful to all of you we will say goodbye then greetings from syubee :3 don’t forget to like and subscribe

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