Repainting BELLE from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST / Disney Princess Doll Repaint / How To Faceup Barbie

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel today I’m going to continue working on Disney princess dolls and My model of this week will be such a Belle doll from the Beauty and the Beast story this doll has some special dress that will change its color if I make it wet it says on the package and we will try it in the end of this video and although. I think this doll is very cute There is nothing wrong with her face mold, so I think I will enjoy working on her But first of all, I should (like always) remove her dress and shoes. And then I take pure acetone and remove her old face Then I seal her face with three layers of Mr. Super clear sealant, and when the sealant dry I sketch her eyes and eyebrows. For her eyes, I use fabric Estelle albert durer watercolor pencils I want to make her eyes quite big. I like how the big eyes look to her original face And for her eyebrows I use like always soft pastels and a piece of an eraser to shade them Now I want to give her face some realistic dimension, and for this I take soft pastels that are slightly darker than her skin tone and contour her face. Then I seal her face to protect the layer of contouring, and then I make the shadows a little bit deeper with darker soft pastels. And then add a touch of pink blush to her face Now I’m quite happy with her skin tone Maybe later I will add still a little bit more blush to the apples of her cheeks but first I need to work on her eyes. And for this I will need my watercolor pencils again. And it’s very important to make the pencils very sharp before you start drawing. With very sharp brown pencil I started adding hairs to her eyebrows and it’s better of course to mix a couple of different colors to get a more realistic effect (music) I want to make the eye crease still a little bit deeper, so I work with it with my pencils and then I blend the colors with a blending tool. Her lips I first cover completely with Indian red soft pastels. With the gray pencil I add shadows to the white of her eyes. This step makes eyes much more realistic and alive because they get some extra shape and dimension And then I add highlights with a very light pencil. With dark red pencil I add shadows to her lips. To the eyelids, I add some golden metallic pencils to make her look more glamorous Then with the white pencil I draw the smile With an extra sharp black pencil I draw the bottom eyelashes And now we add some extra blush to her cheeks like a planned from the beginning Then I take white acrylic paint and a very fine brush and add all kinds of highlights to her eyes Now I’m removing the protection from her hair and her body and now her hair doesn’t look that pretty So I think I will give her new prettier curls (music) Then I apply false eyelashes and add glossy varnish to her eyes and lips Well and now let’s see what’s going on with this dress. First are supposed to fill this thing in with water and Here on the side is such a rubbers sponge or something and that will become wet and with this sponge we need to make the dress wet. If this white coat becomes transparent and you can see the pictures that was hidden under this white layer. And now I’m just curious if it becomes white again when it’s dry or it stays transparent forever. I think it’s just a temporary effect and while the dress is wet and then everything will look like in the beginning. But let’s wait for an hour or two and see what will happen. And as I thought it became as white as it was in the beginning, it’s just some temporary magic. (music) And now it’s time to see the end result. I’m pretty happy with the way she looks now I think I could keep your original white and I could just make her look more realistic and Human-like, and what do you think let me know in the comment? I’m always reading them super days getting inspired. And of course don’t forget to put your likes under this video if it was interesting for you and don’t forget to subscribe my channel if you don’t want to miss my new Dol repaints every week, and see already very soon in my next video. Bye! (music)

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100 thoughts on “Repainting BELLE from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST / Disney Princess Doll Repaint / How To Faceup Barbie

  1. have been watching your video backlog and this is such a wonderful repaint! your faces are so wonderfully realistic and well made. do you find that doll false lashes are more realistic than drawing on some gentle top lashes? especially on softer looks?

  2. You shouldn’t have painted the white shine on the top part her eyeballs, it makes it look like goat eyes, just a recommendation!

  3. You're very talented, I subscribed, this is so good! Hope when you see this, you'll have a nice smile on your face! have a wonderful day 🙂 xx

  4. Her face is way too pretty for that cheap looking dress. I do agree you should make a new one. One to go with that beautiful face. 😍

  5. I am about to start my first ever custom doll and I don't have cotton gloves. Do the gloves HAVE to be cotton, or can they be plastic/rubber? I can't get any cotton gloves today because its Sunday…Anybody please reply soon ;-;

  6. You are so talanted. Really enjoy your videos. Thank you. Have an awesome week. Colors were right on …perfect.

  7. I think you do a really good job, but the anatomy of your eyes is a bit off: the pupil is wayy to large, there isnt enough white to her eye and it throws off the look for me, but otherwise really nicely done.

  8. I liked the original one better, honestly. It was true to the feel of Belle and the repaint felt a little too dark.

  9. The dress is honestly ugly and the "magical appearing design" is just the wet t-shirt effect. With how realistic you made her look, the dress is really out of place. Wish you would have made a new dress.

  10. The repaint is too dark, and she looks evil. I think she looks like Vanessa from The Little Mermaid (btw, I'm considering getting this doll someday to make a Vanessa repaint, when I'm better at it xD ).

  11. you do beautiful work, although I think you should've made her eyes more green. Some people think there is brown in green eyes, that's if they are hazel colored eyes. their are people with green eyes and no brown in them, it's a vibrant green, I know, my youngest son's eyes are green.

  12. She looks beautiful!! Belle is my fave Disney princess and I am always very fussy about any changes made to her however, I do really like this. Maybe a bit dark for Belle’s typical very natural look I do really love the repaint.

    You should make your own false lashes for dolls as using real false lashes make the eyelashes extremely long.
    Making smaller false lashes can be tricky but the effect is much better. Just take a pair of false lashes and cut off the band. Cut each lash to roughly the same length but longer than needed, stick them together with some ova glue and play around until you get the desired look, let the glue set then create a new band by melting the bottom either using a lighter or using a hot pan.

    I love the dolls you repaint!! They are all absolutely gorgeous!! Addicted to your videos! <3

  13. This is fascinating to watch . I wish I was that creative .. I could do and watch this for hours 😊😊😊😊☺☺☺

  14. U are the best just i think that the eyes were too far apart because there is only supposed to be space for one more eye in between the two eyes if that makes sense lol😂❤️❤️

  15. Do you sell the dolls u remake? Ur so talented!
    My sister would love this beautiful doll as a gift.
    Subscribing to your videos.

  16. I love it all except the eyes. It could just be the shape of the mold, but they literally look like the eyes of a cat – not human like at all imo.

  17. I collect Beauty and the Beast dolls and have over 150, all different! This one is now more beautiful than all of them combined!

  18. I was kind of amazed to see everyone commenting the eyeshadow was way too dark, then by the end of the video it's literally just a brown smokey eye. y'all trippin


    You miss! Have an AMAZING talent!!

  20. I’ve watched most of your repaints and she is by far my favourite. Not only does she look exactly like the original but you also captured the traditional French beauty that Bell is supposed to have. I love it so much!!! And she’s always been my fav princess

  21. The result is beautiful, just wish you kept her eyes hazel and not brown, I know people who have hazel eyes and you can see both green and brown, not just brown, just my personal opinion, anyway you did a good job

  22. She's pretty and you always paint beautifully but she looks a little too dark and serious for the character of Belle.

    I think part of that is her eye brows. With a softer arch, it would have given her a more friendlier appearance to match Belle's overall inviting personality.

    I do like the hazel eye color you did since for some reason Disney keeps changing Belle's eye color themselves.

    Though I know you didn't make that dress…. UGH I don't know what Disney was thinking. I mean ok, I get the whole stained glass window affect with the "magical" Rose bit that could be more appealing to a child. But with your re-paint it definetly doesn't go.

    Your version of Belle would be more suiting in a prettier ball gown (kind of like the one you used for Rapunzel but in yellow or pink even) Soften the eye brows, tone down the eye shadow just a bit, add a little more pink to her cheeks and finish with a pop of Rose Red lips and BAM. A more glammed up but still lovely Belle that has the charm to melt even the coldest of hearts.

  23. I love your stuff and think you are super talented. But I wish it was all a bit softer and less….less contour, eye shadow, less everything. Just softer.

  24. Thought I’d rewatch some old videos of yours and I just how you make the Disney dolls come to life you are truly amazing artist 💕💕💕

  25. She kinda looks like a werewolf, and her smile looks sinister, I wish you had just done a full makeover and used a different head

  26. Snow White is my fav bc of my mom but I can relate to Belle. She'd do anything for her family/father and has such a beautiful, radiant soul. She has seen the cruel side of people and still managed to keep her chin up. This doll remake may be one of my favorites and so close to my heart. She's perfect!

  27. It’s kind of ironic how her name is Belle and is supposed to be the beauty but her original doll looks like a spawn of satan.

  28. So excited you did disney princess dolls! My father and I sculpt toys prototypes for a living – we did all of these hasbro princess head sculpts. Its so nice to see how they look when painted BEAUTIFULLY! <3 <3 He was the one who sculpted the heads for Belle, Aurora, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Tiana, Ariel and Cinderella. I sculpted Mulan, Pocahontas (Not the new head!!), Merida, Anna, and Elsa. I think a few have been redone by now, but we did all of the ones from this era!

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