Recreating the original TARDIS console room – Doctor Who: Christmas Special 2017 – BBC One

Welcome to my ship.
This is the TARDIS. Well, where we are is on
the set of the TARDIS. But not our normal TARDIS. We’ve gone back to, all the
way back to 1963 really, from the original run of the show. It is iconic. It is the prototype and everything there is an
embellishment from that, but that to me is the real thing. Quite a complex set in
some ways, because in fact, by the time they
did The Tenth Planet, the TARDIS set had
been reduced to two walls and just the console, so there’s hardly anything of the set left. So we’ve sort of recreated the
original and expanded slightly. Rather than having
the photographic blow-ups of the
roundels of the TARDIS they’ve actually got
the slightly hexagonal ones which are from
Day of the Doctor. So it’s not quite the same, but it’s quite a nice idea
to slightly twist it. Everything else however, the
space-time visualiser was built, the Westminster Abbey clock
has been reconstructed. The chair I think
is the same one we used in An Adventure
in Space and Time, and most importantly,
the brass pillars, of which there was
only originally one, those are the ones from the original TARDIS which is amazing! It’s very hard for me
to assess this from the point of view of someone
like Pearl Mackie who’s sitting over there because she’s never
seen that TARDIS before it doesn’t mean anything to her. but it means the world to me
because that’s the original one. She’s there, she’s there,
she’s right there, you see? I’m right here. She doesn’t have a clue where that is!
She doesn’t. Good though, innit? It’s good. You like it? I like it, yeah. OK, good! Should have kept it like
that, to be honest.

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