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Gone are the days of cozying up with a book
for hours. We’ve got businesses to run! Clients to help! And with so many game-changing business books,
where do you even begin? Well, I’m here to tell you where, and how to breeze
through those books in no time in today’s product showcase. What’s good, Sumo-lings? It’s Chris here from AppSumo, and today I could not be more excited to be telling you about, a library of the world’s best leadership and
personal development books, summarized in 12 minutes or less. That’s right! You’re about to be finishing stacks of books
on your commute and in-between meetings. But before we dive into’s platform,
I want you to subscribe to the AppSumo YouTube channel for other business hacks and of course more deals! Alright, let me show you how this works. has summarized the most important
business and personal development books into 12-minute visual, audio, and text summaries. You can scroll through the library or filter
by most popular, categories, and more. In the mobile app, read along and/or listen
to the summary. And on desktop, watch videos to accompany
your favorite reads. Sumo-lings, get ready to crush your reading
list and become the best version of yourself. Make good use of your time with

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