– (Tom) She got all of them.
– (all) Oh. – No, no, no.
Come on. – (Tom) She’s on the home stretch. Hey guys, Tom here
from Adults React. FBE got the opportunity
to make a video with Toys”R”Us and got to take over
an entire store. So, we did what anyone would do.
Put a bunch of reactors into teams and have them take on
an old school obstacle course straight out of our
childhood nostalgia, and when they asked me to host,
I said “Only if you let me wear a jacket and give
me a microphone.” and that’s exactly what happened.
Let’s meet the teams. On team Blue from Kids React,
we have Tida. From College Kids React,
Eric. And from Parents React,
Sharon. On the Red team,
we have Caden, Brittany, and Christine. On the Silver team,
we have Lucas, Ethan James, and Scott. Are you guys ready?
– (all) Yeah! – (Tom) For the first challenge,
locate and reassemble Lego Star Wars BB-8’s head. Did we mention you’re blindfolded?
Once you do so, tag your teammate
and it’s on to the next challenge. Rushing over, you must scurry
through the rack of clothes to find and put on five items
to match Barbie. Once you do, strike a pose
for a selfie, tag your teammate, and it’s on to the next one.
From there, your teammate will jump on a Hoverboard
and use a lightsaber to collect five hanging rings.
Do this quickly, rush over, tag your teammate,
and it’s on to the next aisle. Here, two of you will wipe out
a hoard of toys using the collection of Nerf Blasters.
After knocking them all down, you’ll have the littlest jump
into the Boomerang vehicle and drive as fast as you can
across the store and pass the finish line to complete
this Toys”R”Us obstacle course. How does it feel being
in this Toys”R”Us today? – It makes me happy.
– Very nostalgic. – Ah, like exploding with happiness,
because you get to be a kid again. – Do you have any strategy
going into this obstacle course? – Win, basically.
Win. That’s our strategy.
– Yeah, win. – I mean, that’s a pretty
solid strategy. Okay guys, you ready? – (Red team) Red, red,
ready or not! – All right, on my mark.
Go! Oh, you’re–
move to the left. – Oh, missed it, missed it. – (Sharon) All right, let’s see
if he can get it. – (Scott) He can’t see it. – All right, he’s looking for
the first piece of the BB-8. Looks like he found one. – (Sharon) Oh, already got one. – (Tom) He’s got the head.
He’s got the body. There you go.
Put it together. Ah, there he goes.
He’s putting it together. All right, you gotta go
tag your teammate. Right over here.
Right over here. Nice. – Okay, making a picture.
– She’s on to our clothing jungle right now.
Oh my gosh, she’s struggling a little bit.
She’s looking for the pink shirt. – (Caden) I think this is it. – That’s not even a match! – Puts a hat on the helmet.
Man, it is looking styling. – Camera, camera.
I need a camera. – Oh yeah.
She’s forgetting about the skirt. – (Caden) There’s a yellow purse,
isn’t there? – (Christine) Is there
a yellow purse? I don’t see a yellow purse.
– (Caden) It’s right here. It’s right here.
– (Christine) This is gonna have to do. – Do they even have the skirt? – Oh, I need the skirt!
Skirt, skirt, skirt. – (Tom) We gotta get up.
Got the jean skirt, okay. You got it.
The purse, the skirt. I think she’s good.
All right, let’s go. Moving on, you gotta
go tag. – (Christine) Gotcha.
Go, girl. – (Tom) The hovering ring grab
right now. – (Ethan James) She’s pretty good.
– (Scott) She got one. – (Sharon) Ah, she’s good. – (Tom) Brittany is going down,
get’s the first ring, second one, and she’s got the third one.
All right, she’s making her way around the bend.
All right, looks like there’s only two rings left.
She’s struggling a little bit on the Hoverboard. – She’s going so slow. – She’s looking a little shaky. – (Tom) Oh, she’s speeding up.
– We got this, we got this. – (Tom) Whoa, she got
all of them. – (all) Oh!
– (Tom) It’s okay. You all right?
All right. We’re on to the blast range.
Caden is knocking those right over. We have two left.
Oh, so close! It bounced right–
so close. Oh, there we go.
It’s tipping. All right, one more.
Last one, so close. Oh, hit the foot.
– (cheering) – (Tom) Go on the next one.
All right, Caden hops in the Boomerang.
He’s going around. He’s speeding.
Oh my gosh, how am I gonna keep up?
Oh, he’s drifting! Onto the home stretch.
– (booing) – (Tom) He’s making
his way down. Oh, 360!
Break the finish line at least. Nice work.
We are going to get the time right now.
3:45:43, that’s a very solid time. Three minutes for all those courses?
You guys did great, but up next is the Silver team.
Let’s go see how they do. Okay, Silver team.
How you feeling today? – Confident.
– Confident? I like that.
So what do you think’s going to be the hardest part
of this obstacle course. – The Nerf Blaster looked like it
gave them a little bit of trouble. – I think, you know–
I got the sweaty pits. I’m really nervous about
this Hoverboard, so we’ll see how that goes.
– Sweaty pits for the win! – Okay, on my mark Lucas.
Go! All right, he’s searching.
He’s going through it. Found a bucket.
– It’s right there. – Found one!
– (Tom) He got one hit. I’ll grab it.
There you go. He’s going for his second piece.
– Is this it? – Nope, that’s not it.
Warmer, it’s close. It’s over here, come close.
– So close. – (Tom) You’re on fire.
You touched it! – Found it!
– All right, here we go. – Put it together.
Put it together. – (Tom) All right, here he goes.
– Okay, you gotta help me. Let’s go.
– (Tom) They’re in the clothing jungle right now.
– (Scott) Hey, you look for the purse and the hat.
I’ll look for the pink shirt. – All right, Lucas is looking.
Gotta double check on that outfit. Got the jean skirt.
Need a pink shirt. We need the hat,
the yellow purse. – That’s not the right shirt.
– Not the right shirt. – (Tom) Looks like Lucas
got the yellow purse. – Okay, got the bag.
He’s got all the accessories. Where’s the hat?
– (Tom) All right, we gotta go. We gotta go for the picture.
He’s going, he’s going. – Strike a pose! – Let’s see that selfie. – Beautiful, beautiful.
All right, go tag the next person.
All right, Ethan James going on.
Like the speed of light, he is off.
Going right down that hallway, getting all the rings.
He’s on his last one in this row.
Oh, beautiful. Making his way around the bend.
– Whoo, aw, we in this! – (Tom) It looks like he’s
posing for the camera. He needs to go for speed.
Come on. – I got the speed.
– (Tom) Last ring. He’s going to tag.
Nice. They’re on the blaster range.
– (Ethan James) Let’s go, let’s go. – (Tom) Oh, he is knocking those off
really quick. Two down, three down,
and four. He’s going!
– (Ethan James) Go, go, go! – (Tom) Lucas is going!
He’s going. All right, Lucas is going
straight around the corner with blazing speed.
He goes around. He’s on the home stretch.
He’s on the home stretch. – (overlapping cheers) – (Tom) He’s going.
Beautiful! Photo finish.
You okay? Man, what a finish.
How are you guys feeling right now?
– Good. – Feel pretty sweaty.
– I’m never wearing a skirt again. – Oh man.
All right, so you guys did it in three minutes
and nine seconds. – Yeah!
– (Tom) Great job, guys. So, what do you think
the hardest part was? – Definitely building momentum
with the Hoverboard was hard. – Finding the right clothes.
Don’t we all have that problem? – It’s a struggle every day.
Okay, so 3:09 means that you guys are in
first place right now. Red team’s in a solid second,
but there is one team still that hasn’t raced yet,
and that’s the Blue team. – You guys are going down!
– Looking at them, they look like a bunch
of blueberries. – Oh, you mean we’re nutritious?
Thank you! – Okay, Blue team.
How do you think you’re gonna do?
– We’re gonna do great. – Oh yeah, it’s in the bag.
– (Tida) We’re gonna crush it! – Time to beat is 3:09.
That’s really quick. What do you guys think?
– We’re gonna go for under three. – One, two, three, blue!
– All right, let’s get on the starting marks
and get ready to go. They got a secret handshake?
Was that a secret handshake? All right, on my mark, ready?
Go! All right, she’s looking.
She dove head first right into it.
Did she find it? – Found it!
– (Tom) She got it! – (cheering)
– Aw, you’re getting colder. Getting colder.
– (Sharon) Come on. You got it, you can do it.
You can do it. – (Tom) Nice, good job.
– (Sharon) Come on, high five me. High five me.
– Next person, tag, tag. – (Sharon) Come on, come on.
– (Tom) There she goes. – (Sharon) Let’s go, go, go, go.
– (Tom) They are flying now. Going through the jungle
of clothes right now. Oh, looks like they found
the yellow purse. She’s trying to get it.
Struggling a little bit with the hanger there.
– (Sharon) Good, I need the hat. – (Tom) Good teamwork by these two.
They are making great time. Gotta pose for the camera.
Strike a pose. – Hey.
– (Tom) Beautiful, beautiful. All right, Eric is making
his way down the rings. He is going really quick.
He’s on his last ring of this aisle.
Oh man, look at him go. He must have some experience
on this, because he is flying. – Oh, I’ve made plenty
of Vines, Tom. – (Tom) Oh my goodness,
look at him go. – And now we have the high ground!
– Oh! – (Sharon) Let’s go, let’s go.
– (Tom) All right, they’re at the Nerf blasting station.
That figure is not falling down. It just fell!
– (Sharon) All right, I got it. Go, go, go, go.
– (Tom) All right, she’s hopping in the Boomerang racer.
All right, she’s speeding down the track.
Oh, make the turn! – (Sharon) Come on, come on!
– (overlapping shouting) – Take your time, take your time.
– (Sharon) Go, go, go, go! – (Tom) There she goes
on the home stretch. – (cheering)
– All right, so what was the hardest part of that?
– Feeling comfortable dressed as Barbie.
– Hitting everything. – (Sharon) Take the Wonder Woman.
Didn’t want to fall. – How was it running all the way
through Toys”R”Us? Is this crazy?
Is this fun? – Amazing!
– All right, let’s head over to the starting track
and see who won. – The winner of the first annual
FBE Takeover trophy, with a time of two minutes
and 29 seconds, the Blue team! – (cheering)
– Good job, guys. How do you feel?
– I feel great and amazing. – How about you?
– I am not surprised. – Sharon?
– Well, I thought maybe I’d help these guys out a little.
– (Tom) Ah, dry away the tears. A big thank you to Toys”R”Us
for letting us come here and play.
It has been so much fun and a huge thank you to you guys
for watching the first ever FBE Takeover at Toys”R”Us.
Bye. – (all) Bye!

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