Rainbow Parachute Games and Toy Review In Our Backyard Kids Toys

Hi everyone I am Sandra with the DisneyCarToys
channel with Spidy awesome and I am little Spidy. What little Spidy is here today
that is awesome because we got something really fun for you. We’ve got the Pacific
Play Tents Parachute this is like exactly what you play with in elementary school and it is awesome.
It is really fun. Yea so it is super fun. So do you want to play some games? Yea. So what
we are going to do is a game where we are going to have little Spidy run underneath
the parachute and but me and big Spidy are going to push the parachute down on him. Yup, so
we will see who wins. Okay ready set go. Ahh no. To fast. We didn’t catch him, lets try
again. Lets try again. Go on the other side. Okay ready set go. Yay we caught him. Okay now
Sandra is going to go under and we are going to try and catch her. Okay ready one two three
go. I was like so scared okay, lets do it again. I won. Me and little Spidy won. Okay here we
go one two three go. Ah you barely escaped. And now it is big Spidy’s turn. Ready okay
one two three. Ahh Okay again again okay now two three. Barely. So now we are going to
do something different we are now going to put Spidy inside and see if we can kind of like
make him fly a little bit. Oh don’t worry a grass is a soft. You know so if he like flies. Hopefully
he will be okay. Okay so we got little spidy in here. What if I hit the camera? You wont hit
the camera don’t worry. Okay so we got Spidy inside and this might be the best or worst
parenting moment ever. It can be either one. Do you want to fly. Okay but we will be careful.
Okay ready one two three, Okay. This is a great arm workout. Yay are you having fun. Yipee.
Okay is that fun? Yes or no. Yes. He is loving it. Okay now my turn just kidding. Oh boy I don’t
know if I am strong enough. Okay one two three. Rock a bye baby. Rock a bye Spidy in
the parachute. Woo ready to fly let me sitch up a little bit over here. Okay. Ready to fly?
Yea. Yea this reminds me of Winnie the Pooh. Okay fly me into space. Okay go to space. Okay
one two three woo. Okay awesome Spidy Spidy awesome. So now we are going to pull little
Spidy around. Give him a little ride. Okay ready? Yea. One two three weee. Uh oh no where
did he go? Okay I am going to try to jump off, don’t do this at home. I am going to
try to jump off the play set and use this as a parachute. Even though its only like four
feet off the ground. For some reason I think this is a bad idea. Yea this is probably a really
bad idea I can get like tangled in the parachute. Okay I think I got maybe whoops kind of like
half way point. Here we go so this is the parachute. This is just a bad idea okay. Should
I stand up? oh yea. Okay this is just a bad idea. One two three. Yea the parachute did
nothing. It was still fun though. Alright so now we are going to take the parachute and make
a big mushroom out of it lift it up run under it really fast and then tuck it underneath us
and it will make a big pillow cloud thing. Okay lets try it are you ready Spidy. Okay one
two three. Wow. Okay lets try it again. Ready set go. Woo hoo that was fun. Alright well this
has been a lot of fun playing with our parachute. Stay tuned for more fun videos with the parachute
maybe some surprise videos who knows? Thanks for watching please remember
to like and subscribe and comment. Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video and
click on the question mark to watch a mystery video.

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