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24 thoughts on “Racist doll handed out at Mardi Gras parade could lead to hate crime charge

  1. If nothing is done, we need to shut the parade down next year. Citizens need to join together and hold hands across HWY 90. We need to send a message that the BS stops now. These people have had 155 years to come to grips with losing the Civil War… so if they still refuse to join us in the 21st century, we need to stop or destroy the events they use to deliver hate.

  2. The sad truth is because of all fake racist hoaxes that have been going on in the media for years. Most people will not just believe this story. If the indecent is true then it is very wrong, yet if it is a hoax that will be just as wrong.

  3. Thanks a lot Jussie Smollet. Because of you, I seriously question whether this is true. If it is, it’s clearly wrong. Either way, this mother is projecting a false, heartbroken outrage by her daughter, when the daughter was really none the wiser in the first place. This is the day and age where being offended or being a victim is a profession.

  4. People like this will always be beneath us like old gum on the bottom of our shoes……May God have mercy on the racist cowards. Smh

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