hi my friends I hope you’re doing great
the Pussycat Dolls are back. so basically I was about to do work on my own project
for the night was really getting excited and I was like let me give
myself a little bit of good energy I was like what what have I not seen and then
I started this x-factor performance and as soon as they revealed what they were
wearing I was like hold on I have to do a reaction to this because these women
look amazing, and so I’ve seen up until like 15 seconds in and I also
just want to say, I was recognized on the street in New York City for the first
time today by one of you lovely people they did not come up to me but they DM’d
me on Instagram afterwards I’m like oh I was too shy to say hi but
I saw you on Canal Street. Crazy – so that’s the first time I’ve ever been
recognized. so I feel like the first person who recognizes me and does come up to me
I’ll be like can I take a picture with you anyways okay so here we go Pussycat
Dolls reunite there’s a new song ‘React’ I haven’t heard it
which actually hilarious because I’m reacting to the song react- Meta… okay
here we go you can already tell I’m amped by the
first 15 seconds of this okay we’re starting over though of course I don’t think I am this is what I’m talking about
what?! I like when I get down and do crunches right now the sex, sensuality Factor in this I mean…. they just fell off that stage well let me tell you you do they all look incredible and this dancing is all so exact I have also loved Nicole solo career, just want to put that out there Wow
this is just an honest reaction cuz I’m seriously entertained right now. I
probably seem like a major dork but I love an entertaining pop music set. Well I love you too I really like one of scream for that too I’m still shocked at how a tight her body is – YES wait did I even record? I am recording okay holy crap my my like energy on how entertained I
am is is at a 10 about a 10 of entertainment Wow okay we’ll leave it there oh my gosh
a hundred percent Wow that’s gonna be a concert to see because they do see how
tight like all the dancing was the singing isn’t it great the songs are
just like you’d even realize that how many songs they have they’re just like a
ubiquitous like they are like part of Americana now. they’re just they’re there ha okay well um I’m just I’m probably a
hundred percent honesty gonna hit end of this and watch that again. so I’ll see
you guys next time and hope you have a great night all right bye

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  1. .React to Ludmilla, Verdinha. ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š
    .Glรณria Groove, SEDANAPO!๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

  2. this is the most genuine reaction i saw from you lmao. i was shook af too.

    Nicole's body is goals. We were needing a group that performs like this too.

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