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– Friends, welcome back to Brick by Brick. I am your host, Adam Ward, and we have a very special episode today. We have Tyler all the
way from The Brick Show. Tyler, what’s going on, man? – Nothing much. How ’bout you, Adam? – So happy to be here. So happy to be building with you. – Yeah, same here. So Tyler, tell us a little
bit about The Brick Show. – Well the Brick Show is a YouTube channel where we share all kinds
of awesome stuff with Lego, whether it’s set reviews,
or even my specialty, building things with Lego. – So one of the things we
really love to do on the show when we have a guest is to
do some build challenges. Are you feeling up to the challenge today? – I’m always up for a challenge. – I’m really excited to build with you. So, we’ve got the
Spinning Wheel of Destiny. Edge of my seat. Ooh, purple. My favorite color. Gonna be a good day. Use the Robot Creator
series to build something that’s alive. – Okay. We can do that. – Oh, there it is. Oh my gosh, you have it too? – Yeah! – And these sets are awesome
because they’re three in one. They give you three sets of instructions to make three different things. Ty, let’s rip these sets open. – There is an entire bag
just for instructions, but… – Get those instructions out of there. – No instructions! – You about ready? – The question is, are you ready? – (laughs) I think I’m ready. Let’s make something
that’s actually alive. So Tyler, it’s time for
me asking you questions. What do you think is one
of the biggest challenge of doing something like this? – Probably figuring out
what to start doing. It’s like an evaluative process. You’ve gotta kinda figure out what parts you have available and what
type things you can do. Or you can just wing it. Sometimes when you don’t
have what you want, it makes you find a better solution. – Oh, man. Amen to that. – What do you think of this
light brick that’s in here? – Oh, the light brick is awesome. But they’re so rare. I don’t fully know what this is. I’m kinda just rolling with the punches. – That makes me feel better, sort of. – Oh, my tail feel off. – Tail? (laughs)
– Hmmm. Three Two (bell rings) Hands up, bricks down. – We’re done. – Tyler, yours is awesome. – Good heavens.
(laughs) What have you done?
– I don’t know. (laughter) I built a nightmare. Ty, you wanna, you wanna,
show your awesome creature? – My awesome creature,
well, I’m gonna call it, Rudolph the Yellow-Nosed Cobra here. (laughs)
– Yes. The frill on your cobra, the sideburns. Yes, this is Rudolph the Elvis
(laughs) Cobra. Thank you very much. (laughs) I think you definitely used
a lot more pieces that I did. – I don’t really know what they all do. It feels a little bit like
a Chinese New Year dragon, cross-bred with a snail. I also incorporated the light-up brick,
– Very nice. – in the mouth as well. I’m gonna call this thing Drakko. – Drakko. – Let’s put our creations away. Our art, our art pieces away,
– Yeah. and let’s bring out another challenge. Ooh, use the Motorcycle
Creator to build a dinosaur. – A dinosaur. – So we’ve got another
great Creator series. What I think is cool
about this challenge is I don’t know a lot of Paleontologists, but I don’t know of any dinosaurs
that actually had wheels. – Dragstersaurus. – (laughs) Yes. All right, it is dinosaur time. – Dinosaur time. – Dino time. – Well technically, all Lego
bricks are dinosaurs, right, because like, you know,
dinosaurs became oil, and then they used oil
to make plastic bricks, so like, we’re building dinosaurs
out of dinosaurs, right? – Tyler, I think you just blew my mind. No jumper plates in this whole set? – Lego has foiled your plans again. I don’t even know if
this thing’s gonna look like a dinosaur when I’m done. – I’m positive mine’s not,
so, don’t worry my friend. – Oh hey, there is one
jumper plate in this. – Oh, I just, now I see it. – Well, why am I helping you? (laughs) – ‘Cause it’s a collaborative show. It’s not a battle, you
know, it’s a challenge. It’s like what we can build together. – Okay, okay. – The home stretch. Three Two (bell rings)
One. – Ugh! There we go. – That’s amazing! (laughs) – Oh, I love it! – I’ll kick us off this time. I remember going to the
science museum in Boston, when I was a little kid,
and seeing a grasshopper the size of a car. (laughs)
So I made a dinosaur fly. It’s got a stinger on the back. I don’t know, it’s kind
of like a fly-bee hybrid. – All right, this here, we got the the Beaversaurus Rex. – (laughs) Yes! – He’s got like, these
ginormous buck teeth, – (laughs) That rocks. – and like, this beaver tail on the back. – Oh, so good. Way to make a dinosaur outta dinosaurs. (laughs) Should we do like, a micro-challenge? – Yeah! – Okay cool. I’ve got like, I don’t know, at least like 60 pieces left over. Why don’t we just use what we have? – Sure. All right, so what are we building, or how are we doing this micro-challenge? – Great question. The Wheel of Destiny has the answers. – Oh! (laughs) What is it? – We got, well it’s
good that you’re already closing your eyes, ’cause
it’s a blind build. – Oh, gosh! – And it’s breakfast. – Breakfast. – I’ve got a night mask here. – I’ve got a necktie. I’ll just wrap this necktie. – All right. You ready? – I’m ready. – (laughs) Three, two, one. Brickfast! (upbeat music) Eyes are really useful. – I know, right. (laughs) I’m just gonna stick
random pieces together, and be like, a-ha, breakfast is served. (laughs) Bon appetit! – Three Two…
(bell rings) Breakfast time. (laughs) Incredible. – Is that we have coffee. There’s even a coffee, a
handle, on the coffee mug. – (laughs) Yes.
– And apparently, some gray. – That’s eggs. Yeah some pepper, cracked pepper on top. – Yes! Yes, exactly. See, you read my mind. – I too, I prepared some coffee for us. We have one of those like, super-complex, hipster coffee machines right here. A cold brew,
– Oh, wow. – hot press, something or other. We have two little espresso mugs. Just go (steam escaping
noise), and then they get filled up with coffee. There’s one for you.
(laughs) Oop, I spilled yours. There’s one for me. And then I have this breakfast burrito, that I dipped in Sriracha. (laughs) I thought all those pieces were yellow. They were gonna be eggs. Literally, not one of them is yellow. And then, a slice of cantaloupe, and a banana, and then a donut. (laughs) Those challenges were so much fun. We’ve got breakfast, we’ve got Rudolph the Yellow-Nosed Snake, we’ve
got the Gophersaurus Rex. – Beaversaurus Rex. – Beaversaurus Rex. So sorry for calling it
– Yeah. – a gopher.
(laughs) We’ve got Freddie, the
Battle Fly, and, of course, who could forget the, you know, in need of some medical attention, Drakko. Tyler, thank you so much for hanging out. Thank you so much for playing. – Thanks so much for having me. – Where can all of our
wonderful Brick By Brick fans, where can they see some of your stuff? – Well, you can check out
The Brick Show on YouTube, and you can see a lot of my
stuff that I’m building there, as well as a whole lot of
other Lego related stuff. – Tyler, thank you so much. Friends at home, thank
you so much for watching. To see even more Brick By Brick, click on the box right here,
and to see the challenges that we did on The Brick Show, yeah, we did more challenges,
click on the box right here. Keep on building, keep on being your silly, wonderful selves. We’ll see you next time.

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