PRO vs NOOB in Empire at War whilst DRUNK!

I just dropped a nebula on being here. I just dropped an escort, which I assumed was a quasar and It’s basically the same thing. Yeah, but I’m gonna blow it up. I Don’t know about that pal Okay, cycle none no stop just stop yikes Hey guys, this is Eckhart slider hello and welcome to some trunk Empire at war. You heard that right? It’s very greasy I’m go to Teach Charlie a lesson. He’s been bragging all night. He’s been talking some Charlie I’ve won one game. I’m feeling really calm not against me though. Not just to be clear. No, okay We’re playing Thrones revenge 2.33 whatever the current Steam version is right now If you guys had notifications on you could have watched this live Could I saw Charlie learning live? But that’s okay because like live is watching me and You recorded is watching you saying? Yeah. Oh, yeah, this is from my perspective. Mm-hm. Usually we stream from Charlie’s own So things are a little different I’ve not actually played this map before some of it alright The maps are pretty much the same What yeah I get that but it’s also about reacting as fast as you fucking can and bleep But I’m gonna have to believe that god damn it You can leave backing in I think do you think that’s like it’s only a swear word to like 45 yeah Right speeding that up you’re in trouble already charlie, how am I already in trouble? I don’t believe that I got the middle asteroid Yeah joke’s on you. I’ve got another asteroid instead Yeah, yeah Okay You think you think do you think I didn’t realize you were gonna go for the fucking middle? Damn it? Going for the first I’ll give over. No, it’s not that asteroid. Is it get out? God dammit you Hey, you can take that one if you want, okay Why is it only me calling My boy, can I put it yeah, it’s not letting me put chips down there either. Yeah our choice So I’m gonna do something small ships like Carrick frigates are good against star fighters If you’re gonna attack a big frigate like this best-case scenario for you with bombers, but ideally you want some sort of capital ship so Cuz usually I rush frigates and quasars so I don’t bad choice I guess See like you’re already attacking my quasar, which I don’t really want to do. Yeah quasar is not really meant for frontline battle lines I try to pull it in the back Problem is Mike the ship I’ve got there is good against star fighters and this ship that I just dropped in is also good So I’ve tried to bring a frigate against your Cruiser What see my my acclimate err? They’re just gonna broadside Your ship you got two fighters though, which is good. Yeah thing is ain’t wrong. Yeah, you’ve told me quite a bit trouble Well doing is not really meant for I’m sorry the Nebulon bi means not really meant for Fighting other capital ships, so I got my big cruiser here. She’s gonna oh Gods, I’m gonna charge me some extra fighters What’s what you want is So you probably want to make some bombers right now. Try to yeah, yeah I’ve already got some Beaumont’s coming in. The problem is I’m ready for them Is that guys a bunch of Fighters protecting mine and I’ve got these little Raiders If you’re gonna take down those x-wings pretty quickly are those Wyoming’s pretty quickly. Oh god, right. There’s some bombers coming in. I Keep left clicking. That’s my problem. Yeah, what’d you learn? Oh God, I’m in bad shape That’s like one of my quasars, I don’t even oh Yeah, I’m gonna lose this one. I feel I think your your al accumulator. I can’t say that word a kilometer. Yeah But for something already on you as well great loving life And my acclimate, ur still has his shields up so My fight is gonna lose that God damn it Get those in boys get those in See I just pulled in five bombers critics bomber squadrons, I’m gonna take that asteroid you got right there Cripple your economy. Oh, no. No your fight. You should just wait, where on your asteroid Shit on the top on my one. Oh, fuck. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I just seen it now fuck Yeah, that’s gonna take a little while. I can like you I could fight you various But I also want to capture this one over here Jump the ship in to help no gods. Here we go. Oh Yeah your asteroid my asteroids going down real fucking quick, yeah Gone boys no my quasars pull back, but my dude rifle back What you need more cruisers, I think I’ve done nothing that can stand up to my big ships right now cruise is what accrues is squads range story I Have to upgrade to technology – for that shit What you rush it, I just built load of quasars I Mean that’s a decent strategy. If you want to try to rush me and beat me like that. I Could win right now if I wanted? On that night. All right. Give me a best shot please. I probably enough bombers that I could take care of that Space Station Same thing you got to know is upgrading your space station. Also upgrades your income. Great What What’s upgrading what the defenses or the the defenses? Like the spate like your home Space Station that upgrade your income rate as well. Fuck. I didn’t realize that So I should rush my level to technology Not really rush it, but you should be a little quicker Oh man, oh man, I Think it’s too late, but I’m doing my checkup razor coughing. That’s too late Great awful bagging is when you do a tech upgrade you can’t build fighters though exactly It’s like a catch-22 As well Drop a stardestroyer Yeah. Oh, wow. You’ve got a Star Destroyer already. Hello Dropped within range of your station. So Oh No Then it’s a sea. Look at this. I’m realizing I’m knowing everything now. Yeah, I Dropped it too close just patience or your station. So at least you got that gold shields are almost down God I mean what? Spec technology to is only gonna give me what an MCN got ever use recessed right now You know, I figured you had use of that asteroid. Oh I get the assault frigate Braden nice job I’m gonna upgrade to level 4 just for five milliseconds See you’re being really aggressive like because like even though my space station has high attack power. You’re still going real fuckin in I’m not I don’t even have enough. I might make my gold generation. It’s just so low It’s cuz you got no asteroid me. I’ve got no asteroids system Yep Man I tell you what like fun Skirmishes are a rush. It is a rush game. It’s tough. Yeah, yeah My other Star Destroyer and now what sort of legal legends is this exactly that’s all This reminds me a lot of League of Legends. I’m not gonna lie That’s the worst thing. I know if you played it like at least five games League of Legends. That’s it. You’re fucked I need Because it is like 4d chess live-action science with my research upgrade accidentally Don’t mate because like what I don’t even have enough to make a fucking quasar, so you’re fine Bring him in boys Yeah, well played I’m going to go for a wee off this way I’m gonna take another shot this is Piazza fighters coming but it’s not gonna save you but still got decent know to Just move these two little Corvettes I have my big capital chips Now your activator is still alive I forgot it was still fucking there, all right And My fucking shields on cooldown, hey don’t Matt my space station is well beyond 50% done. I’m fucked Yeah boys build that frigate Bow dam Edit this one Can you take a big shot for this one charlie losing this one that was real fucking quick I learned that I’m shit to this game and I’ve learned that I go I rush technology to Well with is that literally the first thing you did you captured the two asteroids. Oh never let a bunch of starfighters first. I Always build a bunch of fast cheap things first, okay So like when I spawn in I should take one of my fighters to my first asteroid and you have one to another Yeah, and then build like a quasar in a frigate get technology to and then start building from there Okay, could you entertained chat for just two SEC’s while I could go for a piss I’m gonna have to bleep so much Charlie cut this here There we go YouTube if you’re watching this video you’re looking at mine the stream is Charlie’s Yeah X he likes Eggs, alright, I start a new game, Charlotte Start a new game. Yeah. Yeah How about this any time you capture an asteroid? You gotta take a shot Okay, every time you build something you take a shot. That’s too much Is it the same password yeah, yeah Okay, cool You got to be a different faction this time. Really? Okay, you really prefer New Republic. I’ve never played Empire before Be learning experience Take a drink and then every asteroid and every technology upgrade okay Oh crabs quick Are you in Not familiar with this fucking map, where’s the asteroid all the maps are the same the asteroids are on the map Oh – and you play as the New Republic you can make your x-ray you use their clothes s-foils feature Yeah. Yeah, I use those so they can remember to open the mecca yet when they arrive. Yep. I got it All right. I’m going to capture two asteroids. So yeah, same here. I Don’t know and really much of what I’m building here, sorry So the small ships like frigates are good against Star fighters, there’s larger ships Likely in this stage bombers are good against capital ships. Where is this going? Stop going to that mess joint and go there. So I need to believe that as well Drink Called up but I always really slow off the bat on this one So I just dropped a nebula on me in here I just dropped an escort, which I assumed was a quasar in knew probably basically the same thing. Yeah, but I’m gonna blow it up. I Don’t know about power None no, stop just stop Doesn’t really matter honestly like I feel that up So I said I haven’t even captured it yeah, yeah Don’t forget to upgrade your asteroid. Oh, yeah. Oh I’ve been doing that. Don’t worry are you doing That thing’s almost dead fuck’s sake Remember to capture that other asteroid too unless your idea. No, I’m not I I focused purely on that one Is because I Delayed because I didn’t know what I was supposed to fucking do with Empire It’s basically the same every time move dude move move, why are you doing such a wide turn move? That’s a big ship. Oh God, that was a big ship my viewings about to finish her off Lucas I’m gonna beat your fighters. So okay. That’s just that’s all I care about Why are you going but go to the fucking asteroids ways with this AI? Dude eight. There we go. Okay Holy moly now, I wonder why you get so mad at the AI I’m glad you I’m glad you have some empathy Losing my shit dude like oh you’re in bigger trouble than you know, sure I know I am I I’m really late on the golds generation because you captured before I did. Yeah. It’s about to get worse – No, please Is that oh god you didn’t build a fucking frigate already. Come on dude, just give me a fucking chance here Beat him, there’s fuckin five of you morons. Oh My god x-wings are better though It got destroyed right away, oh my god Yeah, sorry, I’ll stop saying the f-word I apologize Your fight is decimated mine, I want to be New Republic through a new republic last time I’d watch out for your asteroid down here though. Yeah, I’ll bring it little Cruiser Yeah, but joke’s on you. I’ve got my little space station here Yeah, you do. That’s a big advantage. Oh My god, I got a boy coming in you’ve got that still, you know, if I don’t have it it’s good to destroy it There you go You don’t want to have that ship defenseless against our fighters though star fighters will shoot that thing on You not the big boys ship I want you to pull back a little bit I Built that the wrong way Your carrots getting decimated the one right behind that asteroid we’re chewing it apart Yeah, I know I’ve built a bit slow on that There we go For ship like that like you just let the carrick stay in range of my bigger Cruisers you you want it to be fighting fighters instead? Okay Like that dreadnought is probably not what you need right now If you didn’t need it, you should have dropped it right next to my my big Cruiser that I have I don’t help against the fighters. I just I pick a big ship and I’m like that will do Well right now you’re getting rabbit you’re about to be ravaged by so you don’t really want to be kind of want to small shit We go really let’s go yeah, yeah Here we go You guys wanted to see someone get absolutely decimated well, here you go See everyone, I thought everyone wanted to be The Empire I Hear nothing, but good things from the Empire But like me and all the fat all the factions are pretty good Now everyone’s like, oh no you we’re both like I want to be fucking I just like the faction. That’s all I’m saying they’re better and I’m taken to fuck. Oh Yeah So yeah, here’s to the best Senate ever I’ve gotta take a fucking fucking shot What’s that I Space Station’s down. Don’t worry drink will solve that Charlie you’re British. Of course the Empire sounds good to you. Well The Queen is pre epic What do I do when I can’t what when I can’t click and drag anymore, I think you’re right click Yeah Charlie corporate sector next please. Okay, what you want me to play the corporate sector? She looks like Palpatine to a little bit she’s a lovely lady that Queen I like her When we had the Olympics in the UK we had James Bond like Daniel Craig with a little skit where he came and saved the Queen and it was really cool and the Yeah, the actual Queen was like nice to see you Mr. Bond. I’m like I I mean as a British person, I mean Irish turn British, I absolutely adore James Bond films. It’s so much fun Have you ever watched James Bond film? Yeah Yeah Rami malek, who is the main actor in? Mr. Robot is playing the villain? Oh, I think that’s one the best choices they make I’m so excited for what you can do and III I have a controversial belief that a Juris elbow should be the next James Bond I think you’d be like, I’m really well ever everyone says that do you think how many like yeah Don’t you be good? Man, everyone says that in Canada Anyway, I’ve heard that a lot because like I’ve never British fing Doctor Who we had like a female doctor who? Announced and I was actually like the actor Jodie Whittaker but the Writing was atrocious truly atrocious and I was like, man, I felt sorry for her cuz that next season they’re gone. So But we have a base station. Oh, yeah. I mean you’re taking your time with that Just to it’s just a process you upgraded more of this time. I think yeah, I did Joke’s on you. I’ve got five Thai fighters in the world I think yeah see even a fucking shut your mouth mate because there’s another one get him Big ships into position who is Scotland and why do they own a yard? It’s a good question it’s a good question What’s what’s something very Canadian That’s known to worldwide that we all like so we’ve got Doctor Who James Bond Harry Potter and whatnot What have you guys got? Oh Jeez, I don’t know Trailer Park Boys Sorry Trailer Park Boys. You might not even know what that is. I’ve heard of it. Oh, yeah, maybe Yep, Jim Carrey maple syrup. Yep Akihiko hockey III actually was in my school hockey team until you a you were on field hockey though. Oh Yeah, not ice hockey, you know, yeah I’ve somebody smacked me in the jaw with one of their sticks as they were trying to get score a goal and I cried and I never played again That was it Trailer Park Boys. Yeah, I have heard. I got my big cruiser in definition Can you get excessive can you get SS like SSDs like technology level 5 I think so Can we can we make one way like we have loads of credits. We we have some big boys. Oh, yeah Yeah, let’s do that. I want to see some big boys ships Guys do you want to see some big boys ships if you do we hit already? We hit our highs peak since we went to eaw So let’s finish this want to see some blue boys ships get afraid Contact your friends on disco and say look, I know you’re not a massive Star Wars fan, but I Really need you to just watch this dream. Just minimize it I don’t care Look at all that you destroyed and all I destroyed was like one fucking quasar my god All right you Oh

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  1. Hi all, hope you're enjoying these VERSUS series for Empire at War! More KOTOR, Thrawn's Revenge & Jedi Academy coming soon as requested! 😀

  2. 13:25 holy shit. That voice. Dude, that’s Cyrus from DoW2.

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